17 February 2014


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Was invited for a food-tasting at KFC ^.^ *HEARTS EYES SPAM*

I always love food-tasting session at KFC cox the people there are major nice ^.^

And this time i was extra excited cox i don't know what to expect!!!

All i know is to get ready for "MORE" O.O

So i gave a little thought about what i want more in life haha.

I definitely want MORE money =X

Cox more money means i can do a lot more of the things i love doing!!! Like bringing my parents on overseas trips, buy a BIG BIG house and also go see the world with Josh ^.^

But then i also need MORE time!!! Which is really impossible so i probably need better time management hahah.

It'd also be very nice if my life is filled with MORE nice and kind people ^.^ Like this my joy will be shared with them and i'd be able to share their joy also =)))

Material wise leh.. I would loveeee for more yummy chocolates and chio Japanese makeup / fashion items!!! Haha! THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY!

But then if you realise hor, all the things that i want, need money to be realised. Hahaha. So leh actually all i really need more of, is MORE MONEY. Haha!

Anyway back to the food tasting!!!

This massive bucket was brought to us!!! =OOO The milo at the back is a medium one mind you!!! We were all like O.O Err.. It's HUGE. I thought it's some kind of devil drumlets in a bucket for sharing!!!
Opened the lid to find this!!!!! And was told it's KFC Popcorn Chicken, with chicken rice, topped with À La King sauce!!! *SCREAMS!!!* I LOVE CHICKEN RICE AND I LOVE CREAM SAUCE!!!
Also there's some mixed vegetables (carrots, green pea and corn!!! If i am not wrong i also ate some onions!) The popcorn chicken is soooo crispy and goes so well with the sauce!!!

I think this KFC Rice Bucket is a perfect combi lah!!! Got every Singaporean's favourite, chicken rice, and it's really very fragrant!!! Just like the real deal, if not better!!! Everyone is crazy about chicken rice lor. It's everywhere lah!!! Hawker centres, food courts, schools, hotels and even on the aircraft!!! =DDD If you're also a big fan, you need to try out this innovative Rice Bucket from KFC!

And also got everyone's favourite fast food snack in the rice bucket!!! POPCORN CHICKEN!!! My family is going to loveeeee it soooo much!!! AND BEST PART!!!!

THE À LA KING SAUCE!!!!!!!! It's major creamy, rich and flavourful but not jelat!!!

You can already smell it!!!!!!! It's a heavenly smell that smells like.. Yummy creamy chicken rice!!! WITH CRISPY CHUNKS OF POPCORN CHICKEN!!
And the portion is so huge it's super value for money lah!!!

Freaking $4 only!!!!!!

We Singaporeans are value seekers and we know a good deal when we see one, right.

Like when i see a chio pair of shoes for $10, i grab.

When i see a pretty and cute skirt for $6, i grab.

When i see a chio $5 top, i grab!!!

When i see a huge bucket of yummy chicken rice with yummy cream sauce, I GRAB AND GOBBLE IT DOWN!!!!!! #gianbng #forreal lolol!

You keep hearing things like times are bad, money hard to earn, inflation, everything expensive etc..

So people are asking for MORE for their money!!! And it's the right attitude!!!

The KFC Rice Bucket gives you just that - MORE! Only $4 ($5 for a meal that includes a drink!) and the bucket is as big or maybe even bigger than my face!!! =OOO Inside got more than 300g of rice you know!!! What the heck really is a 饭桶 =X Hahaha.
Rachell and her "baby" Martin were at the food tasting too =D Heard from Rach that Martin is super giant appetite one! But the KFC Rice Bucket filled his stomach up so well that he almost can't finish it hahaha. He usually need like two servings of food at least!!! =O
Wendy and i ^.^ "WANT TO EAT OR NOT?"
Which is bigger!!! Wendy's face, the KFC rice bucket, or my face! Haha!




. . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


This picture shows you why. Cox the rice is so perfectly coated with the À La King sauce when you mix them up.. And everything is like a mouthful of perfect harmony with the crispy texture of popcorn chicken. The taste is major love too T.T SUPER CRAVING FOR IT NOWWWW!!!

I'd say it's much yummier than a lot of risotto-like rice i've tried O.O Cox this one is packed with flavour!!! =DDD And everything blends nicely with the sauceeee omg the sauce.. I CRAVE LAH!!!

Look at my scoop of yummy goodness!!!
Everyone trying out the rice!!!
Don't know Rach wanna snap how many pictures before we can all eat!! Hahah!
Me and Rachell with our KFC Rice Buckets =D
And then we all eat until super full and stupid Xiao Wen took my cap and camho haha.
Rach and i fooling around with the photo area at KFC Raffles City. Haha. You can snap your pictures, decorate them and send it to your mail or post it on KFC Facebook page one!!! So fun!
Rach went to send in this picture hahaha. Diu lian max.

2 days after the food-tasting the KFC Rice Bucket was launched in their outlets and i think i am one of the first few to go buy it hahahah! I was running errands that day and i NEED TO EAT IT AGAIN.


Sorry ah i too hungry mixed up the rice already hahahah. If you can spot, the bottom left container is actually i order extra Original Recipe sauce!!! Hahaha. Major greedy one! Cox the Rice Bucket is also available in Original Recipe sauce, with mushrooms, Popcorn Chicken and the same generous portion of chicken rice but i wanna have the cream one! Hahaha. I LOVE IT TOOOOO!!! =DDD Omg now imma alternate between eating them!

Wah damnnn. I write this post write until i super major crave to have the rice bucket nowwwww!!!

Okay okay i don't say dee! You go try it ba!!!

Here's a contest for you to join to stand to win $50 KFC VOUCHERS and a pair of GV movie tickets!!! 5 sets to be won!

KFC Rice Bucket Instagram Contest

All you gotta do is to show your love for the new KFC Rice Bucket on instagram!!!

Step 1) Post a picture of yourself / your with your friends or family or your gf / bf lah okay! So long as it's a picture of you guys enjoying the KFC Rice Bucket! Remember to tag those who have instagram haha!

Step 2) Importantly hashtag the photo with #MoreKFC

Step 3) Follow @KFC_SG on instagram and wait for the results to be announced!!!

Contest ends 25 February and winners will be announced on the KFC Singapore Facebook page on the 28th of Feb! OMG OFF I GO TO BUY THE RICE BUCKETSSS! Hahaha! I probably can't win anyway but imma let my whole family try it!

You may find KFC on Twitter (www.twitter.com/kfc_sg), Facebook (www.facebook.com/kfc.sg) and Instagram (@KFC_SG)! Follow them for updates and promotions and exciting contest like this!!! =D Okay okay i leave you here!!!

With my chio camho shot haha. OMG HOW NOW. I AM GOING TO CRAVE THE RICE BUCKET AND CAN ONLY HAVE IT TOMORROW!!! It's almost 5am now as i blog this T.T


Hanna Lei said...

The chicken rice bucket looks so good. I wish they had it in the USA. -Hanna Lei

Cat said...

I need to start blogging, it's a dream of mine but I'm mad lazy :p

I want to be a KFC taste tester, I love it so much. KFC Australia menu is boring though :(