16 July 2013

Ritzbo Premium Outlet

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HELLO~~ ^.^

Me at the official opening of Ritzbo!!! =DDD This is their premium outlet and i'd tell you first, if you love branded goods, you gonna go cray cray shopping inside! Cox they carry many many labels, some you can't even find flagship store in Singapore yet!!! Yeah lah, confirm have your Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Mulberry, CELINE, Balenciaga, miu miu, Emporio Armani and YSL and many more!!!

Ritzbo Premium Outlet is a one stop shopping paradise for brand conscious shoppers at a discounted price as compared to boutique price! They offer a wide range of apparels, shoes, wallets and bags from premium brands and..

All of the goods are brand new, authentic, original and defect-free!!!

The only difference is it's brought to you by Ritzbo AT A MUCH CHEAPER PRICE than what you'd find outside!!!

The discount ranges from 30% - 70% off original retail price for most of the products!!! Some even more =OOO HAPPY?!?! =DDD

Make you even more happy lah okay..


YES FOR FREE =OOOOOO And i said bagS. So exciting!!! =D

You just have to keep reading~ Haha ^.^

Ritzbo Premium Outlet
Broadway Plaza
4190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Singapore 569841
Opening hours: 10.30am - 10pm daily

The day of their opening! Look at the queue! And Ritzbo team was so nice they prepared refreshment, snacks and drinks for everyone, like anyone could go take O.O So generous one hor. Got cotton candy, popcorn, jewel biscuits, packet drinks, balloon sculpture corner for kids and also a photobook for everyone to stand to win the free designer bags!!! More on that later!

If you're wondering why Ritzbo is located in a heartland area instead of a central location it's becox they wanna bring you the best price!!! The savings they get from rental space, they pass it down to consumers like us ^.^ In any case Singapore is so small and accessible! =D

Doesn't matter where they are located actually! The savings and discounts will make up for everything and more! Hahah!

When you step inside Ritzbo..
You'd find lotsa designer apparels, all neatly arranged according to their labels.
Of course also got stuff for guys!!! So if you're shopping for a gift for your boyfriend / hubby / brother, you definitely wanna pop by Ritzbo cox all the stuff are on discount!!!
I saw A LOT of super nice and chic outfits but then THIS really caught my eyes!!! The pastel mint one!!! I love the embossed details and the colour!!! Green is my lucky colour ^.^
Was gonna buy it =X But then i gave myself sometime to go home and think about it and then i go home and show Michie and Josh pictures of it and ask if i should buy it. They all not the girly kind so they say it's nice but they don't like the emboss details. Jiak sai. That's the part i love. Lolol.
Okay lah if you all also don't agree with me on the mint one, Ritzbo has plenty more choices for you!!! And these are just small part of it. You should go check out all their small leather goods! =D
Ladies going cray cray over wallets and purses for themselves/ their hubby or boyfriend. If you're thinking of getting a branded wallet as a gift, please check Ritzbo out before you go hunt for it in the other stores! Can save yourself a couple of hundreds of dollars at least!!!

And if you're thinking of getting a bag for yourself.. Drop by Ritzbo and you might save thousands of dollars as compared to if you get it from the boutiques =X So.. Do the right thing, go to Ritzbo. Lolol.
And this is me with the nice and generous people from Ritzbo!!! Karen and Jing Yang =DDD Also, this is me with the brand new Bottega Veneta bag Ritzbo gave to me O.O

I am really quite speechless O.O Like.. Erm.. This is the most expensive gift i've ever gotten in my life? O.O Unbelievable. Thank you Ritzbo!!!

So leh.. I think life is fair one. That day i kena migraine but at the same time i receive the most expensive gift in my life so far lolol. Not that i think health is something we can trade but if everytime i kena migraine i get a free branded bag, that's pretty neat too. LOLOL. No i was just kidding. But no really, you agree it's neat right? Lol.

I went home to snap pictures with it! Everything is packed nicely into this Ritzbo paper bag ^.^
I look a bit toot in this picture. Just wanna show you guys the dust bag that comes with it! =D
Me with my Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Velours Hobo Bag from Ritzbo.

Shi bu shi you bian a bit more classy lolol.
Okay lah enough of me whoring my new bag haha.


Very very simple one! These are four items to be won!

I WANT THE CANVAS CARRYALL TOTE =OOO I ALSO WANT THE YSL LAH! Can't believe Ritzbo is giving them out for free!!!

This YSL carryall could belong to one of you and I LOVE IT SO MUCH =OOO I love big bags =(

I'd be so jealous if you win this YSL bag =((( It's very very poufy and soft and comfy one leh. I'd bring it to travel the world if it's mine lor! Tired or waiting time can use this as cushion / pillow haha.

 Okay so look carefully!!! This is how you can win your favourite bag!!! =DDD

All you gotta do is to spot your photo on RitzboSG Facebook page and then try to get as many Likes as you can!!! Remember to tag yourself ah! =D So they know who to contact if you win!

And then pictures with most Likes by 31st July will win the bags!!!!!!

