29 October 2013

Watery bouncy glowy radiant skin!

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Was that too much to ask for, for our skin? Sure takes a whole lot of effort for that to happen!

But good news is..

Watery, bouncy, glowy and radiant skin IS achievable!!! And there are many ways to get there! I'm gonna be sharing thou, the simplest way to get there!!!

With one star product! Of course the result will be the best with usage of the whole series, but this particular one is something i fell in love with after the first usage and have been using it for a week now and i foresee myself buying it over and over again.

Pinch your cheeks! Do you feel a "doink" back?! If yes, good for you, still young ah you all. Lolol.

I'm pass a quarter century old and only started doing skincare EVERYDAY for two months now. And i am superbly proud of myself haha *pats self on the shoulder*

Before that i startstopstartstop for how many times i can't remember. Cox to be honest.. Skincare routine can become quite a chore =X Like, i am finally home, i FINALLY showered, okay now i just wanna lie down on my bed and nuasai. Lol.

But you know everyday our skin goes out and fight battles after battles. Fight the dirt particles from pollution, UV rays outdoor AND indoor, and the shiokest but one of the most harmful thing for our skin, AIR-CONDITIONING! All these factors cause our skin to look dry, dull and lifeless.

So we need to give our skin the right care, to help soothe the after-effect of everyday harmful exposure, and to prepare it for the next day. Only by doing this, can we have youthful, hydrated and bouncy soft skin!!! =D And good skin is the best makeup foundation! I can't emphasize on this more!

Happy to try out the new Hydra Fresh skincare range from L'OREAL, infused with French Grape Seed extracted from the finest grapes cultivated in Languedoc, France!

If you're wondering what is so great about grape seeds, be very impressed..

Grape Seed extract has 50X more anti-oxidant power than Vitamin E and 20X more anti-oxidant than Vitamin C. As we all know, Vitamin E stimulates collagen production for our skin, which is what affects skin elasticity, brightness, softness and smoothness. Skin with no elasticity looks old and shrivelled =X Like that of an old lady.. And grape seed extract can prevent that from happening~

It can prevent damage and skin dullness from harmful free radicals and at the same time, keeps skin glowy and radiant! Soft supple skin like the plump translucent grapes, YES I DO want very much!!

Not only does the Hydra Fresh series contain French Grape Seed extract, you can also find Double Hyaluronic Acid and French Spa Water goodness in this range!!! Actually got Hyaluronic Acid already very good dee. This one got double #obamanotbad One is to lock in the goodness of all the other!

Double Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic Acid + Microencapsulated Hyaluronic Acid locks moisture from the inside out for intense hydration so the hydrating effect and goodness from the skincare gets locked in your skin and the effect is longer-lasting!!! You can haz soft, supple, bouncy-watery skin ALL DAY LONG!!!

French Spa Water is enriched with 16 minerals to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier and to keep skin supple! Don't know whether this atas French Spa Water can drink or not one hor O.O

If can drink even better right. Really is get right down to the dehydration problem haha.

Okay! *clap clap* Let's get down to it~! Haha. Ain't nobody wanna look old yo~

Skincare routine starts with a good cleanser! You gotta find one that is hydrating and nourishing at the same time so that you won't end up with clean but dry and tight skin! And the Hydra Fresh Hydrating Refreshing Creamy Foam ($12.90) would be a good choice! It smells so good!!! And it contains essential minerals to cleanse makeup, oil and dirt thoroughly.

After cleansing, the next step should be for toner! There are many kinds of toner out there now. Last time people think toner is to close your pores.. That's stupid haha. Cox if it closes your pores, then how the rest of the other skincare penetrates your skin, right?

So actually the step "Toning", as i mentioned many times before, is to prepare your skin for more goodness coming its way, like essence / moisturizer etc. I also like to use this step with cotton pad to swipe off excess makeup if any. Many toners now are also call "lotion". Cox the toner itself already contains many elements that are beneficial to our skin.

As the Hydra Fresh Hydrating Softening Spa Water ($19.90) is! =D

I love this cox other than the fact that it smells really refreshing and grapey, the texture of it is quite interesting!!!
It's kinda like gel but when it gets onto my skin it breaks into a very light and refreshing watery texture that gets absorbed into my skin REALLY FAST!!! Originated from the French Vosges Mountain, this Spa Water softens skin for better skincare absorption for other products you'd use after that, and helps maintain our skin's natural balance!
Instantly my face feels supple and looks brighter with cox it's well hydrated!!! The marks you see are old acne scars lah =( They got a lot better in this two months i started doing skincare! =D

When i tried the Hydra Fresh Hydrating and Softening Spa Water for the first time i was like.. This already feels very good on my skin and i haven't even try their star product for this range yet!!!

Introducing the ultimate 3 IN 1 lotion!!!

Hydra Fresh Hydration + Antiox Active Mask-In Lotion ($22.90)

The star product of the Hydra Fresh range!
Once you open the cap you'd feel like you're in a vineyard hahah. SMELL IS HEAVENLY. It's this light fruity (grape) refreshing smell! Wo hen love!!!

Why is it called 3-IN-1?! Cox there are three ways to use this product!!!


To use it as a toner, you can gently pat it on after cleansing!

To use it as an essence, apply it after toner and massage it gently into skin =D I try ah!

Just to show you the watery texture haha! It's not as thin as liquid but definitely close. I think this is why it can get absorbed into our skin so easily!
After massaging it into my face as an essence =OOO I LOVE IT!!! Not sticky, super hydrating and it just feels damn good on the skin!!!
Within seconds i feel the difference already! Very happy that it's non-greasy! Detest greasy products!
I can do this..
Like Barbara Palvin in the Hydra Fresh TVC lolol. Why do i do this to myself. I don't understand too.

