06 September 2013

Marina Square - The Dining Edition

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Waddup you guys! I do a disclaimer first ah! This post will make you DAMN hungry!!!

But think about the time i spent editing the pictures in the night time omg T_T

But hey you'd wanna read on cox i am going to introduce an AWESOME location for dinner and hangout / chillout with your friends and family and bf / gf =DDD It's not a new place so-to-say cox everyone knows of Marina Square, but THE DINING EDITION??? =DDD

It's an AWESOME place!!!

Some of the restaurants and cafes at The Dining Edition are offering discount and one of them, FREE TRUFFLE FRIES _

BUT you have to quote my name ah, so keep reading and pay attention ah lol.

So Josh and i went down to Marina Square for a gourmet trail =DDD I LOVE GOURMET TRAIL! All you do is eat and chill, eat and chill ^.^ And one great place for fun, entertainment and FOOD, is Marina Square! It's a shopping and dining haven by the bay!

So if you're not a Singaporean and you're reading this, and thinking of visiting Singapore, you have to visit Marina Square! If you're a Singaporean, READY?! LET'S GO!!!

My pleasure to introduce Marina Square's newly launched gourmet dining zone:

Alright so once you see the giant advertisement as above.. Go up the escalator and you'd be overwhelmed by the selection of cuisines at The Dining Edition!

"The name The Dining Edition evokes the imagery of a limited edition store featuring dining concepts that have been thoughtfully curated before culminating in a collection of premium brands and gourmet experiences.  With the prime location in the major tourist and commercial Marina Bay precinct, this exciting new dining enclave caters to the shoppers, tourists and office crowds in the vicinity. The Dining Edition is renovated at the cost of S$15 million and boasts an impressive 50,000 sq ft of dining area. Diners and visitors will find the ‘one-stop’ food enclave easily accessible by both City Hall and Esplanade MRT stations."

So if you work around the area, good for you lah! 16 new restaurants, cafes, bistro, bakeries and coffee joints for you to wind down and relax with your colleagues during lunch break, or share a nice dinner with your date after work =D

They even have an interesting handout to give you an idea of what you may find! You can get this from the Customer Service Counters to plan what's for lunch / dinner ^.^

Alright let's head for our first stop of the gourmet trail at "The Dining Edition, Marina Square" =DDD

Bangkok Jam for authentic yummy and affordable Thai food!!! =DDD
Bangkok Jam @ The Dining Edition, Marina Square

Their restaurant set up is so cute ^.^ Really like you're eating in Bangkok amongst the traffic jam haha. All the signage in Thai makes it all so cute!
Coasters from Bangkok Jam =))
Their menu alone is quite enough to make you hungry =O
Seafood in Red Tom Yum ($7.90). Their shop's signature! Using prawn's essence soup! So it's extra fragrant =OOO I AM SO HUNGRY NOW LAH JUST REMEMBERING HOW YUMMY THIS SOUP IS.
This is simply called Fried Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce Marinade ($9.50)....... BUT THE TASTE, NOT SIMPLE. It's been very well-marinated and the mid wings have been split into two so it's easy to munch on and extra crispy!
You know you can't do deep fried chicken wings without famous Thai sweet chili =D
AND POP IT IN!!! Crispy juicy *drools* I want one whole plate so badly now now now! _
The Bangkok Mixed Grill - A delicious platter for meat and seafood lovers ($23)
Papaya Phad Thai ($12.90) It's made with papaya!!! So for girls who wanna go for the taste but maintain a neat waistline and not feel too guilty afterwards, this is your solution to a hearty meal!

Time to dig in ^.^

Marina Square has organised a Restaurant Month from 6 to 29 September, and Bangkok Jam is one of the participating restaurants!

Don’t miss out the Lunch for 2 @ $38++, available exclusively at Bangkok Jam @ The Dining Edition, Marina Square! Check out the mouth-watering menu:

Find out which other restaurants are participating in Marina Square’s inaugural Restaurant Month too, at www.marinasquare.com.sg/restaurantmonth!

If you're looking for more Asian cuisine options, this guide in the handout for The Dining Edition will be helpful for you to decide what to eat today! =D
Take your pick!

Next stop! If you're looking for a casual and chillax place to hang and have a refreshing drink or two (alcoholic or not haha) you have to check out Addictions Café & Remedy Bar!

They are known for their wide variety of hearty food, dessert and beverages!

Addictions Café & Remedy Bar @ The Food Edition, Marina Square
These stacks of wood cards are their drink menu! Very interesting one! Some are alcoholic beverages, some are healthy and refreshing fruit mixes, some are.. Remedy to your soda craving haha.

The reason why Addictions Café is coupled with a Remedy Bar, based on the idea that everyone has addictions and there are remedies for every addiction.