Don’t worry if you missed this photobooth contest during their event, there is another post event!!

Head down to Ritzbo and then snap pictures with their photowall (just ask any of the helpful store assistants in the shop!!!).

Easy hor?! You just need to snap the pictures and stand a chance to win! =DDD
Follow this instructions!

Okay lah! I wish you good luck ah! Ask your friends to join also lah. More people go down together snap pictures more fun! =DDD If you study / stay around Ang Mo Kio then good for you lor!

If not, for the worth and value of the designer goods, i think you should go!!! Hahaha.

Some more you can shop and walk around the super huge store. Ritzbo de store is quite huge. See.

This is just a part of the shop O.O There's another big part, it's like a huge L.
Shoes shoes shoes. Since they have all the things a girl needs to doll up, i decided to try on the stuff haha. Yeah they have fitting rooms for you to try on the apparels if you want to =D

All the items (except my hats) can be found at Ritzbo. And i picked from brands like miu miu, Prada, MOSCHINO and Costume National.

Costume National (Italian fashion house) is a brand i only saw at Ritzbo and found their products really fun and bright and i LOVE!!! It looks young.. So i think it's probably great for my readers. Sigh. But who cares lah, i am going to werk it anyway!!! Lolol.

So i pulled Josh along to help me snap the below pictures!!! ^.^ I think he was a bit skeptical, maybe he scared i pull him go Ritzbo buy stuff for me hahaha. 别怕呗. 俺不是这种人. Lolol.

I'd list the items and the percentage of savings you'd get!!! =DDD

Jacket with cute Lash from Love Moschino - 50% off
Top with heart graphic from Love Moschino - 50% off
Skirt from GF Ferre - 40% off
Boots from Dsquared2 - 50% off
Bag from Costume National (CNC) - 50%
There you see, the Costume National bag is cute hor =DDD Comes in other colours too! It looks like a barbie doll's bag.

Can you see the "lashes" on the jacket?! =DDD Ke ai!!!
I pieced this outfit together one. Not bad hor. Looks quite designer-ish. Hahaha.

Next look~
Vest from Miu Miu - 60% off
Top from Dolce and Gabanna - 40% off
Jeans in leopard prints from Just Cavalli - 60% off
Flats from Versace Collection - 40% off
Bag from Gucci - 50% off
 Josh is awesome. Always helping me snap nice pictures ^.^
How do you like this whole outfit?! I think it's quite Harajuku style! =D I LOVE IT!!! And say real one =( The jeans is super damn comfy it makes me go "Shit. Really got difference" The $15 jeans i get can never feel the same =X Soft, comfy and fitting all together.

I told you i love big bags =DDD They look great with anything. Unless.. You're wearing a dress.

Like this..
Dress from Prada - 60% off
Bag from Prada - 20% off
Heels from Prada - 50% off
I gotta admit. I feel weird just wearing it. It feels too.. Expensive O.O Who knows ah, this could be my training to becoming a rich taitai / successful businesswoman. Haha.

Okay lah, see long already i also think i am meant to wear and carry Prada one.

Lololol. Wo kai wan xiao de lah. I think you all see me wear Prada you all also cringe like "WTH is this stupid Budget Barbie QiuQiu doing betraying the budget code of conduct" Lolol.

EH HALLO. I am telling you where to get designer goods at a much lower price!!! AND, HOW TO WIN FREE BAGS!!! Remember?! =DDD Dui le, wo shi wei ni hao de~ Haha.

Head down to Ritzbo Premium Outlet today and snap a photo with their photo wall!

Like/ Follow them on Instagram or Facebook!

And tag them at @RitzboSG on Facebook or Instagram, remember to hashtag #RitzboSG for them to keep track of your pictures if you're doing it via instagram!

Stand to win a branded bag worth more than $2,000!
And the other bags you see earlier in the post!

Contest ends 31st July.

Links for your convenience:

Ritzbo on Instagram @RitzboSG

"Sale last 365 days at Ritzbo!"
Good luck to you!!! Ask more friends to help you like okay! =DDD


Naya Ong said...

Qiu Qiu,
You really look prettier (an overall new look) now :) But overall its the inner confidence as well that makes you looks brighter now^^ Jiayou!

Naya Ong said...

Qiu Qiu, you really look prettier now and most importantly its the inner beauty which also accompanied with confidence in you now. Jiayou yo!

Hanna Lei said...

That pink Prada dress is so pretty! -Hanna Marie

Amelia said...

Qiu, you actually look the best in that prada outfit and shoes. looks so elegant !

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I tot Josh gave u the most ex present. Your heart ring xD

Qiuting said...

Naya thank you ^.^

Amelia, okay i dress up like that more ok lolol kidding.

Anon, OH YAH HOR!!!! Lolol he's gonna be pissed. But then again i use my life commitment to exchange for that ring. So..... Bo lai. Lolol.

Susan Lolo Bua said...

Qiuqiu so pretty!
hope when i visiting ur country i can meet u. and snap picture with u.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get your green outerwear? :D