15 October 2013

GIRLY Make FIRST counter!!!!!!!!!!! =DDD

HELLO!!! ^.^

As you can see from the title i am super excited to share with you that GIRLY Make's first counter is up~!!! =DDD I head down to set it up with Josh the other day ^.^

Actually i thought things wish things were gonna be easier than this O.O Cox i really like GIRLY things like makeup and lashes so i didn't think it'd be tough to put up a brand counter!

But holy shit no, every supplier i met expect me to have ten thousand billion dollars backup funding like this lolol. And NEWSFLASH~ I don't~ Hahaha. But the good part about the past few months of doing up GIRLY Make.. Make me appreciate Josh even more =)))

He help with EVERYTHING. I think maybe GIRLY Make is more his baby than mine. Haha!

And also really supportive friends who didn't hesitate to say YES to the online store launching event this year end =))) Thank you guys =) I am quite blessed with nice people i think! =D

Wearing GIRLY Lash (No1) Brown and Black Mix ^.^

This is actually my personal favourite!!! Though the rest are great for other occasion, this black brown mix is my toppest choice cox it's awesome for natural and young looking makeup!!! =D

And if i may add, all the lash bones are super flexible and the lash strands look really natural ^.^

AND~!!! You can rewear them quite a lot of times! For me i use each pair for 5 times max lah cox i damn rough-handling one haha.

On our way to THE CATHAY #03-15 Space Invasion! THE CATHAY is right behind Plaza Sing, a lot of people keep asking me which Cathay. Only got two, correct? One is Cathay Cineleisure the more fun and young one, one is THE Cathay, the more grand and grey one. Haiyah it's the one behind Plaza Singapura lah okay =D

Erm. How about i am totally in love with GIRLY Lash (No1)!!! Really got look younger right. Not i delusional hor hahaha. I guess it's the way it droops down at the end!


Can tell i super happy hor. Lol. First time first time.
Act serious only. Very easy to sort out one hahahaha. Jiu one to five er yi ah.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Hey comes Josh the handyman my candyman~

My god i was gonna be funny and try to link the previous caption "Josh the handyman my candyman" to the song by Christina Aguilera - Candyman. So i googled the lyrics and it goes like this..

"I met him out for dinner on a Friday night
He really got me working up an appetite

He had tattoos up and down his arm
There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm

He's a one stop shop, makes my panties drop
He's a sweet talkin' sugar coated candyman
A sweet talkin' sugar coated candyman, ooh, yeah.."

So gross one the song also say the guy got tattoo, Josh also really also got tattoo down his arm. And then i was like "Omg this song is just right!" and then i read on the lyrics and it says what make my panties drop. Okay that's where i draw the line. Lolol. It's not funny anymore *cue Jack Byrnes face*



AND WE'RE DONE~!!! More items to be added of course but here's for a start~ =DDD
GIRLY Make first sales counter at THE CATHAY #03-15 Space Invasion

Space Invasion is a multi-label shop where you can find your favourite blogshops listed there!!! They also have imported beauty products / accessories from various stores so if you're a shopper, be sure to check it out if you're around the area shopping / catching a movie! =D

If you're a online storeowner and would like to list your items for sale with Space Invasion, you'd be glad to know that their terms and conditions are really flexible and affordable for startups and really, the location is rather prime! With lotsa arts and tertiary schools around the area and i mean that is where the nicest theater in Singapore is located so.. Give it a thought! =D

If you're keen to get listed there, please visit their site HERE!

Sorry gonna spam a lot of pictures of this counter especially!!! Hahah! Cox the rest of the counters will just be a counter due to space limitation. This one got a lot of space, can zng a bit.
How do you like the design of GIRLY Make!!! Josh designed it ^.^ The old design is all booked for consignment and collaborations already, i am sooooo happy cox if not i'm gonna have to mix them together and Josh will vomit. Lol.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Okay okay about enough!!! Hang in there! =D
FYI i also placed the eyelid glue i swear upon for sale! It's not under GIRLY but it's my favourite eyelash glue cox when i use it don't ever have to worry about my eyelash coming off.

I also use another one that is long and white in a bottle i can't remember the name but it's from Japan one but i use that only cox it's damn easy to remove but that means it also drops quite easily =( I go Hong Kong Disneyland i should have used this one instead! Never thought i'd go on a roller coaster ride so i wasn't prepared haha. Anyway these are good! Comes in black and white that turns clear.

You can get it at $7.90 from the counter! The cheapest i bought it outside was $9.90 so if you can find cheaper in store elsewhere, please feel free! I paid a lot to ship them in cox they are liquid T.T So when they are gone i'm not bringing them back in lah.

