09 July 2013


So sick of people leaving me comments like "Your lips are so dry, do something about it"


Yes, M'am! Right away~! *turbo wheel off to grab lipbalm* And then post another picture immediately without dry lips?!

It's not even like i don't know lipbalm will help. And it's not like in every goddamn picture of mine, i have dry lips. It's just maybe i didn't apply lipbalm at the time when i snap that picture.

So no need you to say, I KNOW HOW I CAN FIX IT AND I WILL WHEN I SONG.

Like this lady, who commented on the ONE freaking time i intentionally draw my brows extra thick and arch and dark (and i wrote about drawing it extra dark intentionally for filming in the caption!!!), for Budget Barbie filming cox we were doing something vintage.

Sure, thanks for the makeup tips, makeup guru =)

LIKE SERIOUSLY?! She MIGHT (thou highly unlikely) have meant well for me to draw my brows lighter or whatever but i am pretty sure we can all agree her approach was rude and not reading my caption to understand that i drew it that way for filming.. It shows a lot about her.

That she simply wanna leave a rude comment.

And then next day when i posted a picture of my normal makeup, she came back to comment say it's much better.. I hope she didn't think i took her advice cox no one would take makeup advice from her.

And my point here is to tell people, DON'T GEH KIANG. Don't be a smart alec, going around acting like you know better and giving people suggestions in a rude way, at least not before you find out whether that girl needs it or not. Like if you browse through my pictures, and all of it my brows suck, then okay. Give me a kind suggestion if you really have to.

But obviously most of my recent pictures i have decent brows ah!!! 讲废话 还以为自己很厉害.

And then another time, i posted a instavideo of 3 of my favourite lipstick colours. And this happened.

Beauty expert here left me a comment.
Did you say you can see acne? Yeah, well.

How does that feel? And by the way, those two pus-y acne definitely look more acne-y than the milia seeds and old ance scars on my face. You gave me some good advice, now use it on yourself.

On top of returning you your advice for me, i give you complimentary advice, BOTOX those jaws.


The least qualified people telling you what to do!!!!!!!!

It's like a 2/10 dishing out advice to you (let's say you're a 6/10) on how to be a 10/10.

Like, you didn't even think/ say that you are 10/10 nor do you think you can be a 10/10.

But that's what people expect you to be, 10/10, all the time.

Always moisturised lips, always properly stuck on eyelash, always porcelain face, always perfectly groomed brows, always smooth hair, always wearing ironed clothes (lolol this one i anyhow add one thou you probably should iron your clothes if not you'd look untidy like me O.O).

But i'd tell you now. Even if you're ever 10/10, people are still gonna have shit to nitpick about you.

Even if i moisturise my lips, they gonna say the shape looks weird.

Even if i condition my hair everyday and it looks smooth, they gonna say the hair colour sucks.

Even if i stick on the eyelashes properly, they gonna say i am pretending to be Japanese but fail.

Even if i have clear skin, they gonna say i still look like shit overall after surgery.

You get my point. Nothing can please people who chose to be unhappy with you.


I'm sure if not all, most of us do.

But i definitely will not go to their turf and leave them rude shit comments thinking nothing will happen to me. Some thoughts, you keep it to yourself / share it with your close friends and family, ENOUGH ALREADY. Don't need to tell it to that person! Just bitch about it among yourselves, done.

If you think being rude, ill-mannered and untactful is a good strong straightforward character, then god bless you. Straightforwardness you save it for people whom you love. Or for people who initiate to bother you aggressively.

I didn't go bother you to ask you to look at my picture nor did i force you to follow me. So if you choose to look at it / choose to follow me, you can of course still think shit of me, but you cannot come and leave me a rude comment becox i didn't' ask for it.

Okay to be clear, you CAN leave me a rude comment, if you private your account or remain as a humji anonymous. Lolol.

Then i LL right? Becox then i can never get back at you cox this is the price i am prepared to pay for putting myself out there, i know. But if you don't private your pictures and you want to comment shit, then you better be prepared if and when i wanna retaliate.

Like this girl who scolded me "Asian slut" and then after i tell her off she deleted the comment and then pretended that it's not her and then continue to insult me.

I went to her profile and i saw these.

Sure she is pretty but if you give each of us a mirror..

This is how we'd look individually.

Me - Married after dating the same guy for 7 years. Neat tidy hair with taitai beehive crown which signifies stability lol, approachable smile, long sleeve knit wear, won't steal your bf.

Her - Swinging single, pubbing and boozing a lot (you'd see if you visit her page and if you see what her friends tag her in. Yeah, i sometimes have too much time lol) and calls other girls a slut outrightly.

