21 January 2014

BLINK Mints - Party in Your Pocket

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SUP YO!!! Sharing with you guys something fun and cool in this post!!!

You know how everything these days is about ATTITUDE.

Agree? Your attitude reflects your personality which in turn reflects your style which in turn, reflects you as a whole haha. You get the drift. These days people display their attitude in many ways..

Through your choice of clothes, bags, shoes, handphone cases or the way you decorate your house etc

Like me leh.. I love the colour blue and i find blue really cool.. So i put it out there hahaha.

You don't have to be so extreme to show your style!!! I have one more way to let you project your attitude and style out there!!! Hahah! You'd love this one..

It’s a Style, it’s a Taste..
 It’s a Party in Your Pocket!

High quality mints Made in Germany, taste great, looks AWESOME. And if "awesome" is not good enough for you, Blink mints have something JUST FOR YOU.

5 amazing fusion of unique flavours, each comes in FOUR different designs!!! Surely there will be something just for you!!! How do you feel today?! Match Blink mint with your mood! ^.^

Here's a groovy and catchy video Blink Mints came up with. Don't say i never warn you, it gets stuck in your head hahaha.

You know how mints are really, REALLY, REALLY important?!

Doesn't matter if you have bad breathe or not, when you just wake up to go to work, YOU NEED MINTS. Morning breathe, not sexy.

After food, especially if it's a garlicky (chicken rice chilli sauce omg, it stays in your system for a while lol) meal, YOU NEED MINTS.

Before you do presentation / have a conversation with someone in close proximity..


Omg i cannot tell you how distracting and distressing it is to talk to someone with bad breathe.

You cannot focus on what he / she has to say cox you're too busy trying not to die cox you DO NOT INHALE. Especially not when they are kind enough to ask you..

"Ahhhre you ohkehhhh" the exhaling in your face omg..

Don't. Don't. Don't. I am okay. Just go.


Blink Mints have been launched in 40 countries over the past 3 years and it's been popular wherever it goes!!! For sure some part is the result of tasty mints but a large part is becox Blink Mints lets you emphasize YOUR image, YOUR mood, YOUR style today and each and every other day!

Okay we've checked tasty and stylish..

Let's see other cool facts about Blink Mints:

- High Quality Mints Made in Germany

- Sugarfree (Very important yes? Haha! Don't want to see the dentist too soon!)

- Low Calorie (Healthy!)

- No Artificial Colouring (This one i am most fussy about!!! When it comes to my refresher candies, i never buy those that leaves colouring on my tongue!!! I abhor those to no end =(( It makes me feel like a sorethroat is coming) So yay for Blink Mints!!!

 - 5 Unique Fruity flavours

- Highly Visual and Attractive Packaging (You might just get a convo started for the mints!!!)

- Compact and handy (Easy to just slot it in your pocket!)

I've been buying Blink mints even before they engaged me for this blogpost!!! But i never knew they had soooo many different designs for each flavour!!! My favourite is actually Peachcherry!!!

There! ^.^ Small and compact, easy to keep in your pocket!!! ^.^ Though i mostly throw it in my bag's handphone compartment for easy reach hahaha cox i don't have pocket cox always wear dress / skirt haha. So many the tagline for me is "It's a Party in your bag de handphone compartment" Lol now that doesn't sound too cool anymore hahaha.
Feeling sweet?
Have a Blink Peachberry mint!!! ^.^

If you're all fresh and cheerful today..
Pick up a Blink Greenapple mint!

I love the greenapple also!!! In fact ALL the flavours are of a very good balance! Not too sweet, not too minty (i cannot take burning mint lol) and the flavours taste really refreshing!!! Nothing that taste artificial at all!!! ^.^ You just have to try it for yourself!!!
Green can get a little too fun hahah.

Feeling a little sassy today?!
Bring out the purple Blink Blackcurrant mints!!!

Show it, don't be shy~ Haha. Bring out Blink mint like you'd put on your favourite top of the day!

Donning a more clean and sleek look?
Keep it glamorous with a box of Blink Mangopassion mints perhaps!
Yeah i think it fits perfectly in your pocket, in your bag or even in your hands haha.

The blues getting to you? Haha. Or maybe just getting the whole K-Pop punk and funk look on!
Good'o Blink Cola mints will bring you a level close to getting the look! Haha!
Omg my nose, ikr. Lolol. Can you say "chio"? Lolol.
Alright!!! That's all for the camho part!!!

Go try your own Blink mints now!!! They are so pretty inside out! Haha. I'd consider it a fashion accessory on top of being a yummy confectionery haha! ^.^

Where to find them:

NTUC FairPrice Stores, selected Watson’s Stores, Guardian Stores, SPC Service Stations, selected Caltex Kiosks at an average retail price of only $2.80!!!

Find out more on

Though i really really love how all the Blink mints taste, the focus is on the packaging!! But still i must emphasize that they taste great!!! I'd say it's the best mint i've come across! If the mint taste bad i don't think anyone will buy just for the design right? But they've been around and have been one of the most popular and hot-selling mints on the shelves so.. You go try it! ^.^



Hanna Lei said...

Those mints look so cool! -Hanna Lei

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is good you product beauty and perfect

Anonymous said...

Love your hair in the 'punk' look! Aptly 'cause I also love cola ;D

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Gadget to help with your migraine qiuqiu! :)

Anna, indeed said...

I love your make-up! You look so beautiful in all your photos!!


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what about the packaging? where the blink at the corner made off?