17 January 2014

Easy Hair Makeover with LIESE ❤

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Chinese New Year is around the corner and what are things we do in preparation for Chinese New Year?! Spring-cleaning.. Buy new clothes.. Do manicure.. Stock up drinks and goodies..

DO NEW HAIR!!! ^.^

I am very lucky to have a hair salon services sponsor now but long ago, i too have to fret about how costly it can get to do hair before Chinese New Year =( ESPECIALLY before Chinese New Year!

It can cost up to 50% more than usual pricing if you wanna do hair in hair salons before CNY! Kinda exorbitant hor =X Another thing most people don't like is how much longer it takes to do your hair in the salon lah. For me that isn't a problem becox i usually just sleep hahahaha but you're not a pig.


Your ONE-STOP solution to affordable, quick, easy-to-use hairdye for great results is..

LIESE Bubble Hair Color!!!

I have Niao Niao my sister, to come over my place and we had a good time with LIESE Bubble Hair Color and hairstyling products ^.^ You can watch the video to see the hair makeover i gave her in 3 easy steps - Co1or, Tre2t, Styl3!

 LIKE OMG PLEASE?!?! I did such a great job haha! Watch the video!

I made her look so kawaii and Japanese!!!!!! ^.^ I am really talented in doing people's hair lah!!! I said this and i'd say it again, people don't call me Xiao Sio for nothing lololol. I can fix anyone's hair, just not my own =( But with LIESE hair treatment products, i think i can!

Some pictures from "behind the scenes" of the video ^.^
Niao Niao having astroboy hair for 20 - 30 minutes while we let the LIESE Bubble Hair Color sit in. It's non-drip!!! So you can see her hair in a stiff foam peak hahaha. You know, like the ones you have when you beat the mixture of meringues and macaroons hahaha.

The colour we chose for Chinese New Year!!

It's the most popular choice for girls especially during Chinese New Year!!!

LIESE has a total of 17 different colour choices available in Singapore!!! ^.^And the best part about LIESE Bubble Hair Color * NEW * formula is that it is enriched with Honey Moisturizing Essence!!! So after hair colouring you actually get nicer looking hair O.O

And omg i love the treatment that comes with the LIESE Bubble Hair Color! It really gives you hair so smooth, your fingers can hardly grab the hair when you shampoo! No joke, try it and you'd know.

Niao Niao had a very yellow base with even yellower streaks of gold from before =XXX

A bit dirty lian hahahah.

Another product i used on Niao Niao and later myself, is this LIESE Hair Cocktail!
Smells like heaven, works like magic! It's a non-greasy, non-sticky hair serum!!! And it removes frizz on your hair instantly!!! LOVE IT~

And becox it's a light but powerful hair serum, you can use it before you decide to curl your hair! Don't need to worry that it'd be too wet / heavy for the curls to last.

So i used it on Niao Niao to get rid of the frizz on her hair before i style it!

Her hair looks pretty good now eh~! If you want good hydrated and tamed hair through out the day, you can always use the below products from LIESE!

1 - Smooth Hair Cocktail - Good for getting rid of tangles on your hair, GENTLY!
2 - Nourish Moist that helps frizzy hair and makes hair more manageable!
3- Wavy Hair Juicy Shower! This is what i mean yo! Girls with perm should all get these!!! Wavy Hair Juicy Shower hydrates dry hair and helps droopy waves look better, bouncier!

After the hair dye and after blowing dry her hair with Liese Straight Style Mist!!!
HEN CUTE HOR WO DE MEI MEI HAHAH. I hardly ever praise her but this one calls for some compliment!!! She really look sooooo much better with this new hair colour lah!

Previous hair colour was like this!!! Erm, Niao Niao, you're welcome hahaha. I just made your CNY much much better and chioer with LIESE. In case you're wondering which is the product i used to blowdry her hair to be soft and straight..