Had you given us both a mirror, she would know that commenting "Asian slut" on my picture was a bad call. And when people say she's just jealous (which i don't think she is, she's just rude), she say why would she be, since i can't even do my makeup properly. Oh yeah? Whatever. At least i don't lick my own pussy. No i mean it, she actually does it for real. Look!

It would have been a nice picture had you kept your tongue in, Cassey!

No really, keep your tongue in.

In case you think i am bullying her.. No i am not, i am simply acceding to her request.

She posted this on her instagram to taunt me. Note what her friend tagged her in? Lol.

Limpeh haven't put up your picture on instagram (becox i learnt my lesson that that will invite much more stupid people and comments if i do cox most of them are all about the BEING THE BIGGER PERSON shit) you put up mine. Swee.

Being the bigger person is a policy that's been abused and overrated. I DO IT IF I'M IN A GOOD MOOD. If i'm in a bad mood, then you better be sorry for being the smaller rude person you are.

In any case, she probably doesn't care becox i bet you a hundred bucks, if she engage in a fight with me, she's just gonna call me a chink or a chong and ask me to serve her some dimsum since she thinks i'm from Hong Kong. Yeah well, dimsum's run out.



Everyday people nitpick on my this my that, which is FINE. REALLY.

But they HAVE TO, they just die die have to leave a comment for me. And i feel especially undignified if they really look quite sad and bad themselves. Like, you 2/10 you work on yourself first lah.

Don't worry about my lips or hair, a lipbalm cost me $5 max. My hair services and products are all sponsored.

How much will it take for you to fix your own flaws?

I guess A LOT. Cox you gotta fix deep down beneath the skin too.

So don't tell me my lips suck, my hair suck, my brows suck..

Your WHOLE THING then suck. Okay. 你整个人才 suck okay.

At least i am not rude to people..

Unless provoked.

URGH. I just feel so frustrated. Everything is like.. You don't care and then things goes wrong, so you'd have to care. And then you care too much, it'd go to a point where you just can't care about it anymore. But you can never give up.

Don't let them off easily. 有没有听过 杀一儆百.

And yeah, you're right, i don't see superstars scolding their haters.

GUESS WHAT?! I AM JUST A BLOGGER and even if one day i be something else, i will still pounce on every rude fella.


Bitch, maybe. Ugly.. Oh no no no.. You didn't. Come here, i want your blood *claws out*


Marie Zhang said...

It's sad how some people would do such a thing to someone else. Calling people names (without knowing them), judge the things they do/use...etc.

Why can't people just mind their own business? Argh! I'm sorry that you had to go through this and I hope that situation doesn't get you down. Stay pretty and confident! (:

Kiken said...

You go girl!

Hanna Lei said...

I think its great that you shamed these girls, someone needs to. -Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

you speak the truth :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the people who leave nasty comments. Try not to take it to heart. There are a lot of people who are insensitive and cruel in this world. They may be very insecure about themselves and thus try to humiliate or talk down on others in order to make themselves feel better. There are always going to be such insolent people who berate others, even when those people didn't do anything to deserve such mistreatment. A quote, "haters gonna hate", is very much true! Just remember that even though a very small portion of people intentionally say hurtful things to you, there are twice as many people who wish you well and support you! Don't let such foolish people bring you down! :)

To put things into perspective, you're a famous blogger with lots of media attention. You're in a situation where many aspects of your life is public. Although it is public, sometimes people forget that you're just another regular person who also deserves the same privacy and respect as them. But these people (who deeply lack etiquette) take advantage of your publicity and post nefarious comments. In many ways, these are very cowardly actions because (1) they probably would never have the guts to say such things to you or other people in real life, and (2) they only feel so comfortable saying such mean things behind a keyboard on an electronic device.

No matter how perfect you are, there are always going to be a couple of "Debbie downers" and "haters" out there. Don't be discouraged by these stupid people! The world is filled with very miserable people who like to drag everyone and everything into their world of misery to feel better. You're surrounded by loving family and friends, and of course, your online fans! Don't let these scumbags affect you!

Hugs and kisses from Vancouver, Canada! xoxo

Miette said...

Go QiuQiu!!!

This is probably the best post I got to read on you blog.
I always loved you even if I never met you personnaly (I went to Space Invasion Opening but am way to shy to just dare talk to you haha), and I always admired the fact that you can put yourself outthere, with or without makeup, it doesnt care....You do all this because you are GOOD at it, you are good at giving us tips, ideas and confidence. I am not even asian and I feel way more prettier when I try one of your tutorial !!

