15 January 2014

Rakuten - Shopping in Japan (Wherever you are!)

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Hahaha. I LOVE JAPAN!!!!! I am planning to go to Japan to see Sakura for the first time!!! =)))

But the things i love most about Japan, other than their people, their super polite social culture, restaurants that serve super yummy food, the things i love most about Japan are..

SNACKS, MAKEUP AND HAMSUM BOYS WHO KNOW HOW TO DRESS UP WELL THEIR FASHION!!! Haha! Yup!!! I have faith in everything made in Japan O.O

You see, my hairstylist is Japanese. My drawer is 70% filled with Japanese makeup products. My wardrobe is half filled with Japanese labels. My snacks in the fridge is also mostly from Japan!!!

And when i go to Japan, the things i spend most on.. Are snacks!!! =O Becox the clothes selling in the stores are honestly a little pricey. BUT I HAVE A PARADISE FOR YOU!!!

Somewhere you can shop and buy Japanese products as if you're in Japan but where the clothes are muchhhh cheaper!!!!! With limited time sale on the outfits and all. Omg. You'd loveeee it!!!!

Can you believe i bought ALL of these under the budget of SGD300 at an amazing website?!??!?!?

Truckload of snacks including:

- 2 boxes of cookies

- 2 boxes of biscuits

- 14 bags of potato chips

- 2 packs of candy

- 6 packs of gummies

- 5 packs of jellybeans

- 1 pearl gloss

- 1 pink tint lip balm

- 3 pairs of shoes

- 1 cute furry bag

- 3 dresses

- 1 floral pinafore

- 2 pairs of tiny cute floral shorts

- 4 floral skirts

All these.. For just under $300!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!??!?!

One skirt would easily cost you SGD80 in Japan already!!! One dress would be more than $100. But when i shop on this amazing website, i get soooooo much for so little!!!

If you haven't heard about Rakuten Ichiba, it is the largest online shopping mall in Japan with over 39,000 merchants =OOO Each selling a huge variety of items from Japan!!! From beauty and skincare to makeup, to food and beverages, to household electronics and BEST OF ALL..


And Rakuten Singapore adopts the same business model!!! EXCEPT, BETTER! =X

It still mainly sell top quality Japanese products at reasonable prices but the difference is it comprises of sellers from local too! Meaning you can also find products from sellers in Singapore! So you have a lot more choices to choose from!!! but of course the main drawing factor for me is still the Japanese items hahaha.

So no matter where in the world you are, Rakuten.com.sg is the only place where you can shop good quality Japanese products with paying less shipping cost (Up to 80% off shipping cost)!!! And at the same time, shop from thousands of popular products provided by local Singapore merchants.


For three days only (15th - 17th January 2014) there will be..

No matter from Singapore or Japan!!! HOLY GOD. You can save soooo much!!!
Also read til the end to get your discount code!!! Only for my readers ^.^ Can save $20!!!

Okay fei hua shao shuo! I show you all the items i got!!! ^.^

All the unique flavours and classic flavours i all ordered!!! Mentaiko, consomme, pepper, salt, vegetables, spicy etc!!! ALL MINE!!! ^.^
Vegetable one is really quite yummy!!!

Shorts and Skirts!
Blue floral hot pants!
Pleated beige floral skorts with lace details!!! I LOVE THIS ONE!!! So easy to match and so sweet!
Floral skirts with tutu layer!!! Perfect to match with a sweet top! I love this one also!
Love it so much i ordered it in two colours O.O Hahaha.
Green pleated skirt and Milk Floral shorts!!! All super sweet and easy to pair with other outfits right?!?!?! THEY ARE ALL FROM JAPAN AND ARE OF EXTREMELY GOOD QUALITY!

I tell you okay, these are the items you will have to buy from Japan itself at a very high price =X Like i'd say.. $50 SGD and above? Usually above. One thing i love about Rakuten Singapore is the time-limit sale!!! There are plenty of items on sale for a limited period of time. Like 1 week, or 3 days or a few hours even. So look out for it!!! You'd confirm find very good steals!!!

Imagine a $300 over outfit from Japan, during a time-limit sale, becomes $15?!??!!??! =OOO

But all these i bought are not from time-sale lah. They are already cheap to start with! Nothing more than $15! Mostly $10!!! =DDD

You can hardly find clothes at this kind of prices.

Let alone Japanese labels at this kind of prices O.O

Some confectionery i got!!!
Cripsy and fluffy layers of crepe biscuits with a buttery center. It's like the sand biscuits Mich bought for me in Japan!!! The butter is.. Just like real butter but in a slightly harder form that taste MUCH better than real butterrrrr!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.
Marusei Butter cookies!!! In such pretty packaging!

I found this Japanes Chocolate Cookie sand biscuits on Rakuten Singapore that i super want to try also lah!!!! It's highly raved!!! Confirm super yums one T.T This is the link to it, TELL ME YOU DIDN'T DROOL!!! The chocolate ganache giapped in between is soooo thick!!! *in love*
Now back to some dresses, shoes and bag i got from Rakuten!!!
Floral pinafore dress and furry bag from Rakuten! NOTHING IS OVER $15!!! Mostly $10 only omg.

