04 October 2013

KFC - $2 Never Tasted SO GOOD!

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Hello~!!! Hope you're not hungry now cox if you are.. I AM SORRY BUT I AM NOT SORRY!

Gonna be sharing the yummiest, most satisfying burger you can get for an incredibly low price!!!

If you'd been following me on Twitter you'd know that i gone a bit craycray over this burger! And it's all thanks to the invite i got, to go try it! Now i'm hooked! =OOO

At KFC to try out their *** NEW *** KFC Shrooms Fillet Burger and the Colonel Fillet Burger!!!

And i was super delighted cox Shrooms Burger has always always been my ultimate favourite burger!!! I love it so much i can take two at one go!!! But....

The Shrooms Fillet Burger i cannot!!! =OOO Cox it's huge!!! I can only take one at one time haha. Actually better hor, if not i tell people i take two burgers, it sounds like i'm a glutton.

Borrow Josh's burger to camho haha. He damn ke lian, he want to eat one but i use my fingers to niap niap niap and take picture. Hahaha after that then only he can eat O.O Haha!
There you have, Colonel's Fillet Burger =D


ONLY $2 each!!!!!!!

Say real one hor, $2 you can hardly even buy a meal at hawker center nowadays =( Let alone at the foodcourt =X At the foodcourt one bowl / plate of food would easily cost you $4 - $6.

And then of course if you want a drink it will cost you another $1.50 to $2.

But hey~ If you wanna complete your meal with a meal which also includes a drink and a whipped potato, it's only $4.50!!! =DDD Wu hua hor!!!

My meal!!!

Sometimes i think being a fast food lover has its perk! It's convenient, definitely yummy and when there are promotions like this, it's absolutely appreciated especially for people who see the value in.. Affordable things *cue the word, kiasu* Hahaha.

What! Who don't love savings, promotions and good value!!! =D

I eat KFC at least three times a month and i'm sure we all know why KFC has been one of everyone's favourite choice!!! Their secret blend of 11 herbs and spices has never failed to satisfy all these years.

And why do i love the NEW KFC Shrooms Fillet Burger so much?!?!

Cox's only 100% juicy chicken fillet made from chicken thigh meat is used!!! And it's prepared with Colonel’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices and quality ingredients, that unique taste we all loved for decades!!!

And since i'm a mushroom lover, i totally cannot resist the chunky mushroom in the OMGSOFREAKINGYUMMY-ILICKTHEWRAPPER mushroom sauce O.O

Borrow Josh's meal to camho again hahah!
The Colonel’s Fillet burger has the Original Recipe chicken fillet too! And it's sandwiched between a toasted sesame seed bun, with fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise and a slice of cheese! Josh's choice!!! He kinda took it without the cheese in the end cox i ate his cheese O.O =X Hahaha!
RAH! =DDD Can you believe they are so huge and is only $2 each!!! And the taste is incredible, i'd say it.. I'd pay $4 for it if i have to! Too good!
Okay lah one last picture of my KFC Shrooms Fillet Burger meal and me before i start chomping it!
I just hope KFC will keep this in the menu FOREVER!!! It's now my favourite burger!!! Hands down, no fight. Okay didn't i just say the previous shot was my last camho shot? *awkward silence*

Okay lah there, i really eat and finished the whole burger and burped cox damn full hahaha. But for this video alone i ate two burgers. Then on that same night at 4am i ate one more for supper =XXX I am sorry i sound like a hungry ghost haha the people at KFC were too generous and the burgers were too yummy i didn't wanna waste it =DDD So i ate them all =DDD

* * *  CAPTION CONTEST * * *

Now that you've seen this video please go to KFC Singapore Facebook page!!!

To comment your caption for the video! Very simple!

Not for nothing one ah, just add a simple caption and you stand to win:

First prize - 1 camera (Canon Power Shot N!)

Second prize - $100 KFC vouchers

Third prize - $50 KFC vouchers

Caption Contest will be on from now till 8th Oct 2013!!! So go go go! Just add a simple caption =DDD And you stand to win all the awesome prizes! Actually what i would really love is to win the $100 KFC vouchers for myself O.O Hahaha. I really will go crazy lor!

As i said! "$2 NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!!!" ^.^ Only at KFC! Affordable, yummy with great quality ingredient~! =D

Josh about to chomp in~ =D And did you notice a chocolately brown thing on our trays???
It's the New Chocolate Lovers' Cake!!! SMELLS SOOOO CHOCOLATEY!!!
What is a meal without a yummy dessert slice of cake!!! ^.^
Not the nicest food picture around but this solid and super flavourful, rich chocolatey goodness is all yours at only $2!!! Please gimmie two now!!! T___T I regret only eating one that day!!! Cox the burger is really quite filling; i can only fit one more chocolate cake at one time!!! ='O
Omg want!
Please try it when you eat at KFC okay!!! I feel it can fight the egg tart for being favourite dessert at KFC! Hahah. I'd vote for it i'd say it now!!! =DDD It's like sinking your teeth into fluffy chocolate!
Okay lah! That's about all for my yummy experience at KFC =D You HAVE to go try the Shrooms Fillet Burger or the Colonel's Fillet Burger okay!!! $2 each only and eat until you full full!!!
Round two at Wendy's place O.O Hahaha.

And that's how the day went~ Thank you KFC for the invite and for making my favourite burger ^.^

I'd keep going back for it!!! And for guys (or girls haha) who have even bigger appetite!!!


Double meat option is also available for two New Fillet Burgers are also available at $3.90!!!
Omg gimmie gimmie gimmie!!! I skip the bun lah maybe!!! The fillet and mushroom too good to miss! Can you believe it. I just had two today and i am craving for it again now O.O The skin of the fillet look so crispy and golden and yummy right? Inside is juicy chicken fillet omg.. With the sauce..
Yup.. If you think having 4 burgers on the day of the invite is too much..
It is so good (plus i damn scared don't know if it'd be off the menu like seasonal item!!! You know when Devil's Drumlet is on the menu, i'd go crazy overdose on it cox i know it'd be off soon one!) i went back to buy two more Shrooms Fillet Burger O.O And Josh ask for one Colenel's Fillet Burger cox he already had some food before that but he just wanna have one hahaha. We are made for each other - EQUALLY GREEDY. Okay actually i am much much more greedy with food than he is.

Alright! Go try the fillet burgers!!! You will love it one i promise!!! =DDD

"Like" KFC Singapore Facebook page for new promotions!!!

Comment on my video KFC posted on their Facebook with a caption for the video =DDD

You stand to win fabulous prizes as mentioned above (Camera and KFC vouchers!!!) okay!!!

Good luck ah!!! =DDD


Hanna Lei said...

This food looks so good! -Hanna Marie

Cat said...

Haha lol at the family of tourists in the background :p

Go overseas and still eat at KFC :p

Cat said...

On another note, KFC used to be a vice of mine until they got rid of the Sweet Sesame Chicken :(

KFC Australia can diaf!