09 September 2013

❤ Furby Boom - A New Generation is Hatching ❤

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Wendy and i at the Furby Boom event ^.^ Woman here lose weight so fast!!!

Was very happy that i got invited to the Furby Boom event cox each generation of Furby is cuter than ever!!! ^.^ I was there at their launch of Furby in 2012 with Wendy and if you remember ^.^

And this is the first Furby (1998) i took noticed of and really wanted but never get and i remember it ever since!!! =D I always remembered it to be pastel blue and pink. I was 11 year old haha.

After years and generations of evolution into ultimate cuteness and adorability (lol no such word), the Furby is now back (smarter, with more character and personalities) Not with a bang but with a BOOM!

Furby Boom

This generation of Furby is completed with more interactive games and activities to do with your Furby on the Furby Boom application! How does bringing your Furby to the spa sounds? =D

Pretty awesome eh! More on the various activities along the way! First let's meet the Furbies!!!

Do note that the colour and design on the Furby does not affect its character! It's how you play with it and how you interact with it that might change the character of the Furby. And depending on how you play and interact with it, you will change it's personality along the way one! =DDD So cute!

If you play rough with it, it'd be a super active Furby hahaha. If you're very sweet and gentle to it, it'd be a sweet and loving Furby ^.^ But anyway, at the event they are styled as below! Haha.

Purely based on their appearance =X Haha.

Want a rocker punk superstar Furby? Look at the fire in its eyes! Haha.

Yo wassup ma man! Where all ma bad girls..! Haha.

Then i saw this two and they are both cute but i MAJOR love this pink one!!! =DDD Look at it!
When i picked it up it gave me puppy smiley eyes. Haha.
I choose you! ^.^

In the previous generation, Furby owners can already link up their Furby with a iPhone / iPad to interact with it right! Well you'd be excited to know that the latest update of the Furby app is much more user-friendly, easily comprehensible and fun to play with =DDD

Linked up the Furby to an iPad and started playing with it ^.^ You see Yutaki, he look like a very jelly kid and like 很想 play with my toy like this. Lolol.
Me showering the Furby. Oh i keep calling it the Furby cox this is not mine i just like the colour a lot cox it looks so colourful and cheerful and happy so i picked it to play with at the event.

If it's your Furby you can name it!!! And it will regconise its name and when other Furbies meet your Furby, they will call out each other names like saying hi like this!!! =DDD So cute hor!!!

Anyway, see how you can shower the Furby!!! Can control the water pressure and temperature one!

Cute hor?!?!??! This Furby really brings out the kid and goodness in everyone!!!

I mean, remember how we care for our electronic eggs ever so carefully!!! And how we treated our soft toys like our bestfriends O.O Did you not? O.O

I did! Me and my younger sister when younger, we had soft toys and we loved them a lot. Especially this two named Xiao Ji Ji and Xiao Ya Ya. I made them sit through my singing have them come up the stage (Two of our mattress stacked together) to give me flowers and gifts. It's actually my sister carrying them up.

But whatever. You get my point. Lolol. We do things for these furry little toys selflessly haha.

Like, i don't even like to shower myself. But i had a lot of fun showering the Furby haha ^.^

Heck, you can even let the Furby go for a toilet trip and then you see you see! Damn funny one! Got poop come out and then will have smell and you must use the air freshener lolol! So lifelike.

Hahaha you saw the poop?! Hahaha. Not all the time so big one you know! One time the Furby pooped a very small piece only!

Oh oh, you can even bring your Furby for a spa trip!!!

Ahaha you see how the Furby smile during the SPA treatment! If you noticed, you can buy more treatment for your Furby with Furbucks!
Don't worry you don't have to pay "real money" at all! All you have to do to earn Furbucks is by playing with your Furby! Play games with them, feed them and keep them clean and happy =D

Alright back to the event ^.^

Cute photowall eh!
With the other bloggers and peeps from Furby! =D
Look at how my favourite Furby is styled ❤_❤
Aww.. Don't look at me like that! Haha.

If you're wondering what is the boom in Furby Boom about..


Booming.. The gentleman demonstrating to us on how this thing work, is damn patient and enthusiastic about the Furby's egg. Hahaha. So much passion about the egg it's funny! Lolol.

The eggs hatching process is damn adorable one you must watch this!!!

So round and cuddly looking hor the Furbling!!! =DDD

Your Furby can hatch up to over 50 eggs!!! These eggs that will then develope in Furblings ❤.❤

Interesting part is, you can keep your Furblings in the Furby Boom city!

When you collect all the eggs and fill up the Furby Boom City! =D AND!

Since each of the Furblings have their own room, you can use Furbucks to customise their rooms!!! =DDD SO FUN!!! So remember to play more with your Furby if you wanna make big bucks! Haha!

Now you wonder how to collect eggs!

You have to make your Furby lay them. And how to make your Furby lay eggs?! Just play with it!!! =DDD Happy, clean and healthy Furbies lay eggs more often!!!

The event host tells us more about Furby..

"Who is talking about me?" Haha.
Me and Wendy ^.^ In the end i think she picked a.. Turquoise aztec print Furby!
Foolding around at the photowall haha.
With Velda and Yutaki ^.^
Us again ^.^

I got my own Furby and i was of course excited to play it with Baby Yurou! I know you've seen for yourself how interactive and fun it is to play with Furby using the app and building your Furby Boom city, but remember also that the Furby app and the Furby itself can be played separately as well!

