12 December 2013

Essential Damage Care - Hide bad hair NO MORE!!!

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Sup!!! You guys must have already know that i love Essential Damage Care hair products since years ago! And i'm super glad that here i am, with a new hair colour (again haha) and holy god, my hair is still alive hahaha. I'd expect it to have all dropped off already =X I mean in just a year i did all sorts of bleaching and colouring to it =XXX And rebonding. Omg.

BUT it's not AS bad as you think it is lah =( It would have been a lot worst if i didn't use good haircare products. As you might know, I've did a couple of post on Essential Damage Haircare products and in case you didn't know, Essential is a brand from Japan (like i always say, TRUST THE JAPANESE with haircare haha) and they are popular for one reason.. Damage-care for our hair!

Also helps that it smell really good hahah!

I love Essential becox thou my hair it shit, it always helps my hair look better.

By better i mean.. At least it's not like this..

When i wake up (if i never bother to blowdry my hair after shampooing), i wake up like this.

I don't deny i do a little like beast with the hay-ish blue hair hahahah. But fml, at least he got style his hair. Mine is just ALL OVER THE PLACE.


But hor, everything also can damage the hair. Sunlight even. You gonna stop going out?

I cannot lah. I love to try out different hairstyles O.O And with that, changing hair colour, and hot-ironing it, curling it with hot tongs and blowdrying it for volume are a part of it.

It's all a part of my routine every other day. Just dressing up. And the hairstyle i put up is also a part of it. So.. Asking me to stop all curling / dyeing it etc.. Is like asking me not to change clothes =X

But but but..

When bad hair days set in, i really is feel like killing myself one. Okay not so drastic but when i am having a bad hair day, i do have strong urge to just go bald or cut until very very short until they cannot form fuzzballs on my head! Yeah! On bad days, my hair feels like multiple fuzzball. Like those green wool sponge people use to scrub the tough stains you know hahah.

And if sway sway i have to head out that day.. I gotta spend super lotsa time to fix my hair =_="

Sometimes i rushing for time or really desperate i'd just tell myself "AHHH SCREW THIS"

And that's how i end up hiding my bad hair..

You often see me with caps and hats and hairbands and most commonly seen on me, BRAIDS. You think i damn fashion? No lor. I trying damn hard to #hidebadhair =(

But it's not good enough one. In pictures the frizzy hair can still be seen. From the sides and the back. Curl or tie or use caps or braid.. ARE ALL FUTILE ATTEMPTS TO HIDE BAD HAIR.

Sorry i can't help you think of a good sensible way to hide bad hair cox even i can't do that too well! But i can tell you a 1 minute solution to have better, healthier looking hair!!!

My hay hair.

Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Nourishing Care Lotion

The pink ones you see at the back are the Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Anti Frizz Serum. It's great for getting rid of frizz but it's more for limp hair to also give it a airy light feel.

The Nuance Airy series will also help limp hair look a little more volumnous and fluffy instead of dead and limply oily hahah. But erm.. I don't use this range becox the last thing i need for my hair is the airy feel. Hahahaha. My hair already airy until cannot already.

But if i wanna curl my hair and keep it light and airy while it stays frizz-free all day long, then yes i'd use this =D So you gotta find out what is good for you okay.

Anyway! Back to the 1-minute quick fix for the hair right!

Let's try it!
Dispense a good amount depending on your hair length, i put a little cox my hair is rather short now.
Then apply it on he hair ends. You can run your fingers through, you can scrunch it, whichever!

Comparison of the hair before and after using the Essential Hair Mask and Leave-on Treatment!!!

Really love this to bits!!! ^.^ Damn happy they send me one more cox the one i'm using now is the last of the 3 i got =XXX One day i just walk into Watsons and then i'm like.. "I really need this. A lot of this" So i bought four, gave one to my sister and kept three for myself. Haha.

With smoother and more manageable hair, we will never have to waste our time fixing or hiding a bad hair day again! YAYYYY!!! =DDD Love this instant moisture boost for my hair, ANYTIME, ANY DAY!!! =DDD But of course we need to do day-to-day haircare also lah.

I've did this post to show you step-by-step on the different range of Essential haircare products.