Also mainly cox.. There are plans for GIRLY Make X^.^X

Me and my first born lolol.
And again..
Alright~! If you're around THE CATHAY, drop by Space Invasion #03-15 okay! =D Tag me on instagram if you got anything! I'd love to see what lashes you got! The brown ones are really pretty too! No3 looks like mascara when you put it on! Love!
Thanks to the nice people at Space Invasion! Jason, Jasmine and Kent =))) And your staff as well!!!
Alright after thanking so many people (Thank You all again!!!) and feeling thankful mostly..
Here's a big Fuck You to those who ignored my emails and to those who refuse to help me PLUS wanna make a fool out of me ah, you all can queue together go eat shit!

GIRLY Make is up and running WITH OR WITHOUT YOU!!! Wanna pay you and give you business you still like this. Wo cao. Heng i have my Candyman O.O

Lolol. Why did i even go find out the lyrics. I never knew what she was singing about exactly i just didn't bother to listen and thought she was singing about a Candyman she's really crazy about.

Like a man who really sell candy for a living you know.

So uncool. Never google lyrics.

Alright! If you wanna host GIRLY Make sales counter in your store, please email girlymake@gmail.com ^.^ Would love to work together~! =D

THANK YOU, if you've already gotten something from the counter =))) It means a lot to me! =) Thank you!


Hanna Lei said...

Congrats on getting your lashes in a shop! I love how you set everything up. -Hanna Marie

messyhessy said...


Cheryl said...

Hi Qiu!:) Could you recommend some for us? I have never used falsies before so I'm not sure which is good or what I have to look out for etc. Is there any advice you can give us? :) THANK YOU <3333 Would love to buy and support you!

Sophia chen said...

加油! 我很喜欢读你的blog.好多信息和好美的照片!继续哦。我常来看的。好久没看到你的budget barbie啦! (^o^)

Anonymous said...

加油! 我很喜欢读你的blog.好多信息和好美的照片!继续哦。我常来看的。好久没看到你的budget barbie啦! (^o^)- Sophia Chen

Anonymous said...

加油! 我很喜欢读你的blog.好多信息和好美的照片!继续哦。我常来看的。好久没看到你的budget barbie啦! (^o^)

Sophiachen said...

加油! 我很喜欢读你的blog.好多信息和好美的照片!继续哦。我常来看的。好久没看到你的budget barbie啦! (^o^)

Sophiachen said...

加油! 我很喜欢读你的blog.好多信息和好美的照片!继续哦。我常来看的。好久没看到你的budget barbie啦! (^o^)

Sophiachen said...

加油! 我很喜欢读你的blog.好多信息和好美的照片!继续哦。我常来看的。好久没看到你的budget barbie啦! (^o^)

Sophiachen said...

加油! 我很喜欢读你的blog.好多信息和好美的照片!继续哦。我常来看的。好久没看到你的budget barbie啦! (^o^)

Sophiachen said...

加油! 我很喜欢读你的blog.好多信息和好美的照片!继续哦。我常来看的。好久没看到你的budget barbie啦! (^o^)

Sophiachen said...

加油! 我很喜欢读你的blog.好多信息和好美的照片!继续哦。我常来看的。好久没看到你的budget barbie啦! (^o^)

Sophiachen said...

I am sorry I might have posted too many times cuz I don't know if they went through. Sorry lol。 but good job and congrats! Keep going. I love reading your blog and the beautiful pictures but I don't comment as often as I read your blog lol which is like EVERY single one of them. lol. I have subscribed your Instagram, and youtube. The first time was your singing video. Love your singing. And budget Barbie! Fighting !

Cat said...

You should do a video or blog about how to apply Girly Make lashes. Or have photos of you in each type :D

I have zero idea how to wear fake lashes.

Also good for sales, people see video of you using the different supplies then they buy :D

It is so awesome that you have your own brand started :D I'm quite jealous! Also mad respect to Josh for being so supportive of you :D

E said...

Hi Qiuqiu!!

I just went Cathay yesterday and yay I found GirlyMake! They look really nice and affordable for its price ^^ Really want to try it but I don't know which one to choose lol. You said that #1 is the most natural, but the others look super pretty as well! Can we see like some super close up photos of the 5 different types of lashes when worn? It'd really help! Haha TIA! :D

Unknown said...

Congrats on ur new born! :)
When you say brown...do u mean the lashes are really brown in colour? :O
Because it's not very obvious....

Michelleagy said...

congrats on the launch!!

Klieo Lee said...
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Klieo Lee said...

Wow!!! CONGRATULATIONS QiuQiu! I truly believe all your hard work will pay off!!! So happy for you!

I hope you can make some videos on how to wear falsies and some tips for those with monolids...like me T.T

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Can i get the girly lashes online?

Unknown said...

So chio!!! ♥ ^^

Unknown said...

Cutie pie ♥

flower said...

totally adore the floral pullover you're wearing!