I can't believe people can act with hate towards you :( you are such a doll and we ALL can tell that you are a lovely and kind person.

But today you also sho that you are a strong and sincere woman. And this is why we are all very proud about you.

Keep it real Doll, and thanks for everything!!

Tiffany said...

GO QiuQiu!!!!!

I can't believe how people can be so mean and stupid towards you...I always admired you because you put yourself out there, to give us your tips, your time and your life in front of everyone's eyes. And I always thought that you were a lovely, kind and intelligent person.
I never met you personnaly but I observed you haha (I went to the Space Invasion opening but I am very shy so I could'nt even say Hi)

I am not asian, I am 25, and I am very proud of you. I feel prettier when I use one of your tutorial, adn you always put a smile on my face in each of your videos.

You are an adorable little doll :). But you show us today that you are also a strong and sincere woman. And this is why we are so proud of you!

Keep it real and never change.
thanks QiuQiu for doing what you do, and please, don't chage the way you do it.

Lauren said...

Guess that's the price to pay when you decided to share part of your life with the internet folks. It is always a double edged sword.Becoming known and getting picked on little things. Nonetheless, stay happy!

vina tania said...

I think there are some consequences being a famous blogger..

Not everyone in this world as smart as you, have same opinions as you. The definition of pretty in singapore is not the same as in africa...

Just ignore them, why on earth you should listen to people you don't even know, right??

vina tania said...

I think those are the consequences of being a famous blogger... Just ignore them.. Why you have to listen at people you don't even know...

Anonymous said...

We love u!! i stalked u almost everyday!! but dun worry!! i'm a girl! heheh!! jia you in life!! ur not rude!!

larainelim said...

Haha I love reading your blog!
It's true that you can't please everybody so well,.. just be yourself!
Some people are just immature and don't think before they speak.

Anyway, you are really lucky to have good friends, family and a doting husband who supports you in whatever you do.
Jiayou and continue blogging! :)

Jezebel Lee said...

don't be despair, you're beautiful :)

Jezebel Lee said...

don't be despair, you're beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

don't take their comments to heart.. i like that you are so real, not like an airbrushed-to-perfection girl (i can flip through magazines for that).. :) just ignore them and continue with what you're doing!

Belinda said...

I found what you said really sarcastically funny and couldn't help but laugh. your comebacks were great and I'm glad you stood up for yourself. keep doing what you do! =]

Anonymous said...

Being in the public spotlight will attract haters but don't you think you are stooping to their level by retaliating in this way. I think it takes maturity and humility to overlook these things that were inadvertently brought about through your quest for fame.

This is not meant as an insult but as a personal opinion. Just like how you think people should keep to themselves, I thought you would probably be a better example to your younger fans by reacting in a different manner. I don't hate you, neither can I say I like you, but that's because I've never met you. I do enjoy reading your blog for entertainment so kudos to that.

All in all, enjoy the attention you have garnered, overlook the petty things, and think about how you contribute positively to society with your influence. (:

nikki said...

QiuQiu dont get mad on this peoples,they 're just jealous on what you have,we still love you!

Ster Lazarus said...

You are one tough chick, babe. LOL. People hates you because they don't have what you have. I guess that's what you have to pay for fame. (Because you know you awesome and famous!) Seriously, I super adore you that if you gonna reply this, I'm going to screenshot and post it in IG lol. Love love love you QiuQiu!

Charlotte. said...

What the fuck is wrong with you. You are being a bully you idiot. Grow up.


loraein said...

I don't get it, why shld the bullied remain silent all the time to be seen as mature? Or ignore and turn a blind eye to being bullied? Being online doesn't give pple the right to be rude to others just because they are 'protected' by a PC. Try being rude face to face and I'm sure they won't even dare to say anything coz sure will kanna whack by others. (i'm not encouraging people to whack others, its just a figure of speech)

But tbh, those bo liao pple shld just brush up on their online etiquette (?) or maybe, they don't even have basic etiquette(?) in real life? If so, thats too bad for them, their upbringing must have failed terribly.

Jia you, Qiu Qiu!

Anonymous said...

they were wrong to be rude, but a quick gander about the internet will show you that these people are not uncommon. in a social setting, a fat person can call a skinny person fat, a dumb person can call a smart person dull, because at the end of the day, who can ignore the stark truth? The person insulted knows very well herself that she isn't fat nor dumb, especially so when several hundreds of fans tell her how pretty she is everyday. I don't know how many hate comments you receive everyday from netizens but a quick scroll down your insta comment box tells me that 90% are positive. Did they even manage to hurt your self esteem? On the other hand, the girls you shamed were definitely below average looking, with the exception of the angmoh. I still do not think it fair for them qiuqiu :( case in point: A fat person calls a skinny person fat, in retaliation you call them fat too. you know very well that your words were more caustic in nature because they were true. I mean your really pretty now after your surgery, but can you really not stand in their shoes at all? because I can, and I feel sad for them.