To whatever food, dessert and beverage craving! So Addictions Café & Remedy bar is where you can get a quick fix to all your cravings and feel all good and satisfied after =DDD

I say until i like know hor. Haha. Jeanne, the friendly lady who hosted me that day share with me one lah! Alright, more pictures!!!

Red velvet cupcakes ($8 per piece) with damn freaking mouth-watering cream cheese topping T___T Why was i chosen to go through this ordeal of having to blog about these yummy food. Really. It's quite torturous!!! I want them so bad now =OOO I think i'd go back REALLY soon!!!
And this is how the cafe looks like =D It's an open concept and the whole place is done by with pleasing colours, with a cozy touch to it =)
Me waiting for our food to come ^.^
My choice out of the many!!! I was gonna choose the rockmelon one but then i decided to go for this Watermelon Kiss ($10) cox the manager recommended it =D Look at the massive chunks of watermelon!!!
Sweet watermelon juice and cubes with a touch of citrus!
The friendly and helpful manager doing his thang.

ONE OF THE BEST CRABMEAT LINGUINE (tomato base) ($23) I HAVE EVER TASTED!!!!!!! For one, the ingredient is like free one, super generous. And the taste.. Ohhhh. The crabmeat is super-duper juicy. And with every bite of pasta you get tonnes of crabmeat _
Josh's latte! They have many other choices of hot beverages so it'd be a great place to chill for a cup of tea / coffee and chit chat all you want~! ^.^
Cured salmon salad with soya sauce ($18)! Quite interesting! Got soba noodle strands inside one!










You can smell this even when it's still in the kitchen OMG. IT IS SO GOOD _
I am definitely going back for this!!! REALLY SOON!!! HAS TO BE SOON! Better be now!


Addictions Café & Remedy Bar @ The Dining Edition, Marina Square is running a promotion! To enjoy free truffle fries, all you gotta do is to ‘Like’ Addictions Café & Remedy Bar on FB.

And tell the waiter ‘I have Qiu Qiu’s addiction and I’m here for her remedy!’ to get a complimentary bowl of truffle fries when 2 mains are ordered. Limited to 1 bowl of truffle fries per table. Valid for both lunch and dinner until end of September.


I don't have to say the special words though haha. I'd just go there and then i shiver. What the heck, like other people cold turkey from drugs like this. I cold turkey from their truffle fries lol.

Rack of lamb with chocolate mint sauce ($26) =OOOOO Hardly ever hear before hor! Chocolate sauce with lamb haha. I don't take lamb but i tried the kumera mash, which is like sweet potato, at the bottom and i love it ^.^

Josh loves lamb and beef sort of meat and he enjoyed it! The chocolate sauce wasn't quite his thing cox he's old school lolol. Cannot take new innovative changes to his food hahaha.
If you're stuffed with all the food, take a break and enjoy a perk-me-up fruit juice mix! Like this one made from a sweet mixture of tropical fruits! ($10)
Another dish that i love T____T wo zhen de hen sad leh, i miss every dish. This is a Vietnamese inspired dish. It's the chicken vermicelli ($15). THE CHICKEN SKIN IS SOOOO *drools uncontrollably*
Check out this slice of charlotte cake! 内有乾坤喔! The inside is mango..... How should i describe it. It feels like jelly but it's not. It's like.. Pudding? but it's firmer than that! The different textures in the cake goes together very well you should give it a try!!! Especially if you like sweet and sour dessert!
It's sticky, it's kinda chewy, it's moist, it's heavenly..... It's making me go crazy right now.

我真的很贪吃的 =DDD Thank you Marina Square and Jeanne from Addictions for hosting me! And for feeding me generously hahaha ^.^

Alright alright! We gotta move on!!!

Third stop, a quaint European bistro with a modern touch to their menu!

SHALLOTS @ The Dining Edition, Marina Square
Erm. Good sunlight. I was just at the right place in the right time. So that calls for a selfie. Lol.
A unique appetizer! It's chunks of duck meat marinated and served with cornichons (Duck Rillette, $9.90)
I went without the cornichons but Josh loved it!!! He love how it's sour and damn wakening hahaha. But i love it just with the duck and the toast!!! =DDD Very much flavourful enough already!
THIS. OTAH KUEH PIE TEEEEEEE!!!!!!! These golden crispy mini cups.. Stuff with otah meat (Spicy Otah Kueh Pai Ti $9.90)
Drizzle some chili sauce and pop the whole thing in _why don't i just blind myself now. I can't look at them food pictures anymore cox i ate them all and i remember how yummy they are!
Some kind of really exquisite pork ham (Spanish Iberico Bellota Ham, $13.90) where you don't commonly find in restaurants! It's quite interesting, it's like.. Thinner version of our bakwa =X Hahaha. But it's Spanish bakwa.
Lobster bisque ($12.90) I FINISHED most of it by myself =XXX It was a lunch for four but this was near me and it's sooooo good i just finish it =X A bit rude but it's too yummy! I don't quite like seafood bisque with a pungent smell and this doesn't have!!!

