13 February 2014

Datsumo Labo - My all in one enjoyment

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You're familiar with Datsumo Labo by now i hope?!

If you're not with them yet, i urge you to!!! I've been to their outlets at Orchard and Tanjong Pagar! And i've love all my visits there ^.^ Always leave the hair removal salon with smooth soft skin!


At City Hall!!! =DDD Cheers to everyone who work around there or travel pass there. Going for your hair removal session is more and more convenient with Datsumo Labo expanding like this!!! =D They have to, their salon is always having full / close to full occupancy rate becox they are THIS GOOD! =D

I was invited for my session at the new outlet this time! And before you go on to see more pictures, i just wanna apologize for my blusher =XXX Over-applied them that day. Lolol.

Datsumo Labo (City Hall)
1 Coleman Street #03-34 The Adelphi
Tel: 6337-7360

Click HERE for appointment booking

WOOHOO~!!! Who's legs am i molesting?!?! =DDD Hahaha!! Wendy is their ambassador and she's printed on really huge on the new outlet's wall!!! =OOO
Datsumo Labo's policy is to keep it simple, clean and neat for their fixtures and furniture so that they can keep their cost low so as to give back the savings to their customers as their highest cost is invested on their machines and equipment! So as customers we get the BEST paying for the LEAST!
Very tidy and basic but clean and cozy consultation area. Datsumo Labo emphasizes a lot on the consultation before you start your treatment course, so that the treatment will work best for you!
With the friendly staff from City Hall outlet ^.^
After i tried Datsumo Labo hair-removal services for my calves, belly, armpits and female-mustache (lolol) i am now trusting them with my arms and thighs!!! The last time i did my calves, you could see a huge difference between my thighs and my calves. Without treatment it's all dry and bumpy with ingrown hair =((( With Datsumo Labo treatment it's smooth and soft!!!
Time to check out my private room haha =D Clean and tidy as it always have been the style!!! =D
If you wanna know one of the differences between Datsumo Labo and other salons, it's that the machines other salons uses cost less than a fraction of this =XXX
To keep up with their game, Datsumo Labo went to invest on an EVEN BETTER machine to make sure that all their customers constantly gets the best! This new machine is EVEN BETTER than the already super good one that Datsumo Labo is using, and gives better results. It looks super cool somemore, got chio purple light one haha!

My turn to go in and get comfy!!! =DDD
All changed and ready =D Cute not this picture! Haha.
And here we go~ First they'd shave the targeted area gently.
While the lady does her job.. I do mine haha. Camho~~~
Cannot wait for my blue hair to fade off faster =( I have campaign photoshoots waiting for me to commence but i can only do it when i have brown hair T.T
Meow. Ready to go~!!!
The legendary cooling beads gel! I told you guys a lot about this gel and how perfectly it works with the expensive machines to achieve wonderful results right. Just FYI, this gel cost $17/kg while other salon uses gel that cost about $5/kg or less =X

You know people always say "You pay for what you get"

But i beg to differ for enjoying the hair-removal services at Datsumo Labo!!!
Now it's hard to believe that Datsumo Labo uses much more superior machines and gels than other salons yet charges half the price or less than half the price as compared to other salons..

But it's true! That's why i say they focus a lot more on the machines and gel and service staff standard. Rather than on decor and design of the shop.

So all that savings goes back to us customers!!! =D I think this is why they are so popular in Japan and now Singapore too! A lot of my friends went to try and decided to switch over from their existing IPL packages elsewhere.

SPECIAL only for you all ah! Quote my name and get 15% off!!! Valid until 31st March okay =D You'd be very impressed with the service standard and quality results!!! =DDD Try it!

Cox did i mention.. Other than being much more affordable, better, it's also painless? Not even the split second of "ant bite" sensation that most IPLs will have. This one is completely just warm bouts.
It's actually really calming and therapeutic thanks to the finest machine and gel used =) I enjoy every session a lot! Always fall asleep one =X And then wake up with smooth soft and hairless skin haha.
Zonked out. I didn't even remember them putting towels on my arms to calm the skin. Josh snapped the pictures for me by the way hahaha. Actually i don't know if i work harder or he does. I am basically just lying there, SLEEPING AT WORK. Hahahahah. My life is awesome.
Follow up treatment on my legs although there is very little and sparse hair left only =D

I only had 2 treatments with Datsumo Labo before!

And the hairs at my calves are barely visible even 2 months after every last treatment! So much more convenient than shaving every 2 days / plucking weekly / waxing bi-weekly!

Treatment for my belly =X After i did for the first time the other visit, i haven't seen the one obvious line of hair for a while hahaha. Cox the hair that grow out after the treatment at Datsumo Labo, are really fine and sparse and not so obvious as compared to before!!!
Moving on to the back of my legs =D
And it's done, i fell asleep too =XXX
After nap face. Hahaha. Omg say real one i have to stop falling asleep outside of my house. I have been sleeping everywhere. At my hair salon, at my hair-removal salon, on the cab, at my sister's house, at the studio and office etc lolol. I wasn't joking on my profile when i say i love to sleep.
I spot these on the "wall-of-fame" hahah. They are sticking on a lot more testimonials! As you can see, Datsumo Labo is very popular and well-loved in Singapore =DDD
12 quick reasons why you should try out Datsumo Labo and fall in love with them. Haha. Also if you have existing plans and packages with other hair-removal salons, you can switch to Datsumo Labo and get a discount for that! =D

And if you wanna try out their services now.. You'd be happy to know..



And upon completion of your package, you get a CASHBACK!!!

PLUS!!! When you quote my name "QiuQiu" you get an additional 15% off!!!!!

Click HERE to enjoy the promotion and to book your appointment easily online! You may of course call them if you wish but the online booking system is convenient lah ^.^

Thank you! Nice people at Datsumo Labo! =D Keep growing bigger okay! Then got many more locations for people to choose to go to ^.^ Thank you for having me!
Alright byebye! You may check out the new outlet at City Hall soon!

Datsumo Labo (City Hall)
1 Coleman Street #03-34 The Adelphi
Tel: 6337-7360

Click HERE for appointment booking


Hanna Lei said...

This looks so cool! I want to do it. -Hanna Lei

Anna G. said...

waaa, you look so cute~~ I wish I could look that cute and chill doing something like that, hehe :)


Anonymous said...

When will Datsumo Labo open in Malaysia?? :((