So i brought the Furby to play with Yurou the good old way ^.^ And it still brings a lot of fun to her, me, and the whole family =)))

Our very own Furby!!!
Baby Yurou intrigued by the packaging. She say "毛毛的" Haha!
"Mommy, for me?"
Haha she was very happy when she saw the Furby eyes lit up and when it moved and dance haha.
"My new friend!"
I was telling her she can tickle the Furby and then Furby will respond haha. Other than moving its ears, blinking kids, wriggling and dancing, one more thing about the Furby i love is the eyes!
It makes lotsa expressive eyemotion haha. My favourite are the hearts ones and the egg-hatching ones haha! Oh oh, also the eyes when it's pooping!! Hahaha.
Showing Baby Yurou how she can feed her Furby by pressing on its tongue / mouth ^.^
Furby goes "Om nom nom nom nom" ^.^ Ke ai!!!
Haha this one was Furby going "Oh? Okay!" in a very note and Yurou copy her.
Furby must be like "All the kids are crazy over me~"
Then Baby Yurou tell Furby to eat a donut =_=" Haha.
Then of course.. Furby can't really eat it, Yurou go and put the loop on its ear. Lolol. Anyway you see the ears got cut-outs right?! I feel can let Furby wear some accessories leh! Like earrings like this! =D
Yurou asking us "她美美吗?" Pretty lah pretty! Haha.
Her using a torch light to shine on the Furby eyes pretending to be doctor =_=" I think fact that the Furby talks + responds to touch and sound + dance and moves, makes her very interested in it. Haha.

Her bringing a slice of pizza from her masak masak to feed her new friend haha.

Actually i rather you all link up the Furby with the Furby app! Cox look at this video! The food choice is huge! =D But beware your Furby is not going to like all the food! Hahaha.

Can you believe, one Furby at the event like to eat dirty socks. Lolol!!! That's meant to be my kind of Furby. Hahaha.
And then she place Furby on her personal stool to play with it and watch it dance and talk ^.^

But later when Yurou goes to sleep.. You know who keep playing with Furby?!

MY SISTER (Yurou's mum) and MY FATHER!!! =___= My father is like what, 67 years old?! Lolol.

He keep talking to the Furby in Mandarin. Hen diu lian hahaha.

My Furby's looks like it's smiling hor! She found many good friends in a night. Out of which although Yurou is quite a rough handler.. She feeds her pretty well. Lol.
"So i place you at their foster care, what say you Furby? My dad loves you, my sister loves you, Baby Yurou adores you and share her toytoy with you and feeds you pizza, donut, bread and banana!"
So i let Baby Yurou play with my Furby for a week lah.

She's only 2 years old so she plays with the Furby in a very physical way and it's already very interesting and engaging for her already. If you have kids who are bigger of age, i'm sure they'd love to interact with the Furby along with the app! Cox that's what i prefer!!!

Anyway Baby Yurou really like to talk to Furby lah haha. She wake up in the morning and go to the living room to find Furby first thing. Talk to it and tickle it and feed it haha.

My sister say she herself (so old already still love Furby lolol =X) enjoy linking up the Furby with the app to play cox can do a lot more with the Furby and cox can collect eggs haha.

And you may download the Furby Boom app from app store now!

We have downloaded the app to play with it and named our Furby's first baby Furbling..

BEE DOO is our first furbling's name and it means Diamond Sparkles ^.^ Even the name also cute!!!
When our furbling was born, it was born with a donut on its head =____="" NEED TO SO ACT CUTE?! Hahaha. So round and small and adorable!!! =DDD

So all in all, a Furby is fun to play with anyway!!! =DDD Your kid (or even you!) will definitely love it ^.^ I think it'd be a great gift to any kid! So if you have a nephew / niece / good friend's kids, you know what gift to get for them! ^.^ Or if you are like me.. And would appreciate someone talking to you and responding to you.. Get one for yourself too! Haha ^.^

Alright! Here's where you can get a Furby!

It's available at all Toys’R’Us, major department stores (Takashimaya, OG, Metro) and major electronic stores (Epicentre, Nubox, Harvey Norman, etc) for $119.90 from 20 August onwards. It'd be available islandwide from 16 September onwards.

Links for your convenience:

www.facebook.com/HasbroSingapore to learn more!

Full playlist of the new generation of Furby.. The Furby Boom!


Hanna Lei said...

I love all the emotions it has! Hanna Marie

Hanna Lei said...

I love all the emotions it has! Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

omg, i just came to your blog this morning and now you have already update it. Thanks a lot qiu! seeing your smile & the way you talk make my day as i'm struggling with assignment right now. Haven't sleep for 2days now, talking about last minute T^T Keep blogging qiu! i really like your smile the most. I'm pretty sure its contagious since i read your blog pretty often and it made my day O_O ..
Goodluck in everything qiu! and never give up chasing your dreams. We all love you. Cheerss ^__^

Jean Gan said...

Haha Baby Yurou is really soooo cute!!! :)

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Anon, good luck for your assignments ah!!! Thank you for being so generous with kind words =DDD