31 October 2013


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Cox shopping drives me crazy.


Now this site i'm gonna be sharing with you will make you go @.@ cox it's unbelievable that it's sooooo crazy-crazy.
SINGSALE is part of the largest shopping club in Australasia, APACSALE Group. They operate an online clearance channel for the biggest global brands, across four different continents.

And you may find 1000 over brand partners across 8 categories from the SINGSALE site! Namely: Ladieswear, Childrenswear, Menswear, Homeware, Toys, Health and Beauty, Footwear and Accessories and all of them offers a total of up to 100,000 different styles online at any one time.

Doesn't this make them the BEST discount site already?!?!? You don't have to search the site and waste time, just go to the category, if it's there, it's there. No need to browse through ten thousand repeated items!

What really got me excited was that they offer not just one or two categories but 8 vastly different but very much all that i'd be interested in! I loveeee fashion, makeup and beauty, kids-related stuff and and!!! Home and living items!!! I like to buy cute little things (that i might or might not need haha!) for my home!!! =DDD

In order for you not to miss out on any sales, you can choose to receive regular alerts when you sign up to be a member and membership is free =D

Some of the items i browsed through when i was doing my own shopping on SINGSALE =X Haha!
Look!!! Wardrobe basics at more than 70% off!!! =OOO $6!!! Go outside buy also not so cheap!
Dresses suitable for work at a huge discount from their original price, down to $20 - $25!!! And if you like tea-dresses and unique pieces, you also can find them on SINGSALE! Original prices of some of them are $100 - $200!!! So final price of $30 is just =OOOO
OMG PRETTY SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THE BLUE AND THE BEIGE BOOTIES!!! =OOO GIMMIE! Seriously why are they so affordable! And the original prices are $120 and above!
There are many big brands on SINGSALE! Look out for them if you have a favourite brand in mind!
And many many more items and brands listed on sale from the other categories!!! It'd take you a loooong time to browse through them! So good luck! It'd be worth it cox i'm pretty sure you can find something that you want, at a MUCH LOWER PRICE!

THE BEAUTY PAGE!!! This one in particular is of revlon and avon makeup and beauty items!!! CAN YOU SEE HOW MUCH DISCOUNT THERE IS?1?!??! It's CRAZYYYYY!!! I am going to buy the foundation cox it's $8 from $47?!?!?!??! Deheck is going on. And the cream eye shadow too! And the concealer! And the nail polish!!! BAH!!


Okay i can't possibly show you everything on the site but i still do have something important to show you!!! It is so important that i selfishly told my friends and sisters about it first already =XXX

Hide yo mama hide yo wife. Hide yo sister. They gon go crayyyyyyzy i'm telling you man. I'm expecting everyone across the four continents will gaga over SINGSALE'S FLASH FRENZY!
SINGSALE will be holding a Flash Frenzy, the biggest online shopping event ever!!!
It's starting on Nov 2nd 2013.
And it lasts for three days only!!!!!!
You may enjoy discounts up to 80% during FLASH FRENZY!
Over 150 big brand names will be offered during these 3 days!!! So you have to keep a look out for them! Don't be a slowpoke and have your favourite items sold out =OOO I know how sad it can feel.
Even though you can now already find many popular brands on SINGSALE, during Flash Frenzy there will still be an increase in brand offering!!! And there will be new sales launched HOURLY!!!

Since there will be new SALES launched hourly during FLASH FRENZY, HOW DO YOU KEEP TRACK of the new sales launches and NOT MISS any of the sale that you might fancy?!?!?!

Easy! Just download the SINGSALE app!!! SINGSALE application can be downloaded on to your smartphone to allow for easy shopping on the go!!!
It's super user-friendly and made really convenient to shop on!!! Everything is neatly categorised!

Here's another reason why you NEED to download the SINGSALE app!!!

When you sign in via the SINGSALE app..

You will be allowed access to the Flash Frenzy sale 1 hour before everyone else!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT I NEED!!!! So that the best stuff on best discount don't get sold out on me!!!

As you can see from this example that i screenshot with plenty heartache.. Things do get sold out a lot, FAST, on SINGSALE. So download the app and shop fast to avoid heartache!!! Lol.

GOOD NEWS~~~ SINGSALE is super generous to giveaway $10 OFF X 100 for 100 of my readers!!! TAKE NOTE of the discount code to enter during checkout!

You may use this discount code ANYTIME NOW!



Just key that in when you checkout and you'd receive a $10 discount! Limited to first 100 only okay! So if i were you i'd download the app, be notified of all the sale and see which one i like, quick shop, quick checkout, and be the first 100 to use the $10 discount code! Haha =D

The items are already really affordable after the crazy discount, but i wouldn't mind if i can enjoy another $10 discount more haha! This is the true spirit of a shopcaholic cum super-saver. Lol.

Just wanna be a good person and share this with you guys O.O
HELLO KITTY OMG!!!!!!!!!! HELLO KITTY MKAEUP!!!! GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!!! I damn scared i'd miss it so i am happy i downloaded the SINGSALE app!!!
Alright! Download the app, use the discount code (BLOGGERSG110), go crazy during FLASH FRENZY on 2nd Nov 2013 til end of 4th Nov 2013!!!
Alright! I leave you here!!! You know what to do!!! Click below to..


Hanna Lei said...

Those shoes are awesome. -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ.. I love one of the dresses in your second pic but can't find it in the brands on singsale! Would you remember which page that was? Thanks sooo much!!

Cat said...

Your hair and make-up are super cute in these photos :D

Also reading your excitement over this sale made me excited!

Anjo said...

You look cute in all those photos.

Shierlyn said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, can you do a what's on my iphone? Like your favourite apps?