Anonymous said...

That caucasian girl aint even pretty!!!!

Alex Randy said...

Haha Qiuqiu, you're awesome!

I simply LOVED your answers to your haters! I couldn't stop laughing when i saw it. Especially the note you left on the last one who left you that nasty comment.

Well done, she really deserved that for being so rude for no reason! I think you showed your point quite elegantly, without being vulgar like they were.

I know how you feel, when you get frustrated. There was a time i was bullied by my two flatmates who would give me nicknames behind my back calling me "rabbit teeth" or something and even mention it on facebook! Or do offensive drawings of me and leave them on the kitchen table for me to see. How childish is that?
No need to say i moved out and left the bills unpayed behind, haha. Yeah, sometimes you just need a little vengeance ;)

And you know what? People who do that are just losers. Now, looking back at what kind of people my flatmates where, I realized they're the excluded kids with no friends that don't achieve much in life.
So, instead of getting upset and offended, just try to think that those people have it much, much worse, I'd even say they're probably very sad and unhappy inside...!

Today, i just feel pity for them because I know that only really insecure, unhappy people become such haters.

I hope you don't take those stupid comments to heart and just enjoy your life! Being happy is the best revenge! :)

Alex Randy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NaWalizkach said...

Sometimes i see blogers who are so rude and their can't be nice or quiet even if just one of theirs followers say something rude about them,but i know your blog for a long time and you are usually really nice to people so the girls you mentioned had to be very nasty.
You shouldn't care about nasty comments. There are many more ppl who like you :D

NaWalizkach said...

Sometimes i see blogers who are so rude and their can't be nice or quiet even if just one of theirs followers say something rude about them,but i know your blog for a long time and you are usually really nice to people so the girls you mentioned had to be very nasty.
You shouldn't care about the nasty comments.
There are many more ppl who like you.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure making a long blog post humiliating different girls is a million times worse than one stupid comment? If you're going to put your life on the Internet, learn to take the negative comments as well as the positive, otherwise you will go no where in life. You're meant to be someone that your younger fans can look up to, but all you're doing is telling them that publicly humiliating people and bullying them is okay. It is actually illegal too take pictures from people's websites and publish them on your own as well. I thought better of you.

Nad said...

Yes. You so girl...! Really those girls are so rude. Tell them who's the boss. BTW I think you are so pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

"But i definitely will not go to their turf and leave them rude shit comments thinking nothing will happen to me. Some thoughts, you keep it to yourself / share it with your close friends and family, ENOUGH ALREADY. Don't need to tell it to that person! Just bitch about it among yourselves, done."

You say all these and then off you go doing exactly the same to other pple. Only difference? This is "your turf" and you are saying it to thousands of pple at once.

I just think fame has to be handled with responsibility --> you got to accept you have the power to harm others on a much larger scale than what each reader can do to you individually.. If you can't handle the problems that come with fame responsibly then maybe you shouldn't have it? (I can't handle the problems that come with fame so I remain anonymous)

Anonymous said...

You are awesome!!! Hehe this post is so interesting to read :DDD

Anonymous said...

That's a good way to shame those girls qiu qiu <3 showed my friends and i wish i had a blog and can do the same :(

M said...

Out of all posts I guess I love this one the most :D

Anonymous said...

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu, I am just like you, I don't leave or say rude comments unless I know the person very well but not to strangers or online but in the virtual world, we invite all kind of people be it good or bad , I often face situation that people telling me this and that while they look worse themselves too, not that I don appreciate but I am not that close w you so yah keep those comments yourself but I learnt something abt those people, THEY JUST HAD TO BRING YOU DOWN WITH THOSE MEAN WORDS COZ THEY R SIMPLY JEALOUS AND BY BRINGING YOU DOWN JUST MAKE THEM FEEL BETTER so in fact they are rather very pitiful lor so to THOSE PEOPLES I PITY YOU !

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu, leaving comments to that crude woman who called you Asian slut , hey you, yes you! Caucasian slut! The one who always stick the tongue out for no reason, you wanna lick your own pussy?! So now how you feel when the other side of the world , someone call you SLUT!

janice said...

nice one qiuqiu! it's just really irksome when people who are in the wrong first points their finger back at you. that casscass whatever and her flo friend are honestly one of the few biggest losers i have seen. fancy bitching back and even having the cheek to accuse you of cyber-bullying is just retarded. they should probably look up the meaning of cyber-bullying first man. okay i sound like im ranting too much hahaha but just very pissed with such lowly scumbags. SUPPORTING YOU ALL THE WAY!<3

Anonymous said...

