07 June 2013

Summer trend 2013 - HOT and fresh from Jipaban

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You know how it's quite sian when sometimes we try to dress up according to what's trendy in that "season" and "realist" will tell us "But we stay here de climate is all throughout summer what!!!"

If you stay in Singapore / regions near us, you'd understand. Indeed, most of the time, we're living, breathing, working Summer all year round =OOO

So NOW, nobody can be excused from dressing up and from dressing according to the fashion trends!

AND JIPABAN also did a refreshing facelift to their website!

I LOVE IT! Cox it's BLUE AND CLEAN!!! =DDD Blue is my lucky colour ^.^

Anyway here's some looks spotted in fashion magazines, about the hottest trends for Summer 2013!

To start off, we have Kate Middleton looking really beautiful in Cobalt blue. In all the three styles she look very different but equally elegant / pretty =D
DO YOU KNOW WHERE'S THIS?! Santorini =OOO Where it's known for its beautiful blue water, blue sky, blue domes in their building etc. Mostly known as a paradise spot for wedding couples! And it's getting more and more popular as a holiday spot too! Cheesie went there recently and then i see already i super regret not going =(((( I wanna go there sometime!!! =DDD
And all the beautiful colours you see from Santorini, you can spot them on the runway for Summer 2013, you can spot on them on magazines and on top fashion bloggers! =D

Now HOW to get this chic casual yet clean and smart look?!

Deng deng. Answer is on Jipaban! Think of dressing up in the latest trends, at a fraction of the price!!!

Look at how pretty these bright bold sharp pieces are when put together!!! Nothing lack from a bubbly and outstanding Summer!!! If you see something you may like.. Don't wait! =D

Quite a feast for your eyes hor? These styles and cordinates are put together by none other but the talented and refreshed people at Jipaban! New look, new feel, new take on fashion.
And i love it EVEN MORE now! =D

Check out what Jipaban have in store for you this Summer!

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Anjo said...

Some of the outfits look nice.