01 February 2014

Chinese New Year Day 1 ^.^


Omg i "contribute" a lot of money to GAMBLING this year lolol. I don't wanna use the "L" word too much!!! More use more lose lolol. Confirm is the law of attraction one.

I lose a bit of money in gambling. Confirm got people ask me "Win or lose?"

I reply "Lose lah" then person confirm ask "Lose how much?"

Then i say.

Then later i gamble again. Confirm lose again. Then another person confirm ask me "Win or lose? Lose how much?"


I is always super good luck at gambling during Chinese New Year one but i made the mistake of saying the L word too much. SO! I decided if anyone ask again

"Win or lose?"

I'd reply..


Kidding. I'd probably reply "Nothing compared to my wealth"

Lololol. Also a bit cocky. Maybe i reply like how a matured adult would "Aiyah never count lah, play play only" Haha. I loveeee gambling with my family.

Anyone gets banluck / banban whole clan burst into a dance groove and shout "SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOT SHOTS......!!!!!"

Lololol. And then we'd sing songs for the banker some more it goes like this..

"Sng ga lu tng kor" repeat 10 times. Lololol. It means "play until you remove your pants"

Hahahahahahah. Sibeh childish but WE LOVE IT!!!! This is why i loveeee Chinese New Year still. But this year is my first time bao-ing angbaos as a married adult and i keep forgetting to pass out angbao =____=" I forget many times already what the shit.

Cox with my dad and my elder sisters around i always feel younger O.O Does it make sense? Like.. They are the adults. I'm just gonna eat my pineapple tart and play banluck. Lolol.

Shit now people are gonna think i am the stingy woman with blue hair. Sibeh easy to mark some more lolol.

But i've been super generous with taxi drivers though. Cox i feel very very thankful they are working on Chinese New Year!!! NOT IN LOVE WITH POSB / DBS THOUGH! They sibeh annoying let the atms run dry in Punggol and Yishun *RAGE* Ah whatever lah. Hope they reflect!!!

Okay picture time!!!

My makeup today! It's very ruined cox this is actually the second time i am leaving house today.

I left house much earlier actually like at 1pm. And then i was trying to get a cab for like 30 minutes. No cab, thank you Punggol, no surprise. Then of course i got damn angry (what's new. I am trying!!!) so i started a mental curse for all the taxi drivers and i know it's wrong and i actually stopped myself from doing it so i changed my curse to hoping the whole of Punggol to burn down O.O

And then after i mental-cursed i'm like "It's wrong. It's wrong" so i stop feeling angry and just tell myself to calm the heck down and go browse instagram and get distracted for a bit.

And then within 10 seconds i get blind spots and then i lose a good half of my vision and then that's that lah. Migraine attack. So i go back home, take my meds and then blop into bed.

Woke up 2 hours later feeling all better but just super restless cox the big "M" is really taxing on the body one =( BUT THEN HEY HEY~!!! I am super positive that this means a good year cox all the bad things goes off first =DDD

Also.. I am wearing the same outfit for CNY Day 1 as i did for CNYE cox.. I didn't snap a OOTD for CNYE cox Josh is sick and stay home the whole of CNY.
So day one i wear same outfit again lor haha. Got Ah Bong to snap these pictures for me. He is very patient and helpful about this though he thinks it's lame hahahah. So if anyone becomes his girlfriend.. YOU ARE VERY LUCKY. Becox most boys HATE to snap OOTD for their girlfriends!!!
Ah Bong (Cyrus) on the left and Casper in the middle ^.^ My two favourite teenage boys!!! Haha. Ah Bong is a comedian so girls will loveeee his pattern-badminton and Cas is hamsum and sensitive lol.
Ah Pearl super happy to see his eldest son haha! Man he's grown so adult i CANNOT believe.

It seems like two years ago when i was still cooing him "Ah wu eh~~ Ang gugu~" T.T Kids grow up so fast. Now he's sooooo sensitive and good boy and considerate and helpful i feel proud to be auntie omg. When i was going to go home at about 12.30am, he ask me how am i going home.

I say by cab why and he say he wanna accompany me to go down to wait for a cab cox it's late.


