12 July 2013

SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Powder Foundation

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Hello~ ^.^ Gonna be sharing a new product with you guys! New and quite amazing i must say!!!

How about i tell you it's soooo "bright" on my face, that i don't even have to use a concealer for my dark eye circles?!?!!!!

ME LEH!!! I am Panda Queen leh O.O

Lol! My dark eyerings any more dark i will be invited to work alongside KaiKai to stand in for JiaJia already. BUT! The SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Powder Foundation is so brightening, in pictures, even your dark eye circles won't show up!!!

And in real life, after applying, i feel like i have full coverage except it feels lighter than actual foundation and skin feels more breathable!

This whole look and makeup is done without concealer. But blemishes is covered well! Okay i hope you're now interested!!! Keep reading haha. Got great prizes to win at the end also ah lol.

Ni hao~ Haha. This is me and my bare face. Actually, i find it really quite good for my standard already. Only thing is i have pimple scars from last time cox i used to have REALLY bad acne.
What do you mean "Still a lot of flaws"?! Lolol. Yeah lah yeah lah. Really still a lot of redness and blemishes and MOST HATE, dark eye circles =(
Need something to cover them blemishes up and look more radiant overall!!!
And the solution is~~~ SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Powder Foundation!

The SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Powder Foundation gives a natural and matte finish, is shine-free and fragrance free, and is formulated for Asian skin. And it's available in 4 shades – Ivory, Natural, Medium and Rose Beige! =D So i'm sure you can find something that suits your skin! =D

I choose the Natural (02) for myself =D
It looks like this on the inside, comes with a soft sponge.
Some quick facts about the SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Powder Foundation! It contains active ingredients β-White to brighten up your skin! β-White is an innovative ingredient that effectively brightens and lightens skin tone with continuous usage.

On top of that, it also contains Silica, which absorbs sebum to ensure you have shine-free skin all day; Vitamin E keeps skin moist, soft and younger-looking; and SPF 30/PA++ to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. Meanwhile, Kernel Butter protects and repairs skin, and White Lily Extract provides moisturizing effects to the skin.

So much goodness in one product! =D Is this why they call it Magic? ^.^

Okay ah! I try it on one side of my face okay!
Tadang~ Redness all covered up, AND LOOK AT MY DARK EYE RING ON THE LEFT SIDE. It's not entirely covered but it's sure become much less visible!!! I am very impressed by this!!! Lol.
Okay now i show you the other side, you see the redness on my laugh line? ONE SWIPE with the SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Powder Foundation =OOO
Thank you SILKYGIRL for sending me all these different tones! Haha. I'd be sure to let my friends try them! But 02 is mine ah! *keep in drawer* Haha.
So after i even out the skin tone and have a radiant and bright base for the rest of the makeup easily with the SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Powder Foundation~ This is how i'd look!

It's really quite convenient if you wanna put full makeup!!!

You can skip makeup base (cox this product also acts as a base) and skip concealer (if your blemishes or dark eyerings is not TOO dark lol) and go straight to this! =DDD This foundation will lighten and even out skin tone, conceal imperfections and is made to last all day. Awesome!!!

This looks pretty decent to me already hahah but i'm gonna use the existing SILKYGIRL eyeliner and lipsticks i bought to add on some colours to complete the look. You can do it too, after using the SILKYGIRL Magic BB Powder Foundation! The coverage is just like foundation, but with more goodness in it for better skin and also it doesn't feel as heavy / thick! =D
Haha matchy eyeliner pencil with my headband.
I am keeping the focus on bright skin and fun eyeliner so no eyeshadow.
Fill in your brows and then add some shimmer cream on your eyebags ^.^ Okay lah you can skip that but i like to do it.
Now which colour do i use!!! I bought these three and one more bright red. Haha.
Guess my pick!!! Pink, nude or plum! Haha.
PINK LAH ^.^ Complete~!!! =DDD My hair nice hor!!! =DDD
How's my skin looking?!?! Bright and fair right?!?! =DDD
Thanks to SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Powder Foundation! Do you want to try it? It's selling at an affordable price of $14.90. With an introductory price of $11.90 at major pharmacies, personal care and departmental stores nationwide.



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Good luck!
And you'd be saving a lot of time after you use the SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Powder. Haha.
Bye bye!

SILKYGIRL Website for more cosmetics and SILKYGIRL Magic BB product details

SILKYGIRL Facebook Page for promotions, update and game app!


Hanna Lei said...

I've never seen BB cream in that form. Hanna Marie

Milly said...

Oh woah! It sounds and looks really amazing! But when it says works for all Asian skin tones, do you know if it works for sensitive/dry/oily skin? Thank you!

Lady Indo said...

That looks like a pretty cool product. I've actually never used BB Cream, but I don't think they sell the product in the US? - Lady Indo

Luna Tsuki said...

You look so lovely, very well displayed review, thank you for sharing this with us. That green "crayon" looks amazing!!! on your eyes, i just love it <3

Anonymous said...

Isit suitable for oily and sensitive face? Will it cause any pimples breakout?