I cannot believe it's soooo cheap cox it's from Japan and cox the quality is so good O.O
My favourite look! Floral and sweet ^.^
I also got a black dress ^.^ Cute and simple!
And this sand beige polka dot dress =D
Selfie time~

Got this knee-length dress too! Cox i like how it looks like a flower vase hahaha.
Cutting of this dress is superb. Make me look like i got nice bottom =X =D Haha!
Look a bit matured if i don't smile =_= So =))) Lol.

One other thing that i loveeee about Japan is their makeup and skincare products!!!!!! In this case Rakuten Singapore also carry a lot of them and for a lower price than you can find over the shelf =X
Got this balm with natural pink tint ^.^ For i think maybe $3+ only what the heck. So if you wanna find your favourite Japanese brands, please go to Rakuten Singapore!
Sweet and natural pink tint on lips.
You may add a little gloss and shine too with this pearl gloss! =D
Okay done! How do i look! ^.^ No need to answer me! I know i look just fine hahaha.

All of them are soooooooooo good but there's one i particularly loveee. I went to buy 24 more packs =XXXX Becox i wanna share it with a lot of people cox it's interesting + yummy!!!
It's the one on the most front! A bunch of grape gummy / chewy candy!!! I don't really know what it is cox its texture is so unique, kinda like hi-chew but not, kinda like gummy but not. Lol.
Best part is.. You can chew off the grape one by one off the bunch, like this!!!!! HOW CUTE IS THIS LAH YOU TELL ME PLEASE!!! I hope they come up with banana flavour and let us peel off the banana hahah ^.^ Japanese are the best.
There is also this beauty gummy! With collagen infused!!! Not only does it smell awesome with a peach flavour, it's good for your skin also! =OOO YES PLEASE. And it's in such cute heart shapes!

So you wanna rush off to go shopping now already right?!?!? =DDD

Wait lah. Got lotsa savings and discount for you! Keep reading!!!

When you sign up in Rakuten.com.sg as a customer now, you receive a coupon!!!

It entitles every new customer to S$10 discount with min S$30 spending for your first purchase! SIGN UP HERE!

My kind of heaven. Surrounded by Japanese goods ^.^V

So happy that Rakuten Singapore is finally operating here lah!!! It's so easy to buy things from Japan with Rakuten Singapore!!! Last time want to buy things from Japan online, you pay shipping pay until sian, you wouldn't want to buy anymore!!!

But with Rakuten Singapore, you pay up to 80% lesser on shipping, delivery is faster, shopping experience is much easier (Rakuten is all in Japanese words!), payment is secured and IF ever you need any help there's local customer service support from Rakuten Singapore!!!

And you know i love everything Japanese ^.^ Cox their stuff are always of really great quality. It's their pride and glory!!! To make the best, cutest and yummiest things ever. Haha!

And now with Rakuten Singapore i get to enjoy all of that at a much lower price!!! I AM SO IN LOVE. Also if you're overseas (not in Singapore), you get to shop from shops from Singapore also!

Even if you're in Singapore, you will enjoy this also lah, just cox shopping online is always addictive. Lol. You can find anything from food, electronics to toys and househould products!!!

Alright! I leave you here to shop on RAKUTEN SINGAPORE!

Remember to like Rakuten Singapore Facebook Page for their promotions!

And if you're shopping, don't forget to enjoy the $10 discount when you sign up HERE!!!

Oh yes, the discount code..


Quote QIUQIU20 to enjoy $20 off with minimum $100 spending, effective date from 14 Jan 2014 to 14 February 2014! Enjoy shopping!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello!! Could you please leave down the link of the grape gummy/candy? Because i can't seem to find it T_T thanks!! :-)

Hanna Lei said...

Your outfits are so cute! -Hanna Lei

ms.bulat said...

OAO you are the prettiest flower vase!!! rakuten msia why u so diff!!

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu, can provide the butter sand biscuits link here? It looks so yummy but I cannot find it in Rakuten SG.

- Jas

Sthy said...

Placed my orders already! 谢谢你的intro! :)

Sthy said...

Placed my orders already! 谢谢你的intro! :)

Anonymous said...

could you please let me know the link of the black dress. i kept searching but to no avail.

Ling said...

Hi Qiuqiu, may i know which shop/link you got the Pleated beige floral skorts from? Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

ahhh cannot find the butter sand biscuit..been looking for almost 30mins :( anyone can kindly provide the link? Tks tks

Anonymous said...

I can't even find one item in Rakuten SG that you bought.

Anonymous said...

I can't even find one item in Rakuten SG that you bought.

Anonymous said...

I can't find any of the recommended items either!!! Disappointing , it's hard to find!

Anonymous said...

Hi may I know the link to the floral tutu skirt? Cannot find it

Anonymous said...

Still no replies ): sad I cant try out their service

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu, Rakuten website is so hard to search! >.<

Can I know what you type in the search bar for the grape and collagen candy please?

Dou xie!! :)