04 December 2013

KFC - Korean Craze

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Remember to get your friends to vote for you via KFC Korean Craze Facebook app! Voting is via the KFC Korean Craze Facebook app only. ‘Likes’ on shared posts on Facebook or on Instagram posts do not count.

Thank you!

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This blogpost i promise, will be filled with generous prizes and fun!!! Thanks to KFC!!!

So keep reading!!! You might win yourself and your plus-one, a trip to Korea!!! MULTIPLE WINNERS are in for this treat as there are 8 pairs of tickets worth $2000 for each pair!!!

And many many more prizes, up to $30,000 to be won!

What the heck, KFC is sooooo generous O.O

But the MAIN POINT IS.. This time, on top of the awesome prizes above, there's another set of awesome prizes.. And that's where Yutaki, Miyake and I come in ^.^

This one is a lot more fun and exciting (ownself say one) hahaha. Read on~

Recent years (i'd say about over a decade already!!!) the "Korean Craze" has made such an impact on Singaporeans, the presence of this cool and trendy wave doesn't only hit the youth..

You see our mums and aunties and elder sisters (and us) watching K-Drama until they cannot sleep unless they finish the whole series.. Never mind. You see them hug the tv and cry.

Never mind.

10 seconds later you see them laugh and then smile ever so sweetly @.@ This is what K-Drama did to me. Lololol. Josh scolded me many times. For laughing too loudly mostly but he laugh when i cry over K-drama. Lolol. What a devil. Lol. Laugh cannot?! Cry can. Lolol.

Anyway, sweeping every young girls' and boys' (even those only young at heart lah ah, haha) is K-POP music!!! Their dance, their MTV, the style influence K-POP artists have on Singaporeans..


Don't say what, you see my brows. I started drawing thick and black eyebrows when i first watch FULL HOUSE and fell in love with Song Hye Gyo. I know lah, damn ancient but that drama never get old. Lol. And then lately i get obsessed about having the dewy Korean skin look!!!

I hardly pat on powder to matte my makeup anymore. Cox Koreans have such omg watery skin!!!

But you know what Singaporeans are generally, YOUNG, OLD, BIG, SMALL (hahaha) CRAZY ABOUT, when it comes to Korean-related stuff?


Cox food is a common language. And Korean-inspired food especially, has been taking over the world here in Singapore over the last few years. Have or not? I say Korean BBQ, you squeal.

Lolol. That's how it works. And KFC is embracing this K-Fever by adding a twist to their chicken..


Introducing the new KFC Spicy Korean Craze!!!

First up, HOW DOES IT TASTE LIKE?!?!?!

Me and the two ulzzangs go try it out!!!

We went there knowing that we were gonna try Korean-inspired food from KFC. Of course we were hungry. FEED US~~~ Hahaha!
Before anything, something refreshing to perk us up!!! This cold lemonade from KFC, goes go perfectly with the new KFC Spicy Korean Craze food!!! Sour and spicy always goes!!! So try it out okay, it's not too sour don't worry!!! And definitely not too sweet lah.

HERE IT IS!!!!! The KFC Spicy Korean Crunch!!! I AM HUNGRY AGAIN. You see you see!!!! This is why i don't like to do food-related posts!!! =OOOOO Always remember how yums the food tasted with the pictures and then you get super hungry when you blog one!!!
ROAR! You know how it is when a carnivorous animal sees meat? It's how i see KFC chicken LOL.
And this my friends.. Is no ordinary KFC fried chicken!!! It's the SPICY KOREAN CRUNCH!!!!
Crispy.. Juicy.. Marinated in 7 types of chillies and peppers, smothered with a special Korean sauce.. *omg.. omg.. it's so sexy lol* and topped with sesame seeds.. When you bite into it.. You'd taste what is called.. By me.. PERFECTION OF CRISPY SKIN WITH KOREAN SAUCE *slurps saliva*

