19 December 2013

ANDEW Korea now in Singapore!

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This post would make lotsa Korean-fashion lovers excited!!!

ANDEW (www.andew.co.kr) is one of the top 5 fashion brands in Korea!!! They carry a good selection of unisex apparels and accessories. The fashion direction is trendy and casual chic.

Mostly suited for age 16 - 40! It has created a huge rave in Korea and..

GOOD NEWS IS ANDEW IS NOW IN SINGAPORE~!!! It's the first concept store In Singapore that brings in authentic Korean fashion brand! And i'm happy that i was invited to the official launch!

One at the shop front! The location of the shop is great! It's at Plaza Sing, super convenient for all!
ANDEW (Singapore)
Plaza Singapura #02-26
One with the nice people from ANDEW who invited me ^.^
First thing that caught my eyes were the great selection of belt O.O Haha. And the neat presentation and display in the shop! You'd be happy to know for your boyfriend and yourself, that this season there's a lot of focus on male apparels! So when you shop for yourself this Christmas and coming Chinese New Year, remember to shop for your boyfriend too! ^.^
Plenty of dresses and casual outfits suitable for hangout / work even! The colours does add a lot of energy and pop to your OOTD hor! Haha. They have a great selection of rompers also!
Cardigans and jackets i love~ Makes you look 2 times smarter / more fashionable instantly lolol.
In case you're wondering, the price point for ANDEW Singapore is $19 - $299.
A display screen to show us the latest trend and collection from ANDEW Korea.

Time for me to try out some~
I was in love with this jacket initially!!!
Other than the quality being superior and comfy, it flows well on your body as well!
Easy to match hor! You can almost imagine it with a work dress. It'd still look fine.
Trying out their cardigan.. Which has a unique twist at the back~
The back of the cardigan made of another material~
Love it max i took it ^.^
It gives a long leg effect! Cox you can keep the waist line higher haha.
And then i change my mind about the jacket earlier cox i saw this one i'm here!!! Haha. Super fickle-minded. But eh!!! I LOVE THIS JACKET LAH! It's soooo comfy!!! And the cutting is superb. I'd show you more pictures later!!! ^.^
Some accessories from ANDEW yourself / your boyfriend might like!
Wallets in strong bold striking colours~
A picture with Lee Som and Kim Young Kwang. Faces for ANDEW 2013 F/W collection!!!
THANK YOU GUYS FOR HAVING ME! This bunch of nice and friendly people deserve every bit of success ^.^ I hope they bring in more and more Korean brands thou O.O Haha!

DONE SHOPPING! They gave me some items and i bought the jacket =OOO I couldn't resist it!!!

Some picture taken in the studio to show you what i got from ANDEW (Singapore) ^.^
Outfit one.
My favourite jacket for now!!! LOVE THE CUTTING!!! Slim fit jackets are the best!
Jeggings from ANDEW that are ultra comfy and prettyyyy~ The floral details all!!! LOVE.
What can never go wrong. Pairing block colours and floral prints!

Sorry not sorry for spamming! Haha.
The romper~!!! It's quite low cut (meant to be sexy i guess haha) but i got nothing to support it so i wore a tank inside.

Love how it can be casual and so cool! And i believe it can be worn cutely too!

Last outfit from ANDEW that i took.
This long top / dress! In block blue and very light grey.
Block colours have a sharp feeling to it!

If you're looking to visit ANDEW, feel free to drop by Plaza Singapura #02-26!

Quote my name for ADDITIONAL 10% off!!! ^.^V

If you got something / try out ANDEW outfits in th shop, do snap picturs and post them on instagram, with the hashtag #ANDEWsg

They are very active on Facebook as well so remember to follow them on Facebook and be updated of new arrivals and activities going on!

Links for your convenience:

ANDEW Korea website

ANDEW Singapore Facebook page

Lai action pack lai liao hahaha.

Go check out ANDEW store at Plaza Singapura #02-26 and like ANDEW on Facebook!


Hanna Lei said...

I love the floral pants you got! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

their wallet looks similar to CDG's wallets haha

afifs said...

I am a guy and I want those jeggings!

eliz* said...

Sigh. You are one of the few lucky people that can look gorgeous in floral pants. I look like an auntie :/

TySh said...

i think i'm obcessed by your blue hair *.*