I think nowadays it's different already...more and more people are coming out to comment about stupid people who leave insulting comments. Especially younger celebrities lol. It's right la. I agree with what you wrote about the part where it's okay to bitch but just don't say it to the person's face. It is on a whole different level when they take the next step of intentionally provoking the person. So I think it's alright for you to write about it here since it is your blog and you have the right to do so. And to be frank, I think those people are really unqualified to comment on beauty LOL. I don't think I'm pretty either but I'm not leaving my picture here or posting it everywhere on my profile so it shows a lot about what they think of themselves. Just saying! :P And I think you have a nice sharp face!

Ashley said...

LOLOLOLOL. Kids these days...

Anonymous said...

Just like you said you don't feel like you're 25 or whatever. You SOUND 12 lol

Tianwen Lee said...

HAHA, the way you lash back on those bitches is so funny. Way to go babe, some people should just learn to be more polite!

Anonymous said...

you are imitating XX. I guess you're copying her formula of success? at least XX does this only to actually bigger matters not on dry lips or ugly brows.

Anonymous said...

try to be more confident. a comment like dry lips should not put you down. seriously. this is rude. and to put their picture up for people to see. you're just copying xiaxue. but do that when the issue is actually relevant not on dry lips or ugly brows. calling you a slut was below the belt, but dry lips?

Anonymous said...

"Bitch, maybe. Ugly.. Oh no no no.. You didn't. Come here, i want your blood *claws out*" - you feel like you're such a big person *roll eyes*

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of cheesie, I've seen your pics, but never visited yout blog.
It is my first time here. And your first post..well kinda shock me. I never knew you were the same as the rest of the famous bloggers.

I know some people leave rude comments but I think some might just pin point it out of good will.
We (our self) might not be a make up artist or is perfect, but there are time where we won't notice our own flaws. I guess if someone were to mention something rudely (regardless she's pretty or ugly) I guess its ok to be furious, but why bother? Haters gonna hate.

But if someone were to say it in a right way, maybe she/he can mind their own business but well I guess they love you enough to tell u that.

I believe if today your outfit doesn't suit you, you would want your friends to tell you the truth. Rather than lying to you "OMG this outfit is fabulous"

FYI (js in case you get furious), I'm not a hater or whatsoever.
Just leaving my sincere comments here.

Sammi said...

I wish we could be friends. You seem like such a down to earth and sweet woman. I don't think any less of you for letting out your frustrations. I don't believe in maintaining a perfect 'facade' where people don't understand that you're a real person, and quite honestly, one of the main reasons I really like you is because I can see that you're REAL. You're not a bimbo, you're not a poser, you're you, and you're beautiful. Don't ever change! You're absolutely wonderful.
BTW, that girl doesn't have anythingy on you! lol

Anonymous said...

Hugs Qiu. I felt angry for you when i read what they said. Pls dnt get upset with losers who are plain rude to you. These people are one in a thousand perhaps. My friends and I really enjoyed reading your blog and we feel that you are very real and unpretentious. Continue to blog and we will always grateful for the things you taught us from your blog. Stay happy and pretty always ya.

Erik Larson said...

Don't let them get your blood pressure up too high, dear... it's not worth it. Idiots are like zombies, you can stack 'em up and they just keep coming. At the end of the day, you have a headache and are buried in 5.56mm casings.

liling said...

Yes, some netizens really deserve to be shamed and have some lessons learnt. LOL your blog is like a new stomp to me. Hope more people will learn this social lesson and stop making crude remarks on other people.

Jiayou and all the best to you.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that caucasian girl probably won't even make the connection b/w hong kong and dim sum... I'm a reader from southern california and here, many Caucasians don't know yam cha is a Cantonese thing. It's all "Chinese" to them

Anonymous said...

these people are really rude, but I don't see how making a entire post humiliating them is any better. kinda hypocritical don't you think?

Anonymous said...

ahha,win!! I hate those jealous ugly cows that writes crap about bloggers. They look like shits,compared to QiuQiu :) I always support you, don't mind those idiots.

Anonymous said...

Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. Support you all the way Qiu Qiu!!! You speak the truth and we are all very proud of you. :)

Eunice Momo said...

i also comment in your utube video i comment your tutorial like cosmetic commercial =) sometime people dont understand what we try to say when u want become are famous u should take this situasion i reading your blog for so long.