I've been using their Damage Care shampoo, conditioner, treatment, mask and of course the leave-on treatment you saw above, for the longest time. So now i'm just going to go through quickly with you!

Essential Damage-Care shampoo and conditioner

Essential Damage Care Purely Smooth Shampoo and conditioner.
It's of a new formula with with 4 times more Cuticle Protection for smoother, tangle-free hair even to the last 15cm of our hair!!! Also it contains Inner Repair Essence that penetrates damaged hair core. On top of that, there's also High Purity Honey and Shea Butter in this winning formula. Not only hair is repaired and moisturized, it can regain softness! Plus, let's not forget it smells awesome. Haha!

This i think is great for people who don't have frizzy hair, but just want smooth manageable hair.

Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Shampoo and conditioner

Got look like Vivian Hsu not? Hahaha.
You see the shampoo of the Rich Premier range on the picture above, Essential sent that to me together with the rest. But erm.. A bit shy to say.. They never send me the treatment and conditioner for Rich Premier =XXX Hahaha nevermind, i've been buying and using it anyway so i took out my own from the bathroom lol. That's why you see the treatment is a bit deflated cox it's almost finishing hahaha.

But the most power-packed of them all.. Is the Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Hair Mask

Pink one is the Nuance Airy range. It gives damaged and limp hair an airy soft and bouncy finish!

The Rich Premier is the one i've been using and i loveeee it!!!

This magic tub of mask is made for concentrated repair care for damaged and unmanageable hair like mine, to achieve a silky straight and smooth finish!

It also contains the new Heat Damage Care (Polyglycerol) ingredient with Honey and Shea Butter. Now you can say goodbye to all the tangles and frizz and dead ends from hairstyling and colouring etc! Use it twice a week after shampooing (remember to squeeze excess water off your hair okay!) guarantee your hair become so smooth you find it amazing and unbelievable.

You can focus on the hair ends lah, cox it's usually most damaged there. Apply and leave it on for 5 - 10 minutes (that's what i do, though 5 minutes is good enough haha) before you rinse it off!

And then after you are done rinsing off right, while your hair is still damp, you can also apply the leave on treatment!!! Like this when your hair naturally air-dry, it'd be extra smooth and soft!

So that's all the tips i have for you lah. You either take it from someone born with naturally smooth straight hair, or you take it from me, someone who did a lot of shit to my hair hahahaha.

And still have my hair on my head. Even my hairstylist Shio is damn impressed. He told me before multiple times that he don't want to do bleaching / colouring for me cox he's very sure it will all drop off, like get melted off with the chemical.

But this time to get this blue, we have to bleach my hair TWICE before adding the colour O.O

He told me my hair surprise him hahaha. Li hai ba? It's not a one-day effort okay. It's from using good haircare products! =D I won't say i have perfect smooth hair but at least given the things i done to my hair, my hair is still in decent shape.

So remember.. If you ever wake up to this again.. Don't feel too upset! You have the instant moisture boost from the leave-on treatment or day-to-day haircare to help you by using the Essential Damage care haircare products like shampoo, conditioner, treatment and mask!!! =D I usually use shampoo, and i alternate between treatment and conditioner. But once a week at least i'd switch these with the mask!

And Christmas is coming right??? And then New Year. And then within a month, it'd be Chinese New Year! You might wanna learn how to fix your own hair and have it in manageable shape so that you can go to parties and gathering worry-free!

Plus, with Essential haircare, you don't have to worry too much about colouring your hair for the festive, curling them to look great and blowdrying them etc. JUST DO IT!!! =DDD

And instead of trying to hide bad hair, and waste so much time and effort on it, i suggest you spend more time on what to wear! So from now you can start taking care of your hair lah.

You may find Essential Damage-Care products in all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

Join Essential Damage Care’s Facebook page to redeem FREE samples of Essential hair mask!

Here's me all changed up~ =D
A simple neat look like this would be classy and timeless for any occasion!

Not sorry for camwhoring so much. Haha.
Thank you Essential!!! I will always support good products like these! And will stop trying to hide bad hair, and just work on having good hair!!! =DDD

Visit the Essential Damage-Care website for more!


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