Roasted cheese with dried beef slices (Raclette Cheese, $13.90). I only tasted the cheese and i love it! But you have to share it lah, cannot down the whole thing yourself one!
Just the appetizers and starters alone are more than enough for a meal already!!! The people at SHALLOTS are too hospitable!!! Haha.
THIS. Prawns with white wine garlic sauce (Garlic Prawns, $14.90) ...... It's so tasty so so so tasty ___
For people who love steak (Pepper Steak Flambé, $36.90)! You might wanna try this! See the flame?! It's flambéed by your tableside =D
Look at how thick the steak is! Josh loved it! I was told the flame helps bring out the taste of the pepper! Smart hor. Lol.
DUCK CONFIT ($27.90) Omg the skin.... Fatty, juicy, CRISPY MAX!!! The fats hor, is not normal fats leh. It melts in your mouth one T____T 天啊 我好想死 _
Salmon Carpaccio ($28.90) FREE-FLOW! I don't take raw food cox my stomach can't take it but i do remember a time when i was fearless and i LOVED sashimi =( But i've stopped for a loooong time. But the mastermind behind SHALLOTS managed to convince me to try this AND I DON'T REGRET TRYING!!! It's sooooo good!!! The dill sauce taste a little minty and is very refreshing when you squeeze the lemon over! With the bits of sea salt sprinkled on it makes it all perfect.
There you have. Jean-Luc, the person who manage to persuade me to try raw food!

SHALLOTS runs an in-house promotion of FREE-FLOW Salmon OR Beef Carpaccio!!!

For a reasonable price of $28.90 you get to enjoy unlimited salmon and beef carpaccio! And it comes with fries or French beans =OOOO SAY WHAAAAT?!?!?!

This make SHALLOT a perfect place to go hang with a beer or two haha. Okay lah maybe wine!

If you're thinking to wind, dine and unwind in the evenings or at night, it'd be perfect coz alfresco dining always sets the right mood and you have a choice to do so at Carnivore Appetite, Lady M Confections, Nuvo or SHALLOTS!!

There! They have pretty chillout music as well!
Time for desserts! Good old Crème Brûlée ($8.90) that Josh love damn a lot! I like it a lot too but by this time i a bit stuffed already! Josh finish up the whole thing haha. Look at the burnt thin caramelised "glass". I feel that it should be made illegal for restaurants to serve Crème Brûlée that is not properly torched! It has to be perfect like this ^.^
If you're looking to try a bit of everything for their dessert.. they have the dessert platter (Café Gourmand, $11.90)!
Sweet end to my gourmet trial =DDD
Super worth it lunch promotion at SHALLOTS!
Thank you guys for the warm hospitality and for all the yummy food ^.^

From 6 to 29 September, Marina Square introduces the inaugural Restaurant Month. As part of the dining programme, SHALLOTS will be presenting a “Taste of Europe Wine and Dinner” workshop.

Be introduced to wine and learn all about wine pairing from the fine regions of Europe with European cuisine. The workshop will be held on Saturday, 28 September 2013 from 7pm at SHALLOTS (#02-101). Registration fee is $88++ per pax (wine and dinner, worth $180 will be provided!).

For more information on the workshop and how to sign up, log on to www.thediningedition.com

50 seats only – closing date for registration: 27 September 2013!

More good news.. When you quote “Qiuqiu” upon registration, you will a 10% off registration fees! PLUS, receive an exquisite wine opener gift set from The Dining Edition upon attendance.

On top of this, redeem a $5 Marina Square Gift Voucher when you present the registration receipt at the Customer Service Counter, if you sign up from 6 September onwards. Terms and Conditions apply.

So this is a good chance for you to enjoy the food at SHALLOTS at a discounted rate + get to learn about wine + enjoy another 10% off when you quote my name + get a $5 Marina Square voucher ^.^

Haha it's a great deal! I hope you enjoy yourselves and sign up quick!

Here are more food choices for you to consider when you dine at The Dining Edition! One café to look out for is LADY M Confections, it's Oprah’s favourite pastries from New York! Opening soon!

Or.. You could always die for this any time. Red velvet cupcakes from Addictions Cafe and Remedy Bar. Hey sweetie sweetie come here you!
Alright! Check out The Dining Edition at Marina Square for yourselves! You'd be spoilt for choice!

My abrupt conclusion to the post is that..

This is one of the hardest advertorial i have ever written. All the food pictures were driving me crazy, making me hungry and whetting my appetite! Haha.

To find out more about the other restaurants and cafes at The Dining Edition, Marina Square, and details on how to sign up for the workshop please visit:


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Anon, thank you ah!!!

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