07 October 2013

Datsumo Labo - Revisit ❤

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Hello!!! Remember i did a post on my previous visit to Datsumo Labo?

I am happy to go back again~~ Really love the experience i had with them the other time! And the after-treatment results omg. My legs felt super smooth and stayed hairless for a long time after that!!!

Excited for my visit this time cox it's at the Orchard brand that i haven't been before!

It's at #01-13 International Building, 360 Orchard Road! The other Datsumo Labo branch which i went to previously is at Tanjong Pagar! They are both located at convenient spots so if you're going for your treatment you don't have to worry about accessibility! =D

Datsumo Labo is from Tokyo, Japan and i loveeee it that they are so pink and white ^.^ It gives a cheerful, sweet and clean vibe!!! =D
Similar to the Tanjong Pagar branch that i went to, Orchard one is also kept simple and clean. As you already know, Datsumo Labo only focus on using the best gel and equipment for hair removal, which means it cost a lot more. But to make sure you still get to enjoy their services at a very competitive pricing, they don't go too extravagant on the furniture and reno etc. Everything is kept tidy, decent and simple! =D Which i love lah, my house also damn minimalistic one =D
On each of the pretty purple bed, are fresh towels and your own robe ^.^

Datsumo Labo is already VERY popular in Japan, having popular celebrities who are singers / actresses / actors even. So as you would have already known from all your different favourite bloggers, Datsumo Labo is pretty damn popular in Singapore too! =DDD

Some of the personalities who have done their treatment at Datsumo Labo!
Yay! Spot three of my favourite bloggers!!! =DDD Miyake and Xiaxue (Wendy lol!) And erm.. My ultimate favourite blogger.. There, the one in blue.. *strokes picture with my face in it* O.O

*awkward silence*

...... OKAY! YAH!

So!!! Where were we!

Right! About how Datsumo Labo is getting bigger and bigger in Singapore! And i can tell you, although their prices are very reasonable for the service and for the quality of their treatment, price is not what wins a lot of people over, it's really the result!!! I love how my skin stays extra smooth after treatment at Datsumo Labo! No itching, no dryness, no scabs!

No over-promises, no hardselling, no pushy sales talk.

Here's the cherry on the top! 15% OFF!!! You know what to do, just say my name! Till Oct end only! This promotion is for 7 areas / 15 areas / 22 areas okay!

If you're wondering where you might need hair removal from. Hahaha.
To be honest i was soooo busy the last couple of months, i missed one visit =X I should go back every two months cox after the first treatment actually your hair growth will already be very sparse and the thickness of the hair become like babyhair like this lah. But still if you go back every two months the results is the most optimal and lasting =D But i'm back~~~
All ready~ ^.^
In case you're too lazy to read my previous post, here's a quick one about the gel used at Datsumo Labo. First of all, it cost about 3 - 4 times more than the gel used by most hair removal salons. And it contains ingredient that provides benefits like whitening for our skin and softening the centre of our hair! And it cushions the skin during treatment so no damage will be done to the skin!
Treatment on my legs first~ I love how there will be two - three staff from Datsumo Labo with you to speed up the process. And their staff are all very smiley and friendly, plus points!!! =DD

In case you're wondering now, why should i IPL my hair away when i can tweeze, shave, epilate, wax, or use hair dissolving cream etc..

I said this before and i'd say it again.. I TRIED ALL OF THEM!!! And nothing is as simple, fuss-free, painless and gives you an ease of mind, like IPL.

And while some of the conventional methods of hair removal might work, it damages your skin at the same time, causing itchiness, drying, bumpy skin due to buried hair (ingrown hair) etc.

This is what i mean by efficiency haha. One do this, one do that.

So why choose IPL at Datsumo Labo! That's cox they adopt the latest hair removal method that is based on "Smooth Skin Control" 

S.S.C treatment controls the function of the hair with the effect of the gel and the irradiation, and when used in the treatment together with the "Krypton" (a machine developed for Japanese market by DEKA in Italy), hair will gradually grow into thin fine hair that can hardly be seen by naked eyes!