For real chomp time.
Oh wait. How to not camho when sandwiched between these two. Hahaha. Miyake looks damn shock cox she worry for Yutaki's chicken if i really did bite it hahaha "不要吃她口水" is what i hear my friends tell my other friends, on many occasions. It's okay one! I can understand. Lolol.
SMILE~ ^.^ If you wanna go for a different experience with the Spicy Korean Craze taste..
I strongly recommend you to try this!!! The Spicy Korean Burger!!!
AFTER YOU TRY THIS. WE ALL GO SIGN PETITION TOGETHER FOR KFC TO ADD THIS IN THEIR NORMAL MENU. If not how can like this!!! Let us taste such a great yummy burger and then take it away from us =OOOO It's sooo good lah!!! Crispy slab of succulent chicken fillet, marinated with seven types of chillies and peppers, glazed with the new Spicy Korean sauce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy lettuce, and a slice of fresh tomato and cheese, all housed between two toasted sesame buns.. GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!
No less, camho time with Miyake and Yutaki hahaha.
With the Spicy Korean Burger ^.^
Me and my yumsie burger!!!

If you're wondering "HOW TO CHOOSE I WANT TO TRY BOTH!"


Choose between the Spicy Korean Crunch Meal which comes with 2 pieces of Spicy Korean Crunch, a regular Fries and regular Lemonade for just $8.20


The Spicy Korean Box which consists of a Spicy Korean Burger, 1 piece of Spicy Korean Crunch, a regular whipped potato and regular Lemonade at only $8.80!!! This one you get to try everything!


Not everything. There's still this exciting fries i've yet to share with you!!!

The Spicy Korean Shaker Fries!!! The new and improved CRISPIER, THICKER, TASTIER FRIES from KFC!!! Now with this Spicy Korean seasoning.. It's just.. *mind blowing* you gotta try it for yourself!

To add on to the excitement to your meal, trade up to a large Shaker Fries and medium Lemonade at only $1!!!

Here's Yutaki doing the shakeshake. Hahaha. Btw ah, this picture is 100% unedited =OOO Bugger look so good even without photoshop =___= Miyake also =_____= I iz a sour.
A mildly spicy kick of Korea on my fries. Yes please.
What what, where is the walrus?!?! Lol.
You want some? =DDD
Happy us with yummy food =D

You might be a tiny bit jealous we look so happy with so much Spicy Korean Craze food at KFC.

But what is eating Korean food?!?!?!?!?

KFC lets you have a chance to experience KOREA!!!!!!!

With EVERY purchase of Spicy Korean Crunch Meal and Spicy Korean Box, you get a Peel and Win card!!!

Here's where you stand a chance to win a pair of return air tickets to Korea (8 pairs to be won!) and many other great prizes worth up to $30,000.

I LOVE KOREA. I say first i'm gonna be in the running also. Every weekend i buy KFC Spicy Korean Craze meals for my family. Weekday i eat one more time! Me and Josh both! I peel peel peel, peel my way to Korea what the heck. Lolol. Actually if i can win a TV or even a handphone i damn happy already lah hahaha. I am never lucky with lucky-draws like that. But 8 pairs of air tickets to Seoul is just too much to give up on haha. And all the other items! Omg. I'd try! You try also lah!

Here's the exciting part!!!!!! =DDD Together with..

Who will be styling you..
Who will be doing your perfect ulzzang make-up..
I'd be styling your hair for the photo shoot with us!!! ^.^

Timeline for this contest!!!

Contest period: 4 – 19 Dec 13 (so start snapping away now!!!)
Winners announcement: 20 Dec 13
Photo shoot: 22 Dec 13
Big reveal: 30 Dec 13

All you gotta do is to snap and submit a picture of yourself or with your friends (up to 3 in a photo), dressed as your favourite Korean stars and stand to attractive prizes and a makeover photo shoot by and with us!!! =DDD

Submission will be via KFC Facebook app, KFC Korean Craze or Instagram, with hash tag #KFCKoreanCraze. If you're submitting via Instagram, please remember to authenticate your Instagram account at the KFC Korean Craze app page before uploading and hash tagging to submit.

Top 10 most voted entries will win prizes! Top 3 winners will be decided by us three and KFC!

