15 January 2014

Invisalign - Final Results ❤

This post came really really really late cox i was already done with my invisalign last year, which is August 2013 or so =XXX Sorry it took me so long to blog about it!!!

Here's a little background story for those of you who are too lazy to read post 1 How horrible my crooked teeth were and why Invisalign is THE choice.

And post 2 The amazing changes i see in my teeth alignment in just FOUR FREAKING MONTHS!!!

I started Invisalign thanks to Wendy's introduction. And everyday i am still thankful it happened thanks to her and thanks to the kind people at Orchard Scotts Dental!!!

Yup i did it at Orchard Scotts Dental which is nothing much but just the BEST DENTAL CLINIC with the BEST MOST CARING AND FRIENDLY DENTISTS i've ever came across in my whole life of fearing dental-visit T.T

So here's my teeth-story in just a span of 1 year 2 months.

My teeth in June 2012
Met Dr Ronnie Yap for the first time and the friendly dental clinic staff =))) And one of the most memorable day of my life - GET TO WEAR MY ALIGNERS FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

Put it on and was very amazed that it is so.. Invisible..

As you can see, in JUST 4 MONTHS, my lower row of teeth became almost straight. And then i continue the treatment becox i have a "vampire fang" Rotation need more time.
From crooked and unruly to STRAIGHT. Okay!!! Invisalign is amazing!!!

Some of the reasons why you should make Invisalign your first choice.. WITH MY DENTIST PLEASE!!! Cox Orchard Scotts Dental is a platinum provider also one of the pioneers to provide Invisalign services to people in Singapore, saving everyone's life haha.

- CLEAR and people can't tell you're going through Invisalign treatment

- MUCH MUCH FASTER (common braces takes 2 - 3 years at least) SPEEDY treatment!!! I think it's is the BEST part of invisalign!!! Super fast and effective way to get straight teeth!!! Especially useful for bride-to-be i feel haha. Heng 5 months before my wedding i started on Invisalign!!! ^.^


- FUSS FREE - No need to avoid any kind of food, easy to clean. No down time, eat anything anytime you want! HURRAY~!!!

- Better teeth hygiene!!! With straighter teeth, you are able to floss better!

After Dec 2012, i went on with my life with beautiful teeth that gets more beautiful each day =)))

A picture for advert.. No need to worry about my smile ^.^ THANK YOU ORCHARD SCOTTS DENTAL!!!
You can see my fangs rotating to be in a correct position already!!!
Even though to me my teeth is perfect already but Dr Ronnie Yap being as caring as he is, still arrange for a final review and it all went good!!! =DDD Time to remove the attachments!!!
Dr Yap checking my teeth ^.^
Taking the mold for my retainers ^.^

Actually is no need one lah but i have a baby teeth that i plugged out last minute so Dr Yap gotta go with the flow and make me a new set of retainers =D

Star dentist Dr Ronnie Yap ^.^
Got straight teeth really very good lor. Go where, take what picture with which funny expression also nevermind. Hahaha.

Trying my retainers in August 2013 =)) This is 1 year 2 months from where i started!!!
Bye bye aligners 27 ='))) I hope i will never need you again.

On my last visit to make sure that the retainers fits perfectly. What did i tell you!!! My dentist is REALLY GOOD AT WHAT HE DOES!!! =DDD
Thank you Dr Yap =') Thank you the team at Orchard Scotts Dental. You guys have been sweet and caring, and most of all, really professional and patient with your patients.. O.O

Alright, if you're looking to try Invisalign at Orchard Scotts Dental, they have installment plans and all to help you out!!! Just email / call them up for an appointment / consultation!

Wheelock Place #05-08
Contact +65 6732 9939

I know the biggest complaint i hear about invisalign is that it is pricier than braces. But hey, how do you buy time? And how much does convenience cost?

Priceless lah!!!

I sure don't want to appear in pictures with braces on for 3 years =XXX

Or talk in a funny way for three years though really, i think that is quite cute. But just not on me =X

I mean in cases if you're not suitable for invisalign, then yes please, go for braces becox having straight beautiful teeth is really one of the best things i did for myself =DDD

Everyday i am grateful for it. When i see myself talk in video these days.. I feel so relieved that the "black gap" is gone. Black gap from the crooked backward / forward teeth lah. In video really look like i dropped my tooth or something lol. But no more since i've been on Invisalign!!!

I end my post with a picture i took with Samantha and Sio becox i look like i am really laughing very care-freely hahah. And that's how your life and smiles should be!!!

No need to hide bad messy teeth, no need to hide your braces, no need to fear there's vegetables stuck in the braces or your crowded teeth..

With invisalign you really can smile =))

Okay i leave you here, good luck and please do this for yourself =D You will never regret it!!! It will be the best gift you get for yourself! Becox invisalign changed my life, truly!!!

For the better of course ^.^


Hanna Lei said...

I love your new teeth! -Hanna Lei

Huan Ling said...

Hi qiuting, can advise how much does ur treatment cost?

Anonymous said...

Sio looks so handsome here! Hahaha!

Tai said...

That's what I was going to say! Ha, Sio looks freaking hot in that picture! And yes Qiuqiu you teeth are awesome. The results are amazing!

Anonymous said...

can you please tell that japanese guy over there that he looks so cool. lol.

Lydia said...

Great review! You could also suggest your dentist to publish his own Dental practice Newsletter as a way to reach out to more people =)