Time to insert random selfies~ Haha.
When they are done with one part, the wrap a cold towel over to sooth your skin. Actually i don't know why need also lah cox i feel the treatment was very gentle, doesn't hurt doesn't sting at all.
Now moving on to a part that i personally find a bit embarrassing =X
Previously my hair growth around the belly button was much much more dense and thick. Really is in the mirror can see one darker line formed by the hair one =((( After the first treatment at Datsumo Labo it's so sparse and thin!! It was the first time i did IPL for my tummy haha.
One thing about Datsumo Labo i feel.. Are their pretty staff =XXX See this one. Lolol. Totally looks like a doll. And then they are all so nice to talk to haha. They even help me snapped a lot of pictures you see in this blogpost! So helpful one haha.
The super expensive treatment machine produced by DEKA in Italy and it cost multiple times more than the ones other salons are using here. Like crazy more expensive. Is that why it doesn't hurt a single bit?! I am guessing so! All you feel is.. Erm nothing? Haha. All you HEAR is dihdih, and then you see a FLASH! Haha. But you feel nothing lor.
Still can camho a lot during treatment hahaha.
As if one is not enough =X Haha.
Moving on to my armpits~ =DDD
So relaxing to hear the beeps and to have pretty ladies around me to take care of me O.O Haha.
Same thing, cold towels~ And while waiting, i asked the staff if i could do IPL for my female mustache =XXX Yeah lah i have! =((( BUT! They say girls who have mustache are pretty girls!!
My one is not so jialat like that lah. But i do have!
On both sides especially!
After they remove your makeup around the mouth area gently, they'd apply the gel..
You'd know why i put this picture here if you read my blog often enough. Hahaha.
I am a superstar. Lol.
And three to four flashes later~ We're done!!! =DDD
Haha! I look so silly~!!! Cold cotton pads to soothe the area~
And that's all for my visit~~
Big thanks to the staff at Datsumo Labo!!! For being so friendly and helpful ^.^ And funny!!! Haha!
And one more~~~

*** RESULTS ***

This is how the treatment at Datsumo Labo works!!!


The effect of the gel and treatment stays on for at least two weeks! So during that period and after, your skin will stay smooth and soft! And hairless of course!
I only did the treatment for my calves. And it's visibly fairer and with much much lesser bumps than my thighs!!! Shit lor, i should have done it for my thighs as well!!! =(((
My thighs. No treatment. Lotsa visible bumps caused by in-grown hair and dryness of the skin.
My calves 10 days after treatment at Datsumo Labo!!! Looks much much softer right!!! And not so much bumps!!!

Alright i'm gonna leave you soon! If you're keen to try out the hair-removal services at Datsumo Labo, you can enjoy up to 20% OFF at any point of time!!!

Simply quote "QiuQiu", you'd enjoy 10%OFF! For those who wanna switch from your current salon to Datsumo Labo, you get to enjoy another 10% OFF!!! And best part is you can combine both the discount and enjoy 20% OFF!!!

Well for those who can't enjoy the "switching" discount, the best discount for you (UNTIL END OCT) is the October Special Plan! As seen above.. Here you have it again~

 Get 15% OFF 7area/ 15areas/ 22areas! =D

Visit Datsumo Labo website for more information and discount updates!

If you'd like to make an appointment, remember to give them a call first and just SAY MY NAME to enjoy the discount! =D Stay carefree and hairless~ =D

TEL: 6836-2140
Email: dlinternationalbuilding@datsumo-labo.com
Address: #01-13 International Building, 360 Orchard Road (S)238869

TEL: 6538-3053
Email: dltporchidhotel@datsumo-labo.com
Address: 1 Tras Link #02-02 (S)078867


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What's the minimum age requirement?