04 July 2013

Strip and Browhaus Mobile Pop Up Store

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That wasn't funny, right? Yeah. It wasn't. Lolol.

So where was i!!! And what's this interesting looking bus about!!! It's the..

STRIP and BROWHAUS mobile pop up store!

TAKE NOTE: The STRIP Mobile x BROWHAUS Bus will stop over at these selected locations

Mandarin Gallery (27th – 30th June)

Raffles City Shopping Centre (4th – 6th July)

Raffles Place MRT (10th – 12th July)

100 AM (18th – 19th July)

Cineleisure (25th – 28th July) from 11am – 7pm

Yup, you'd wanna take note of the time and places where you can find the STRIP mobile x BROWHAUS bus!!! BECOX.. I promise you, you gonna loveeee the prize!!! =DDD

Read on till the end!

Hi, this is me. With sparse eyebrows again becox the last time i did eyebrow embroidery i didn't want to go back to touch up for very personal reasons i can't really talk about. So this time just nice cox BROWHAUS is promoting their Brow Resurrection Trial on the move!!! =D
If you're wondering how it looks like in the bus.. It's like this, quite spacious i must say O.O
And they have all the barang they need! AND, it is fully air-conditioned. So it's very comfortable =D
I had the privilege to have my brows drawn by a Brow Specialist to give me a preview of how my brows would look like after Brow Resurrection =D
Brow specialist doing her thang on one side of my brows. She is DAMN precise one omg. The pencil she use is really really fine and she makes really delicate strokes.

And the end results is going to be EVEN MORE NATURAL than this cox Browhaus uses a multi pin tool during the treatment which is even thinner than the pencil of course. AND I LOVE IT!!!!! I WANNA DO IT!!! I wanna have the brow on the left EVERYDAY!!! That day i look extra young please. Lol. Cox i asked for Korean young brows.
With both sides done. What do you think?! =DDD WO HEN LOVE~~~
The main thing about it is not just the thickness / shape of the brows you know..
It's how natural the strokes are! And imagine the end results of the brows resurrection will look even more natural! I can't wait to have mine done!
One more close up to show you how the strokes looks like. Actually you can't even tell which are my own brows anymore hor O.O Props to the brow specialist that day!!!

If you're also keen to try out Brow Resurrection, do look out for the Strip mobile and Browhaus Bus! You can also buy SUPER VALUE vouchers from eyebrow threading to lash extension!!!

Here is the list of vouchers that you can purchase from the Browhaus Bus!

$8 Brow Threading*^
$20 voucher with $40 credits
$40 Express Lash Extensions
$300 Brow Resurrection Trial

Moving on~ I also get to try their IPL services!!! =DDD

For my underarm =(

Clean and tidy room where they do IPL and waxing services on the move. Pretty cozy also haha!

The treatment started off with the therapist applying a cold gel on my underarms before starting off with the IPL treatment.

I just wanna emphasize on this one thing!!! STRIP is using the latest technology in IPL!!! AND!!! Instead of the traditional "people use rubber band to soot you" feeling, STRIP’s proprietary IPL technology uses a gradual heating system that is painless and comfortable on the skin, yet delivers maximum results.

The IPL machine at STRIP is soooooo living up to what IPL promise. Painless, fast and convenient!!! =D

After the treatment, the therapist applied a cream call Ice Cream!!!!!!!  =DDD It is really really cooling!

And within 10 minutes..

WE ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!

I am ultra happy with both the brows and the armpits after it's being taken care of by BROWHAUS and STRIP respectively hahah.

If you're keen to try their services out for the first time, vouchers are available on board the STRIP Mobile x BROWHAUS Bus!! Don't miss it! Only for limited period of time ok!

BROWHAUS - $20cash ($40 worth of credits)
$8 Brow Threading*^
$40 Express Lash Extensions
$300 Brow Resurrection Trial

STRIP - $30 cash ($60 worth of credits)*
$8 Underarm wax*^
$28 IPL Underarm^
$58 IPL Brazilian or Boyzilian
 $58 IPL Lower Leg

Terms and Conditions
Limited to one voucher redemption per customer.
Vouchers are valid for 3 months from issue date.
*Valid for new customers only.
^Available for trial on board the STRIP Mobile x BROWHAUS Bus.

Good time for you to get rid of those hair and live and dress up freely =D

If you're doing wax services, this is a little fun fact for you! Haha. Actually i thought it's very considerate and hygienic of them to think of these.
It's to ensure there won't be double dipping of the sticks in the wax!
Some refreshment the STRIP x BROWHAUS people prepared =DDD
Actually quite cool right?! While you're in an aircon room and you got someone to remove your hair, design your brows while the other hang out side and sweat lol.

The lady who did IPL for me =DDD She's soooo friendly and easy to talk with! ^.^
Now you ask me, "STILL? Why do we have to be excited?"


Staycations are AWESOME. Remember i just went recently?! It was fun time!!!

And there's gonna be FIVE WINNERS!!!!!!

Omg so generous!!!!!

And all you have to do is..?

SNAP and TAG!!!!!!!!

Since the STRIP Mobile & BROWHAUS Bus is an interpretation of GROOMING on-the-go, you can post things like SHOPPING on-the-go, MUSIC on-the-go, FOOD on-the-go, be CREATIVE and post ANYTHING that you feel that is your interpretation of "on-the-go" or "mobile"!

Don't forget to post and tag @Nuffnangsg #StripMobile #BrowhausBus to qualify for the contest and stand a chance to win a 2D/1N Staycation at Orchard Parksuites worth $550!

There's gonna be 1 winner every week which means 5 winners in total!

SNAP something "on-the-go" or "mobile"

TAG @Nuffnangsg #stripmobile #browhausbus to qualify

DOUBLE your chances by following @browhaussg and @stripsg on instagram

TRIPLE your chances when you take a picture with the Browhaus X Strip Mobile bus!

What did i tell you? Hahaha. That you will love the prizes and that you will wanna know more!

Some more the chances for you to win if you snap a picture with the mobile bus is TRIPLE.

You confirm win one! Haha. So, want me to remind you of the dates and whereabouts again?

Spot them!!!
One side is for BROWHAUS
Another side is for STRIP.

Alright, details that you want! Hahah. Cannot wait already right.

The Strip Mobile x Browhaus Bus has started hitting the roads since last weekend!

Be sure to catch them at the upcoming locations:

Raffles City Shopping Centre (4th – 6th July)

Raffles Place MRT (10th – 12th July)

100 AM (18th – 19th July)

Cineleisure (25th – 28th July)

They are open from 11am – 7pm!

Good luck to you!!!

Find contest details and location schedule here:



Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu, may i know where to buy the rabbit ear headband? :D

home tuition said...

wow, now the come to you instead of visiting them in shop.

Anonymous said...

I know the reason why u didn't visit the shop. After reading ur review with Mich, me and my friends went to try on the eyeliner. Guess wat, less than a week, its fade away, no, should said gone. Call for touch up, we get very bad attitude from the owner "Irxxx". I was been lectured from her as 4 of us went for touch up together. I had called 1 week earlier and told them 4 pax. I will never visit them again. Bad attitude, lousy service. I'm sorry that I asked my friends along.

Oh, the touch up only last 1 week.

joreve23 said...

is that fake eye lashes? :) if yes, where to get it? thanks!!

Jean Gan said...

oh no! i will be heading to BB today to get my brows done too... quite skeptical now since even u don't wanna patronise them anymore???