12 February 2014

A typical day in my life (for now)

Hey sup. I am sorry i have been so busy i with Valentine's order for Little Thoughts and with Girlymake's new product launch preparation that i haven't had time to blog..

Let me count how many days i haven't blog..

4 days.


Actually 3 days only lah. But i cannot one!!! I'd feel like everyone will forget about me and no i cannot deal with that hahaha. Actually i am super thankful that Little Thoughts is growing and doing good! Also Girlymake!!! But it's just i really am very very.. Occupied!

I tell you how my typical day go okay.

Sleep at about 5-6am, sometimes 7am, after doing adverts / packing Girlymake items.

Wake up at about 12pm, sometimes if ah Pearl don't pressure me i sleep until 2pm hahaha.

And then i'd let myself destone for at least 15 minutes cox if i do anything important in that period, i will get into a super rage if i read anything ridiculous in my email/ whatsapp. Lol.

So in that 15 - 30 minutes, i'd browse instagram, check Twitter, browse Dayre, check my blog comments. You know.. Things that i can do without using my brain hahaha.

And then i'd get up, wash up a little bit (by that i mean wash my face lolol), change out and head out.

Sometimes to the printer shop, sometimes to the suppliers, sometimes for events, sometimes just to do factory work at the studio haha. And then we'd be done by 9pm and get home.

Then leh i'd slack for about 1 hour becox if not i cannot get ready for work.

Yeah work again cox at night it's blog work. I don't know, i work better at night.

And then i'd clear as much as i can and it'd be 5am - 6am already.


How's my day for you?!?!!?

Initially i thought i could get away early March to Korea for 2 weeks haha. But i guess not anymore! So now i only look forward to Japan trip end of March =DDD It's like my lighthouse in life now!

You know last time i never understand why people who are doing well still have problems but now i realise that life is amazing like this. It doesn't matter where you are, what you do, how much you earn, you're always gonna have to think about doing better.

And it's not just better in terms of material things. Better generally just growing up.. Growing older and wiser. And better in terms of how to be a better friend to someone else, better wife, better sister, better daughter, better in your work and just generally be a better person.

Last time i hear "有" 有 "有" 的问题, "没有" 有 "没有" 的问题" It means there are problems when you have. And there are also problems when you don't have.

Now i understand what's the real "wen ti" haha. The real problem is..

When you don't have.. You think of all ways to have. And you keep yourself bothered all day long. Thinking of ways to have. To be more. To have more.

And when you finally have it all, you either still want more, or you worry about how to keep things simple. But i don't look at all of those as problems, like i said. I think life is amazing and i think these "problems" are the creations of everyone's fate. Nobody stops at anything.

We keep moving, keep going =)

So yay! I also keep going lah! I just head-on dash into one day after another, clear all the work and then WOOHOO~ JAPAN HERE I COME!!! =DDD Before that i wanna go to Johor Bahru maybe!

I haven't been to Hello Kitty land lor =(

Anyway the good news is 2014 really seem pretty awesome for me so far O.O A few ambassadorship confirmed, a few in the talking, plenty of ads lined up and also lotsa exciting events coming up!


But shit. I also cannot wait for things to be over.


BUT KEEP IT COMING =DDD Jiayou jiayou jiayou!

Okay i go back to work now T.T


Hanna Lei said...

I don't know how you manage being so busy, I I couldn't do it! -Hanna Lei

xeraps said...

is there like bathing time somewhere in your daily routine??? lolllol