I super look forward to us dressing you guys up KOREAN STYLE!!! ^.^ And not only do you get to be styled by us and do the photo shoot with us, you also get to win prizes!!!

1st Prize : $600 Cash, $200 KFC Vouchers and Makeover Photo Shoot
2nd Prize : $400 Cash, $200 KFC Vouchers and Makeover Photo Shoot
3rd Prize : $200 Cash, $200 KFC Vouchers and Makeover Photo Shoot
4th – 10th Prize: $100 KFC Voucher

Okay submit your entries!!! It'd be fun!!!!!! =DDD You can submit multiple entries, but can only win once lah. When you get people to vote for you, remember to tell them they can cast one vote per entry per day!!!

To vote for the same entry again, the user can only do so after 24 hours of casting the earlier vote.  However, voter can cast votes for multiple entries.

AHEM. To give you some credentials that i can style hair..

Erm.. I can braid.

I can blow hair..

But you're like..


Okay fine. Shio did my hair for this one. But hey.

I did Audrey's and Cheesie's hair!!!!!!


Oh but then you're like..


. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


Chou Cheesie. Really is i do her hair one but she tong her fringe herself lah haha. But i really did Aud's hair fully and it's nice right?!?!?!
In my hairstyling portfolio (LOLOL) i also have Sophie *smirk again* lolol. You say what? That the mermaid tong is easy to use?
How about this? HUH??? HUH??? I did this ; ) Hahaha. I damn proud lah!!!
Your number 1 hairstylist in action. Hahaha.
Result: Mich my bff looking cute and Koreanish =DDD
When all else fails.. Don't worry. I will throw flowers on your head. Hahahaha. So relax, and join the contest now! Submit your pictures!!! I promise you it'd be major fun.
Excuse me, i also styled your makeup artist for the contest okay. Hahaha. I curled her hair!!!

Another reason to join!!! WE ARE FUN!!! =DDD

Come let us style you!!!

Okay! In the meantime, go enjoy the new KFC Spicy Korean Craze now!!!
Spicy Korean Crunch!!!

Spicy Korean Burger!!!

Spicy Korean Shaker Fries!!!

Alright! So three of us see you guys for the photo shoot yes?!?!?! =DDD

Quick go snap your pictures now, dressed as your favourite Korean stars!!! Do it yourself or do it with one or two of your other friends!!! =DDD OMG I CANNOT WAIT LAH!!!

We are all gonna have sooooo much fun and laughter ^.^ I hope KFC will bring us KFC food during the photo shoot also =XXX =DDD


Hanna Lei said...

I love KFC, I wish in the US we had more varieties -Hanna Lei

Nanda said...

hahahahahah u're so funny! i believe u can style hair qq!!! shio watch out lololol

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ, may i ask if u know any friendly female dentist? I'm more comfortable w females as I'm a girl. Or any teeth whitening promo? Been affected by black stains on grooves of molars since young. Hope you'll b able to help but if can't it's ok, thanks lots for yr time! :)

Just to thank u as i learnt more about fashion since reading yr blog few mths ago, i like watching Budget Barbie to see yr choices. Reading about yr life has kinda become my hobby tho I'm not free to read everything, u v hardworking update v fast! :P

Hah I'm criticised by my poly cher for wearing childishly, since then I'm affected by her but i still thank her for now i realise it's true tho it hurts a bit esp her tone. At least her harsh comment woke me up so I'm interested in fashion & ootds, reading yr blog helps. Even yr surgery interests me too so ya, just to say thanks!

Pls cont blogging about yr life/fashion, sometimes i disagree w yr actions in yr angry posts but at least I know what not to accidentally do to piss ppl. Eg saying "no offence", i don't do it online but when i do irl i actually really mean it & saying how i really feel. Mayb they meant it? Eg sis asks me how's e bag, i say it's not my taste i feel it's a bit aunty but if she likes just buy it ba. Anyway i still respect yr view everyone reacts differently, what angers u may not anger me & vice versa. Words r powerful, can cheer/hurt one v much, stay happy/healthy ya Sorry ah type v long, thanks for reading my wot! :D