13 September 2013


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Hey there ^.^ Here today with great exciting news and super awesome giveaway for you guys courtesy of GUESS Watches!!!

As we all know, GUESS Watches is a timekeeping accessory company that is focused on lifestyle driven fashion. So everything is made for you to shine in your daily life!

Be it for work or party, or even casual! There will always be a GUESS watch that will add a little charm to your whole look. And to showcase the Fall13 GUESS Watches collection in the different looks, I went out with Yong Ming's help, to snap some pictures ^.^ Sorry ah you'd see a lot of me!

Here's one to get rolling haha. Me wearing the GUESS Mini Phantom and showing off my very own limited edition GUESS denim tote bag =DDD

Haha at least I disclaimer first. BUT BUT BUT! You'd get to win really awesome prizes including:

- 3 X Lucky winners get to win a GUESS watch of their choice each! =OOO ANY watch you want! Isn't that super awesome! =D

- 3 X Lucky winners to win a $200 GUESS Watches vouchers each!

- 50 X Limited edition GUESS denim tote bags (50 of them all for FREE omg say whaaaaat!!!)

So.. Like what I always say.. JUST, KEEP, GOING! Keep reading! =D

I had the chance to pick 3 GUESS watches from their FALL13 collection and snap pictures =DDD So here are the three that I got!

GUESS Mini Phantom in silver! This new signature timepiece from GUESS shouts “his for her” timepiece. Well if you're the kind of girlfriend who looks great in a boyfriend shirt (really, which lady doesn't! Haha) then this is just the watch for you!

GUESS Viva in sophisticated rose gold / silver. This is a great work of GUESS Watches trademark: Sporty glitz! Sporty and sparkly altogether! Also rose gold / silver are the latest highly desired hues!

The last GUESS Watch I picked is the GUESS Croco Glam! It was my top choice =DDD Animal-inspired print is a fashion must especially if we're talking about the “young, sexy and adventurous” GUESS style =D And I simply love how glam and striking this watch looks!!!

There are many other watches of different range, and even different colour combi from one range so go down to the GUESS shops to take a look for yourself, might be your next reward for yourself / gift idea for your girlfriend / boyfriend! I do find the GUESS Men watches really suave!!! =OOO

Here's me showcasing the timepieces i picked from GUESS Watches!

The Mini Phantom ❤
Look, love bird on my head haha. So qiao, they just happen to fly pass somewhere far behind me.
Love how the GUESS Mini Phantom is great for casual get up like this!
A closer look at it =) Paired with GUESS Jewellery, it does really add to the whole "arm swag" thing very well haha.
If you're always on the go, this watch would be most suitable for you! Cox you can't go wrong with a classic timeless design, no matter if you're heading for a dinner, shopping or to school!
Closer up =) Work a complete look with GUESS Jewellery! Adore the one with a simple triangular GUESS charm!

Now this is the casual look I put together with GUESS Mini Phantom! Casual chic yeah?!

Another session with the GUESS Viva watch I got!
A watch that is perfect for any occasions that are work-related. Think of a sharp and feminine watch, with a touch of class, it'd look great on you for meetings, events, presentation and daily work life!
Me on a lappie haha, that's my work, eh.
Refined and all blinged up, looking especially gorgeous with the GUESS Jewellery. The GUESS Viva watch sure calls for you to rise to the occasion!

Details of the GUESS Viva. Don't you just love all the blings!!!! It's a good fusion of girly-vain + it has a sense of.. Decisiveness! Like a "I know my thang" kind of confidence.

Last but definitely not least, my favourite of the three I picked =X =D
The GUESS Croco Glam ❤ ❤ ❤
Really does add the glamour to a simple dress eh!
No lack of poise and charm with the Croco Glam =)

Croco Glam definitely commands attention with its exotic multi-dimensional reptilian pattern and a dash of untamed croco texture. AND!!! To top it all up, the shimmering glitz of crystals!!! I love anything blinged and I am proud of it =DDD

This watch is perfect for the fashionistas and party girls!!!
Cheers and stop looking at my watch~ Haha.
A little closer..
GUESS Jewellery complimenting the watch perfectly. Love the hearts chainlet!

Another close up shot of my #favouriteguesswatch ^.^
Omg please just look at the bling it's killing me I love it so much ❤ ❤

Let's not forget the guys!

Notice the group of RIGOR collection (bottom right of the below picture) from GUESS, it is available in a variety of textural and tonal variations including genuine leather straps, steel linked bracelets and a new smooth blue silicone! So you should head down to the stores to see more for yourself!
LOOK AT THAT COOL TRUE BLUE ONE!!! I'd love that!!! It's so basic, casual but not lacking coolness and fashiony vibe! And it's soooo easy to match. I mean, what can't go with denim right?!

That's right, denim is timeless and classic! Like this RIGOR on the left, it will match the Jetsetter on the right perfectly as a couple watch! Another great watch for HIM to pair with the Jetsetter (for her) would be the TRUE BLUE as you may see in the previous picture! That's also one of my favourite!

In 2012 GUESS Inc. announced their first collaboration with DJ and producer Tiësto. Following the success of this partnership, GUESS Watches introduced a brand new Special Edition Tiësto Watch. I personally feel the Tiesto range is sooooo manly! =D

Two of my favourite within the two other range.

