23 June 2013

QWeekly - Haze been

So today (Saturday is the day i blog this) the haze cleared up quite a lot but it's expected to come back tomorrow, which is.. Today, by the time you read this. Like, when's this gonna end, it's getting old.

I just wanna get back and carry on with life without having to worry about people i love. Today i went to buy like 2 air purifier for my family. Do you know that it's sold out at Mustafa?

And Courts, Best Denki all these, also i heard can't find cox sold out. I was contemplating to head into Malaysia to buy but poop, they also kena haze so i assume they will also be kiasu like us and buy ten purifier per person. Lol.

SO SUPER HENG, Mich was helping me clean up my sister's new place and she was browsing Facebook (you then eat snake hor, mm lolol) and saw her bf's cousin posted saying she got extra air purifier and wants to sell it. This cousin really damn good heart. She bought four cox in case her friends/ family wants it. But they didn't want it so she's left with two extra.


I was actually willing to pay more than what she paid for. Cox if i go into Malaysia and buy i also need to pay $100 for coach in. But she so nice she agree to sell it to me at cost price ='OOO

Really grateful got this kind of kind-hearted stranger around.

Actually before she agree to sell it i keep pressurizing Mich "You tell her, tell her my house got a old father, whizzing and headache already. Ah, and then my sister got serious asthma, just got hospitalised two days ago. And then tell her my baby niece also falling sick. Tell her my niece very young only. Tell her, you tell her. So she won't sell it to others"

Hahaha. So in the end me and Mich went to collect it and then Mich now, to my family, is like Guan Yin Ma. Lolol. My sister say "Help me say thanks to Mich!!! YAY! 我们不用死了!!!!!!!" Hahaha.

Yeah, we whole family damn dramatic one.

So anyway~ Still keep those masks on, still gulp water, eat more stuff that can flush bad stuff out. Okay. Please. People can do whatever shit they want to us, we just do our part to keep safe.

EDUCATE YOUR ELDERLY. PLEASE. PLEASE. I keep seeing old people at bus stop / walking on the road with no mask on. It is not okay, at least definitely, not okay now, not yet.

My dad is also one kind one, all the daughters nag at him he still thinks like not a big deal, don't worry, don't overreact. WE ARE ALL UNDER-REACTING. Please. Just stay as safe as you can be.

Okay! This week's QWeekly, you MUST click to go and see ah!!! Got minion DIY nailart!!! And got Miyake's cute poodle!!!

The set Josh put together for Miyake and Choco the poodle. He is sooo cute!
Ah sarm of the day (me lol) touching up Miyake's hair endangering my life lololol. Cox this naughty Choco maybe think i want to murder his mummy or what, keep growling at me. 我会怕嘞!!! Lol.
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Anjo said...

Love the outfit she's wearing and her pet is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

honestly I usually read ur qweekly just to see shio's face.he damn handsome.but ur qweekly also awesome lah.haha

Jir0x3 said...

Haha qiuqiu you can actl buy it qoo10! bought mine from them~~

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi QQ, Do you ever think of trying new makeup on your makeover clients? Like make a drastic change, and not the thick eyebrows, they don't look good for everyone. Also with the hair straight hair can be nice too or different color.

What do you think?