15 December 2013

*** NEW *** Biore Cotton Sheets ❤

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HELLO HELLO~ Look at what i'm holding~~~ THE NEW BIORE MAKEUP REMOVAL COTTON SHEETS!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Everyone knows it's my favourite makeup removal cotton sheets ^.^ I know about it from Wendy's blog long ago and fell in love with it ever since!

I used it in my Youtube video ^.^ Omg miss my hanabi hair colour @.@ Anyway! Why i major love to use the Biore Cotton Sheets is really cox it's convenient max!!! I use at the end of the day whenever i have makeup on.

 Even when i travel, i bring the travel pack with me.
 That's me in Taiwan, after a long day of work and shopping and eating at night markets where it's all smokey and oily =X I get back to the hotel with this to clean everything off my face!
Quick easy wipes and half of my face is stripped clean hahaha.

Now what's EVEN better than (the old) Biore Cotton sheets?!?!?!

Pretty in baby pink on the left and the refill pack on the right!
They have travel packs for the NEW Biore Cotton Sheets too! ^.^
One thing that i appreciate a lot for the new Biore Cotton sheets is the new packaging!!! The container is not only super sweet and girly-looking with lacey prints.. It is also air-tight through out! This will help keep your makeup remover moist for a even longer period of time! ^.^V

This is me right after i touch down from Taiwan trip and then rushed off to do imaging for a cameo role in a local movie.. The imaging involves makeup also. And then after the script run-through it's already very late @.@ That's really my face after that long day i had. AND NOW I HAVE TO REMOVE MAKEUP. Haha. Girls have it harder, don't we!

Thank god we have Biore Cotton Sheets =D This is my makeup that day ah. Gonna remove the makeup on one side of my face first!

Using the NEW and IMPROVED Biore Cotton Sheets! With 20% more cleansing oil, it makes makeup removal MUCH more efficient, gentler and faster!

This is one swipe (only!!!) off my eye makeup, haven't touch my brows yet hahaha. What you do for eye makeup (usually tougher to remove cox of mascara) is you place the cotton sheet over your eyes for about 5 seconds. And then gently wipe it off.
20% more cleansing oil indeed works like a magic!

Old Biore Cotton sheets are awesome already, they take about 2 swipes to remove my usual eye makeup on each eye thoroughly. This makeup i have here is done by a pro makeup artist which i assume uses thicker makeup on me. And it only takes one swipe for my eye makeup to be almost perfectly clean! Except some black bits of remaining eyelash glueball not sure if you can see!

For the ones who have sensitive skin, Biore Cotton Sheets are:

- Alcohol-free
- Colorant-free
- Allergy tested

^.^ So don't worry!

Okay! Proceeding to remove makeup for the half of my face!

Act chio a bit.. Haha.

One side of my makeup is removed! I have only used half of the Biore Cotton Sheets! In fact the Biore Cotton sheets are thick enough for me to use it both sides! So technically i have 4 effective halves of the sheet to clean my face with! And the sheets are made from 100% natural fibre sheets for a softer glide on skin, so there will be minimal friction on your skin when you remove your makeup!
Using the other side to remove all my makeup left on the other side of my face..
In less than a minute.. I am bare-faced =OOO

Less than a minute can you believe!!!

Thanks to the new Biore Cotton Sheets having 20% more cleansing oil in each Biore Cotton Sheets for gentler and more effective makeup removal, including waterproof and stubborn makeup! Like i said, for stubborn makeup like mascara and lip tint etc, just place the cotton sheet over area for 5 seconds before swiping off~! More cleansing oil thus minimizes repeated wiping by 50% on eye lashes, eye area and face!!! ^.^V

With more cleansing oil, you don't have to tug and pull on your skin too much at all! So makeup removal has become gentler too =)))

And one more thing i loveee about the new Biore Cotton sheets?! It contains Hydrating Beauty Essence that leaves skin moist & smooth with no sticky or oily after feel!

Like this!!! Clean, soft, smooth skin!!! No oily / sticky after-feel!!! Doesn't sting my eyes also!!!

I saw this picture labelled "Biore Juice" and i'm like.. I AM GOING TO TRY IT!!!

So i go and try to squeeze the NEW Biore Cotton Sheet to see how much cleansing oil there is in one sheet.. Hahaha i couldn't really get the result cox..
I squeeze halfway the cleansing oil keep coming out and then it was gonna flow to my note book so i stop squeezing haha. But hey, now you know to throw away your cheapcharlie makeup remover wipes O.O Those that are so dry it'd probably cause a lot of tugging and pulling on your skin =X

That is why the Biore Cotton Sheets are NO.1 in the market!!! And before anyone could even catch up close, they have come out with a new and improved one already! Haha good job!

You wanna see how much cleansing oil there is in the NEW Biore Cotton sheets, watch this video!!! And watch how Wendy got punked by Miyake and myself on her own show!!! Hahaha.

Alright that's it~~~ Here's my camho shots hahah ^.^
With my favorite makeup remover wipes! The (NEW!) Biore Cotton Sheets!

They come in three sizes!
- Regular Tub (44 sheets) $17.90
- Refill Pack (44 sheets) $15.60
- Handy Pack (10 sheets) $3.90

The tub i place it at my dressing table with other things that make me pretty haha!

MY MUST-HAVE!!! The travel pack!!! I don't just bring it when i travel. I throw it in my bag all the time one. In case like i have makeup on for work in the day time and then night time i just wanna go chill at my friend's place or hang out at a place where i wanna feel 100% comfy haha.

Always in my bag, the Biore Cotton Sheets!!! ^.^ I also carry SaraSara powder sheets when i go out but i recently ran out of it!!! Biore really make awesome products!!!

Go get your own now! Guarantee if you love the old Biore Cotton Sheets, you will fall in love all over again with the NEW Biore Cotton Sheets!!! And for those who have not tried Biore Cotton Sheets, try it out for yourself for a faster and gentler makeup removal experience!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

You may find the new Biore Cotton Sheets in all major super/hypermarkets and pharmacies.

Visit below link for more info:
Kao Singapore Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets


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