Eunice Momo said...

i also comment in your utube video i comment your video like cosmetic commercial i think whenu want become famous blogger this what u should take this just people we cant stop hat people want to say ..sometimes people dont understand what we try to say ...just relax dont put other people in your case i think she must be see the doctor now

Anonymous said...


I agree with what you says. its just that they cant stand seeing your pretty face compared to thiers. GOOD JOB TO GIVE THEM A LESSON (:

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about her! Honestly beauty is both inside and out which this being lacks in both departments. There will always be people like her in this world and honestly it's mostly due to jealousy and immaturity. You're probably way more famous than her anyways. Just using you to get more people to notice her. But if you're looking to roll with her, call me. I would love to watch you beat the pants off her:)

Shye83 said...

Who cares what they say..they r probably jealous.By the way..hv u tried Lucas Paw Paw ointment?I m always lazy to put lip balm but lucas paw paw ointment prevents lips from cracking and lasts a while.hope that helps!

Sulyn Ooi said...

Hahaha! I know it's part and parcel of being famous, but they were really asking for it. Qiu Qiu FTW!


went to her instagram and she's bitching about you 'bullying' her!

i find it hilarious how she can call you an "Asian slut" for no reason and not consider it a form of BULLYING and when you call her out for saying that, she becomes a victim of bullying.


and seriously all her friends are retarded, reporting your blog and shit. to quote her "birds of a feather flock together". she should seriously get a life instead of trolling people's insta to tell them how big a slut they are.


Heidi said...

Reading this just made me so mad! ( *`ω´)

What kind of person in their right mind will stalk others online just to leave hateful and poisonous comments? It's not only mean, it's also extremely cowardly, I think.

Besides, I don't think there's is one person in the entire world who never had a beauty issue like dry lips, tangled hair or oily skin. It happens to everybody, right?

Instead of commenting on how others look on the outside these mean girls seriously need to work on being more beautiful on the inside, that's where true beauty/ugly comes from anyway.

Anonymous said...

i really like this post!!!

i had similar experience too, facing super confident nuts ppl comment on me but whats makes me think they are outta their mind because they should see their faces on mirror before commenting on something they didnt even know/familiar.

its really similar to this case , like that girl who said your face need to do more skincare, where does she put her brain? does she didnt realize those disgusting acnes on her face which makes ppl dont hv appetite?

really speechless...
how can they be so nuts

its just as simply as "your teeth crooked " while her/his teeth looks like donkey , or "your eyebrow looks like crap " while her face needs plastic surgeries + brain surgery

qiuqiu maybe u need to help them get sponsors from psychiatrist

Anonymous said...

You're doing the same as them.

Anonymous said...

It is not very nice of you as well to post their pictures up and hurt them in regards to their look (you obviously know they were just jealous and felt insecure).
I am not your hater and this is not a hate comment...i just hope you would give it another thought. I know you are better than this.

Anonymous said...

you are a beauty blogger, so of course you're going to be held to higher standards of beauty. your job is to be a model of beauty- for example, you wouldn't go to a sick doctor, would you? it's not fair for you to attack these people because their job isn't to be beautiful. as someone in the public sphere and makes their money off serving the public, you have too thin of a skin. yes it's rude that they made such comments, but it comes with the territory such as fashion invites and freebies.

not everyone is going to like you, but you lashing out back in retaliation in PUBLIC, is not only unprofessional but not very admirable...

yoyo autumn said...

Because she is jealous with you. Please put my comment up to let her see for herself. You are young and pretty that's why she is jealous and called you Asian Slut. Don't be discourage dear, becos you are the best !!! Be proud of yourself. She had to slut those pretty Asian girls so to make herself feel comfort I shall say that..hahaha !!! Ask her to Rest In Peace.

yoyo autumn said...

Because she is jealous with you. Please put my comment up to let her see for herself. You are young and pretty that's why she is jealous and called you Asian Slut. Don't be discourage dear, becos you are the best !!! Be proud of yourself. She had to slut those pretty Asian girls so to make herself feel comfort I shall say that..hahaha !!! Ask her to Rest In Peace.

Niing said...

Hello Qiuqiu...

Just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog for a long time, about 3 years now, I know you're a great person, I've seen you rise to the top.

Don't sweat these girls....they're not even on your level.
Don't even worry about some of the people here on the comments saying you're "not admirable" posting this.

And to the person who says she's "just copying Xiaxue" that's completely false, because Xiaxue is awesome, and Qiuqiu is her own awesome person. ^o^

^_^ Much love!

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree, those comments were rude and inappropriate, they don't seem to be very decent people and of course you shouldn't be expected to look 10/10, and those words can hurt.