So gentleman hahaha. I AM THE ADULT HERE YOU KNOW. Lolol.

Quite proud of my sister lah. She brought up two good boys =')))

More outfit pictures Ah Bong took. Yurou sibeh kpo hahaha. Copycat trying to copy my pose.

The two brothers more and more dong-shi (sensible) but this young lady here ah, MORE AND MORE NAUGHTY!!! Haha. Today after i "contribute" my money at gambling i went to talk to her.

"Yurou ah.. 阿姨赌博输到没有钱了 你的妈咪赢我的钱"
Yurou i lost all my money to your mummy in gambling

"妈咪赢你的钱啊? Okay 我帮你拿回来 okay?"
Mummy win your money? Okay i'd help you get it back okay

She run to her mummy (Pearl) very angrily and shout
"喂!!! 你为什么赢阿姨的钱?!?!"
WEI! Why you win Ah Yi's money?!

So the mum told her sorry cannot help her and she run back to inform me and tell me it's okay let's just play. This time her dad walk over to join the fun and say

"你不是有很多红包吗? 你可以给阿姨一个吗?"
You received a lot of red packets right? Can you give one to Ah Yi?

She consider for a while and reply

"嗯 我等一下拿一个给你 okay?"
Erm.. I'd give you one later okay?

We all know what that means.

It means NO she is never going to do it hahahaha. Cox whenever she is asked to shower, she'd also say she'd do it later, when asked to finish up her rice, she also say she'd do it later. When asked to keep her toys, she also say wait til later. And she never get to it unless forced to. Hahahahah. DAMN SMART LAH hahaha.

So i say no please go take one for me now hahaha. She think really hard and then she turn to her back and took out one orange behind her..

This one give you can or not?


Hahahahaha. What was it all about!!! I ask for angbao money, she wanted to brush it off by telling me later hoping i'd forget hahahaha. Then i ask again and she counter-offer me an orange....

GOOD JOB KID!!! Hahahah! Major niao. Hahaha.

She copy my pose i copy hers lah. Hahah. Anyway my bag is from Samantha Vega, skorts from Liz Lisa. Dotty got it for me and i loveeee it!!!
Steamboat dishes today! OMG NIAO NIAO IS A RETARDED. She took the uncooked meatball and started chomping on it and ask "Eh, this one is meatball ah?" AH BOH?!??! BOWLING BALL MEH. Lolol. Bimbo maxxxx.
Family portrait missing Josh =( I hope he feels better soon! I feel bad leaving him at home but CNY fun is not to be missed =XXX BUT!!! My dad packs food for me to bring home for Josh everyday so i guess it's not THAT bad hahah.
My favourite auntie Aunty Jenny and my 3rd sister and Ah Pearl fooling around at the dining table =_= Hahaha. I hope next time i also can fool around with my nieces an nephews!!! Not like i'm not already doing it hahahah.
Me and Niao Niao posing with our dad =D I did her hair for her, NICE NOT!!!
O.O Haha! My dad very lucky hor. All the daughters so cute hahaha.

Okay lah.. I shall end this post with a picture..

That awkward moment when everyone agrees to do funny faces but only you took it seriously.

=______=" Nabei. Lolol. This is their winnings!!! Where's mine?


Lololol *laughing and crying emoticon*

TO A BETTER TOMORROW!!! =DDD The year is still young!!!


Unknown said...

"Me and Niao Niao posing with our dad =D I did her hair for her, NICE NOT!!!" - if you are talking about her hairstyle it's 'NICE KNOT!!!'

Happy CNY!

Hanna Lei said...

I love your outfit! -Hanna Lei

Chloe said...

Happy new year!! Where do you get all your shoes, Qiu Qiu? I love the wedges in your previous post as well as your flats here!

Chloe said...

Happy new year!! Where do you get your shoes, Qiu Qiu?? I love the wedges in your previous post as well as these flats! ^ - ^ thank you so much!

sgrmse. said...

you are soooo funny, zomg!! I LOVE YOU QQ. happy chinese new year :'D

Jo said...

omg lol! That's last picture is hilarious~~


Anonymous said...

I realise u rarely talk about your mum