So far it's a 2-IN-1, we're getting to the most interesting part!!!

The third way to use the Hydra Fresh Mask-in lotion!

For a more intense treatment, all you have to do is to apply a thicker layer onto your skin to replenish moisture throughout the night as an overnight sleeping mask! =DDD Simple yes?!

Actually if you don't wanna use it overnight and instead wanna do a quick intense sheet mask treatment also can!!! It's really easy, look~

Grab some cotton pads. I used only three. Actually i'd need four cox forgot to cover my nose haha. Anyway, split them each into two so the thickness is just right!
Drip some Hydra Fresh Mask-in lotion on it and plaster it onto your face with the less wooly side facing your face! And then wait for about 15 - 20 minutes! And viola~ You'd be done!!!

Also hor, i calculated. Actually like this do mask not only make you look like you damn DIY-ish and smart (lolol), it also is very cost-effective!!!

You see ah, from my estimation given that i already did one mask with it, one bottle of the 3-IN-1 Mask-in lotion can let me do about 15 sheet masks on top of daily usage of it as a toner / essence.

And how much is cotton pads i don't even know. I buy value pack one O.O Very kiasu i know. 100 pads for about $2 lah. So 4 pads each session is about $0.08 hahaha. Give it 10 cents lah.

But one cotton sheet mask you buy outside is at least $2. So you count lah! 15 sheets is already $30. This mask-in lotion is only $22.90, and other than as a mask you also get to use it for daily skincare!

Wuhua!!! Lolol. Pardon me the Budget Barbie in me is going crazy again haha!

While waiting for my mask treatment to be done..
We all know apple oxidises really fast. Just like our skin.. When it oxidises, it turns dull and dry and brown (dark) =O So here's a quick test to show you how powerful the Hydra Fresh mask-in lotion is!

I got 2 halves of apple here.
O - The apple with nothing on it
Hydra Fresh - The one of the far right
So i put on Hydra Fresh on the apple on the right and then i left them there..
30 minutes later~ The one without skincare has turned slightly brown obviously. And the apple with Hydrafresh still looking good.
One hour later.. The one without skincare looks kinda rotten in real life lolol but you can't really see it in pictures. It's just shriveled and brown and a little mashy. But the Hydra Fresh apple still remain as good as new =OOO

All the French Grape Seed extract is working out real good fighting the oxidizing eh!!!

And the double hyaluronic acid really locks in the moisture very well!!!

Really hoping they have an eyecream for this series!!! I'm pretty sure my dark eye ring is so brown cox of oxidization hahaha.

Anyway~ My mask is done~ In 20 minutes ^.^ Doink~ ^.^

For normal skincare routine when you're not going for a mask treatment, remember to use a moisturizer!
The moisturizer in this range is sooo pretty!!! Reflective in pink *thumbs up*
Had to do this special effect cox really smell too good dee haha. Hydra Fresh Hydration + Antiox Active Supreme Emulsion ($25.90)
Tub of pure goodness!
Texture feels very light but is rather rich! When you apply it, it sort of feels like water on your skin! So it's light as a lotion, rich as a moisturiser! Will keep your skin hydrated the entire day ^.^

Okay camho time!!!

Have to snap more pictures with the star product eh!
Signature move of Barbara Palvin haha in the ad haha!
My skin is so bouncy, please feel free to pinch it more!
Yeap keep doing it. Hahaha.
Not forgetting the Spa Water which i also super love! I'd use this in replacement of the brightening toner i am using now! Cox this one really can see instant effect!
The new Hydra Fresh range is available at leading retailers including Watsons, Guardian, SASA, selected Department stores, major supermarkets and hypermarkets! Please go try them! Other than being real good, they also look real pretty in pink =DDD Cannot resist pink. Hahaha.

Alright! I leave you here! Super happy to share this with you guys cox in return i find my current favourite skincare product, the mask-in lotion! =D So versatile and flexible one, can use in three different ways. Till then.. BECAREFUL.. YOUR SKIN IS OXIDISING! Muahaha..

*pat on more mask-in lotion*

Get watery-bouncy skin that glows With French Grape Seed extract, go beyond hydration!

Visit the L'Oreal Hydra Fresh website for more information


Alice Lee-Yang said...

Wow, impressive! I'm gonna get the one you tested on the apple!
Btw the pic that you pinched yourself before Barbara is very nice hahaha nicer than her pic!

Wen said...

Hey Qiuqiu, I recently bought the mask-in-lotion, but I'm confused which step do I use it as I have another liquid moisturizer. Do I use the mask-in-lotion before the moisturizer or after the moisturizer? Thanks!!

Hanna Lei said...

That mask looks really cool. -Hanna Lei

Cat said...

You look very pretty and natural in these photos and your skin looks great!

The products look nice too but I am far too lazy for skin care :(

I put vitamin c on my face before bed (helps my panda eyes) and that's it.

Winston Choo said...

hi QiuQiu I am a guy with sensitive and oily skin but recently I realized that my skin is quite rough and dry and my nose area got some dry particles so should I use this range of product and which one should I buy ?? and so sorry for asking u this question when u are not skin care personal just hope that I can have some feedback from u thank you

Jessica Lim said...

Thanks Q, I will be stocking up when i drop by in Sg. Can use if acne prone?

Jessica Lim said...

Thanks Q, Do you know if suitable for acne prone? Will check it out when i visit Sg, :-)

Jessica Lim said...

Thanks Q, I will be stocking up when i drop by in Sg. Can use if acne prone?