But what you did on your blog here was just as rude, and it makes you look petty and vengeful. It might be hard to hold back and ignore what they say, but that's the kind of thing that makes you appear to be the kind decent person you make yourself out to be.

What you did was public shaming, to quote from another comment: you shamed those girls. You couldn't just take these comments with a grain of salt, you had to find specific pictures of them and show to the public how wrong they were. Why would you go ahead and bring yourself to their level? Why would you try to hurt others the same way you were hurt?

Of course you're your own person, and you can call people out and you don't have to ignore mean comments. But if every chef told you you couldn't criticize their food just because you weren't a chef then would that make any sense? You put yourself out on the internet, and you ranted to us. You dress as a classy smart young women, yet you're actually incredibly vindictive and hypocritical. I may not have sugar coated this like some others, but the point is to stop people from repeating the shit they receive and complain about.

Kimmy said...

Wow I can't believe these girls. If you are that ugly then be nice. Prolly just mad cuz they were teased and want to get away with it over internet. Lame.

Anonymous said...

it's sad that there are people out there who need to bring someone else down in order to feel good about themselves, its just pathetic. Try to not take their insults to heart, you're a beautiful girl and a great blogger! also good job for naming and shaming those girls, maybe if more people fought back like you did then cyber bullying wouldn't be such a problem.

jasmine said...

Qiuqiuuuuuu loving this posts!! Some ig users are really weird and start commenting smth offensive/rude on some really decent photos.. i love this post,again. Heheh. Its good to post their photos here hahahhaha

Sofia Vu said...

So stupid!!

Claudia said...

I have mixed feelings. It's great to call them out, but you said something about 'keeping our opinions to ourselves' which you aren't doing. Why assume she had many sexual partners? So what if she had? We should degrade her because she is rude not because you think she is 'slutty'. Love your blog anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Are u trying to be the second Xiaxue? Or maybe trying to take her place by using the moment of her absence? Sorry, you will never be as good as her, you are lacking her class and charisma.

Ennie said...

Sigh... quite sad right people like that? But after a while kinda gets tiring picking every single one of them out and trying to get revenge so I say just learn to take it in your stride la, scared one day you go crazy and pull all your hair out or something o_0

You know what's just as annoying as personal attacks on ppl's looks? Stupid comments. Like how Stylenanda got embroiled in this silly silly situation recently because somebody created a fake Stylenanda account and fake accounts for their models and when the real photographer tried to call them out all these know-it-all Instagram users pounce and say shit like "u're the faker, stop calling others fake" "this acc is real coz it's following sora and minhee (the models)" "(insert smart alec comment here)" of course in the end I hope they felt stupid la when it was eventually proven that the fake accounts were fake.

Long story short (I also dunno why I tell such a long story -_-) this shit happens ALLLLLL the time; next time should just try to make a joke out of it or agree with them. Like ppl say you have acne. You can just say "Ya I have, I know". Then they're like "..oh." Fight back will just make the battle rage on; I know this sounds super cliche la but it's really important to just be calm and be the bigger person and don't stoop to their level of pettiness. Especially when you are a public figure :)

Anonymous said...

What Claudia said. Casse probably called you a slut just to call you a slut... it's more likely her vocab is limited not 'cos she thought you were an actual slut. Many white, rude girls are known to do that

The fact that you took her seriously?--and used the same demeaning label to judge her back is supposed to make who feel better exactly?

Anonymous said...

Her pussy is really cute!!!! Seriously!!!!

-Hina said...

i love you, you're awesome for who you are!

Mon said...

I am a firm believer that if you're insulted then you have the right to either defend yourself or choose to walk away, essentially deal with it how you like.
But I have to disagree that people cannot leave a comment expressing their opinions including negative ones.. Sure, they don't have to follow you, but if you choose to seek limelight or share parts of yourself with the wider community, then you can't be offended when people say things that may contradict your views or feelings on the matter, regardless of how qualified or in this case under qualified they may appear.
The analogy that comes to mind as I'm typing this, based on my understanding of your '2/10 shouldn't give advice to 6/10 about being a 10/10' is how dare I (a non blogger) leave you (a successful blogger/media personality) any sort of advice or comment about something Im obviously not qualified for?

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, I used to have terribly dry lips and I've since used "Lucas Papaw" which is realllly good!! Perhaps you could give it a try :) i dont have to apply it all the time now and my lips dont get crackly dry anymore :)

Anonymous said...