The Tea Rose range, when partnered with a sultry little black dress for an evening out, you can be promised to feel a bloom of attention from every jealous girl and every admiring guy. Don't forget to flaunt the florals even during FALL season! =D

As part of its fundraising efforts, GUESS Watches is launching its seventh Limited Edition “Time to Give” Watch for Fall 2013. You may wear fashion for a good cause! Aside, this piece is really elegant, timeless and outrightly blinged! =DDD

Alright! Thank you for sticking through the whole post!

Now I hope you're not too glitz out by GUESS Watches FALL13 collection!

Now what's in it for you?!?! PLENTY!

1. Win your #favouriteguesswatch X 3 lucky winners!

Follow the simple instructions as seen above!

a) Choose a picture of your favourite GUESS Watch!

- To join the contest, you can take a picture of your own GUESS Watch, extract an image from my blog or from the GUESS Watches website

- Upload into your Instagram and hashtag both
#favouriteguesswatch #Bongqiuqiu

And then just get as many likes as possible lah =D
(Promotion is from 13 September - 27 October 2013)

(NOTE: If you win, you can select any watch from GUESS as the prize.)

b) 3 lucky winners will win a GUESS Watch worth $200 each when they sign up to the mailing list at www.nuffnang.com.sg/GUESSwatches!!!! Winners will be notified via email!

2. Get limited edition GUESS Denim tote bag for FREE!!!

Even if you're not one of the 6 winners, you should still come down becox first 50 readers to RSVP here for the event (on 19 Oct (Saturday), 3pm @ Vivocity) will receive the limited edition GUESS Denim Tote Bag FOR FREE!!!

This promotion is valid from 6 September-27 October 2013. Readers are also entitled to win GUESS Watches voucher worth $200 each (3X to be given away) by answering a simple question under www.nuffnang.com.sg/GUESSwatches

It looks like this!!!!
50 of them up for grab!!!
As seen here under sunlight!
It's a really pretty and handy bag that is super easy to match ah!!! I love it a lot!!!

So do remember to RSVP to the event! All you have to do is to be the first 50 to RSVP and be there at the event on 19th Oct (Saturday), 3pm @ VivoCity Atrium!

So.. Which was your favourite watch? Is it in the three that I picked up? =D

Mini Phantom for casual style..
Vivi in rose gold / silver.
Or.. Croco Glam in lovely gold? ^.^

Alright so remember to head down to have a look at the GUESS Roadshow! Event will be happening from 14 - 20 October at VivoCity Atrium

- Showcase of Fall13 GUESS Watches Collection
- Exclusive promotions
- Bloggers (Beatrice, Rachell and myself!!!) will be there for the presentation of the GUESS Watches Collection on the 19th!

However, if you can't be there on the 19th.. Don't be upset! =D The event at Vivo will be happening from 14 - 20 October and below are the promotions running from 13 September to 27 October 2013! That's one and a half month of grace! =D

Readers of my blogs will be able to enjoy 15% off regular-priced GUESS Watches including the latest collection and get a limited edition GUESS Denim Tote Bag Upon Purchase!!!


You will also be able to enjoy 15% off regular-priced GUESS Jewellery including the latest collection and an additional 5% off with purchase of 2 items and above!!!

Thank you GUESS for being so generous not just with me and also my readers ^.^

To enjoy the promotion, you just have to quote my name =DDD Hahaha. This is like some kind of gangsta thing. Like "Tell her my name, he'd get it" *gotchyourbackbro smile* haha.

Promotion is valid at the below GUESS Stores:
-313@Somerset, #01-K1 Tel: 6735 3325
-Plaza Singapura #01-29 Tel: 6238 9379
-JEM, #02-K2 Tel: 6734 3794
-Marina Square, #02-151 Tel: 6337 5491
A recap of the different styles and occasions you can don a GUESS Watch for~
And party~ =D

Here's a video for your eye pleasure haha. A showcase of the gorgeous GUESS Watches!

Alright so I'd see you!!! Come down lah, say hi to us bloggers all haha. 50 of you can win a limited edition GUESS denim tote bag each if you're the first 50 to RSVP =DDD Links are below! So I see you okay!! Come!!! =DDD It'd be fun! Promise!

Like the last GUESS event, where I had readers come down, you can ask them~ Hahaha. It's fun!

Venue: VivoCity Atrium

Date: 14-20 October 2013

Time: 10am - 10am

Links for your convenience:
Check out more GUESS Watches collection and promotion HERE.

GUESS Watches official website link www.guesswatches.com

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Hanna Lei said...

Croco Glam is so pretty. -Hanna Lei

Cat said...

My fave is the work one :)

This comp rules me out, I have zero friends ahaha so would only get one like on instagram... MINE! :(

Good luck everyone!

Hope a regular wins one :D

Sue said...

I don't live in Singapore :/. Does that mean I can't try for it?

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu! Where did you get your shoes from, the brown wedges? Pretty!

Alice Lee-Yang said...

I wasn't thinking much of the watches until I saw how you paired each of them with the bracelets, totally LOVE all the looks!!!

Those wedges!! So tall omg I'll only hit your waist height when standing beside you when you're in them LOL.

Qiuting Hong said...

Hannah, they are yes!! =D

Cat, hahaha you're funny!!!

Sue, you can try but i don't think they will mail the winning out overseas so you'd probably have to have someon ein SG to help you collect.

Anon, from a shop at Taka, i really cannot remember the name sounded something with a V.

Alice haha don't make me shy!

Anonymous said...

Where did you take the pictures with the lalang at the background? So pretty!

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog.
You are so stylish and feminine.
Looking forward to more watch reviews.
I love your analysis of each watch!