It's number 1 (Straight Style Mist)!!! ^.^ It's awesome for you to achieve the sleek straight hair look! With a soft and smooth finish! Nothing to weigh your straight tress down! You know how sometimes straight long hair can look really heavy and dull hor. Not if you use this LIESE Straight Style Mist

No.2 is Frizz Free Styling Milk, No.3 is Wave Defining Foam, No.4 is Airy Style Water ^.^

A quick introduction of the hairstyling products in the LIESE Daily Enhance Styling Range! Omg for those of you who permed your hair, Korean perm, Japanese perm, ceramic perm, digital perm, whichever perm, PLEASE, use the Wave-Defining foam!!!

It'd give you a bouncy and airy finishing while helping you keep your soft curls definition! Please throw away anything that makes your curls look wispy, in skinny bunches, sticking together, with a wet finishing =OOO Those totally don't make your perming worthwhile cox it makes you look older, like auntie perm =X Real one, i did perm before, trust me i know what is auntie perm.

Curly, wet look, wispy and sticky looking. Lolol.

My sister after the hairstyling i did for her!
Curled her hair and flip the crown from one side to the other. I don't know, i just copy what Sio does. For the crown to have more volume! Of course the volume and airyness is with help from using..
LIESE Free Arrange hairspray!!! I LOVE THIS TO THE MAXXX!!! Introduced it to my girlfriends and they loved it too. My flight-attendants friends love the holding power of the LIESE Super Hard while they prefer Free Arrange on a normal day for the fluff and pouf! =D
So there you have, the master behind making NiaoNiao look Japanese with Niao Niao. Hahaha.
Let her camho a bit more lah she hardly look so chio hahaha.
Her hair colour especially i love!!!

If you wanna pick up quick simple ways to style and fix your hair, you HAVE to check out LIESE Website for their Hairstyle Collection!!! It's all VERY easy and wearable daily!!!
Guide available for all hair lengths and it's all hairstyles you can achieve in minutes with LIESE styling hair products!!! ^.^ There's no doubt they are the No.1 in hairstyling products with such a wide range of selection for hairstyling products.

Now it's YOUR turn to show me how you can give yourself a hairstyle makeover!!! It's timely right!

You gotta do something to your hair for CNY anyway! Just show me how you can do it with LIESE!

And you stand to win $100 worth of LIESE Hamper!!! ^.^

You know you want these awesome items!

Just show a chio picture of yourself mimicking the hairstyles you can find on the LIESE Hairstyles Collection page i showed you earlier! There's a lot more hairstyles you can mimick! Go check it out! All really very easy to do lah!!! ^.^

It doesn't matter if you have short hair, mid-length or long hair, just show me a chio picture of your hair done in the style you like!!! =DDD


You may do it by hashtagging #liesesg #co1ortre2tstyl3 and @ChurpSG!!! Find out more details HERE!!!

Haha! Okay lah, i leave you guys to go check out what colour you wanna do for CNY ^.^ But no matter what, you know you can get beautiful hair in three easy steps with LIESE..


Step 1: Colour - With LIESE Bubble Hair Color

Step 2: Treat - With the wide range of collection of hair treatment products from LIESE

Step 3: Style - With the various hairstyling items from LIESE!

YAY~ Thanks to LIESE, Niao and i had a good girly time, me doing hair for her and then styling all ^.^ You see, ownself colour hair got a lot of fine attributes. Haha. Like bonding time with your sister.

Okay! I leave you here, remember to submit your pictures with the hashtags and stand to win the $100 LIESE Hamper okay!!!

You may find out more information on the Churpchurp - Liese Blogpost ^.^

Gong Hei Fatt Choi~!!! Look great this Chinese New Year ah!!! =D


Hanna Lei said...

I love everything you did with her hair. -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Omg qiuqiu you really look so pretty in the video 说真的 hahaha. Your sister looks cute and pretty too! ^^

anjo said...

Your sister and you are adorable.