Just unsub u! Guess ur plastic surgery just gone to waste cause u still feel inferior after all! Hahaha! Classy? Sound more like crappy! The way u put across just show how little pussy weeny blogger u are. Cant beat xx at all nor be the best at the moment. Try to look things at a different perspective than thinking that looks will bring u to a greater level cause like a quote says u cant please everybody. Will have that pussy caucasian than a crappy blogger anytime.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic blogger

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful lady. I like your attitude. Just be yourself. 活出自我。


Anonymous said...

You are so revengeful.

Anonymous said...

Those haters are really scum and disgusting. But i dont think that gives u the right to rate their outer appearance though. everybody has a different idea of what beauty is, like some people think being super happy and laughing as hard as u can is beautiful. I dont think any of their photos are ugly, but to put someone down and leave sh*tty comments like they did, was extremely ugly and rotten. Especially the pussy licker. omg. u go give her a piece of your mind. u go girl ;) hwaiting!
(i hope u get what i was trying to say cuz i think it came out weirdly lol :s)

Anonymous said...

QiuQiu, you have exposed the wrong person on the internet. Who you are looking for is under the twittername @florenceimogen. She admitted it was her and she is a friend of that chick you exposed.
People in the media are scrutinized and criticized all the time, they have learnt to ignore it and not take it too personally. There are alot of mean people on the internet.

You should know that by now
Although it is pretty entertaining; it is quite immature to seek vengeance on the internet this way

Suetyen said...

Qiuqiu, you're a girl who willing to go through everything to try it out. Unlike those who views your photos and give negative comments. At least you've got the guts to do it BUT they dont. Dont get affected by their words. You're my inspiration ! :)

Anonymous said...

I respect you even more for this post. Anybody who says you should just endure the hateful comments is dumb. You're a human being you shouldn't have to put up with crap if you don't want to.

Anonymous said...

i'm really confused, is everyone blind? shes clearly Asian, not Caucasian? 'Hi qiu qiu, leaving comments to that crude woman who called you Asian slut , hey you, yes you! Caucasian slut! The one who always stick the tongue out for no reason, you wanna lick your own pussy?! So now how you feel when the other side of the world , someone call you SLUT!'

Victor Karam said...

OMG! How this girl thinks she is?! I saw her instagram... She seems to be an asshole!

Anonymous said...

Just checked her instagram. What a sad person. She and her friends are fucking hypocrites, saying how bullying is not accepted and shit yet she and her friends are bashing you constantly. One of her friends was like "this is harrassment!" What the fuck, does that even constitute as harassment when she and her friends started it and everything on her page is public to begin with?

I love how they call you a psychopath and dirt and shit and how you harass little girls over silly comments. THEN FUCKING DONT LEAVE THE COMMENTS HUH. They said they reported your blog because they cant handle the heat of you finally putting a bitch like her and her friends in their places for acting like assholes. They deserve everything for the shit they did lolol. They should be thanking you for putting them up on your blog and making them famous for a day.

Don't ever take shit from people like that. You were just DEFENDING yourself with your resources. Those girls are so fucking ignorant. Makes me rage. I can totally understand you. Good job

Anonymous said...

Im late but whatever. Wow they must really have nothing better to do with their sad, uneventful lives then calling you a slut. Props to you. Bitches are probably jealous of you and how famous you are.

If I were you, I wouldve ripped them apart. It takes a lot of strength to not completely destroy them with power that you have.

Anonymous said...

Good job on helping her get the attention she wants though, It's pretty obvious you fell into her trap

Anonymous said...

you rock qiu!! Love everything about you. That girl is too much.She shouldn't have called you an asian slut. But that just shows how dirty her mouth is and her thoughts are. Rock on qiu =)

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's not nice for people to leave rude comments. It's not warranted and nobody asks for that kind of treatment. However, as a public blogger and someone who shares their life to the public, QiuQiu needs to learn how to ignore these comments and accept the fact that people will say rude things on the internet. When you share your life online, you're inviting yourself to comments - good and bad. Learn how to deal with both the pros and cons or get out of the game.

Anonymous said...

Qiu you are the best and your arguments are strong!

Anonymous said...

Asian slut?

That's the best she can do?

Asian isn't an insult, I mean seriously. Oh, I'm from a race of people notoriously good looking, clever, with great skin, no wrinkles til we're in our 70s, thick easy-to-style hair, a rich and magical culture, great food, inherent mystery and exoticism, at the forefront of technology, family-oriented and over all freaking adorable? Boo fucking hoo.

And as for slut...There's a quote "Oh no! I have a lot of sex? What's next? You'll tell me I dress well?"

How empty her life must be that she seeks you out to criticize. I can't even be angry; it's a shame that she obviously doesn't have the love from her parents that she needed.