05 February 2014

Little Thoughts bringing BIG LOVE to you~

You know Little Thoughts have been in business for about 2 months plus now. And honestly i would say we are doing pretty well for a young start up! Not so much my effort, mostly Pearl's.

And i gotta say.. I am starting to like flowers more and more O.O

It does have a very special magical appeal. I mean unless it's hastily put together by companies who does it no longer out of passion but more for commercial gain and just that. I mean yes lah every business is about making profit but i just feel that for floral business you really need love and passion.

This i have to give it to my sister lah. She does every bouquet with much thoughts put into it and tries to understand the needs for customers who ask her to customise something out of our catalogue.

You should see ah Pearl's when they tell her they love her work haha. Like getting a star sticker for her spelling like this what the heck.

So i just wanna thank everyone who gave us the opportunity to be a little tiny (but beautiful! =D) part of the big and small moments of your life =))) We are both grateful!!!

And this Valentine's Day if you wanna send a sweet thought to someone that you love..

Here are some of the new babes we added to the collection of our hand bouquets. I know right, i call them babes cox my sister calls them babe. She say they are very beautiful in their own ways lolol.

Closer up..
Pink, peach, purple and lilac roses. All the sweet colours you can think of.
Different hues of purple..
We have some ADD-ONS as well. Balloons and chocolates and bears. Some girls like them.
Simple and classy bouquets for the ladies who love it that way.
And this is my personal favourite! The Pink Rozay. Peach pink roses are now my favourite cox they are by default the chioest, in my opinion hahah.
This is my next favourite!!! Cox it's so unique and sweet romantic like it just snowed on the bouquet. Everything is so pastel and dreamy ^.^

Okay! If you are an attached guy, you know what to do! Haha.

If you're an attached girl, you know what to do too! Tell him what you like! You wanna receive something beautiful (hopefully more beautiful than anyone else in the office / around you hahaha) on Vday if you're gonna carry it around the whole day, right.

And actually you can do that by joining the contest Little Thoughts is holding now til 9th Feb!

Three winners will be picked! And they stand to win any bouquet of their choice!

All you gotta do is to SNAP AND POST A BRAND NEW PICTURE with the hashtag #LittleThoughtsVDay and mention @alittlethought too!

You may also choose to tell us which is your favourite bouquet! Or not, it doesn't matter =D

It has to be a picture of you with your significant other =D

Okay that's all! Remember the picture has to be posted WITH the hashtag and @alittlethought Hashtagging your old pictures don't count okay =D Thank you!

I also understand how lotsa young people are in love / falling in love / chasing love haha.

My nephew is recently in love O.O I just found out on Chinese New Year only hahahaha. So if you're looking for something affordable, pretty and presentable to surprise your love on Valentine's Day..

This could be a good bundle deal for you!

A box of Lindt LINDOR truffle chocolate with a bouquet (it's appx 22cm) for just $50. Please note that this deal is only for SELF-COLLECTION on 14th February, anytime from 12pm to 8pm. Location is near Macpherson. So you pick and go for your date! Check it out HERE.

Payment will still be normal, via the shopping cart on LittleThoughts.sg

If you'd prefer customisation, Pearl can do that too. Like say a 99 roses bouquet. Haha. She'd probably get finger cramps but i think she'd feel good about it so. No problem! Hahaha.

Or say you have a particular colour with a certain flower you like or you know your significant other will like, then feel free to  email Pearl for more details at pearl@littlethoughts.sg

Everyone fall in love, stay in love =)

If you're not in love.. It's okay, find a few friends, hang out. It's still a cool time for friends and family to hang! Like me! I'd be hanging with WORK! And family and Josh. That's love, working together.



Hanna Lei said...

The flowers are so pretty -Hanna Lei

Jocelyne said...

You and your sister are doing such beautiful work! I wish you great success and if I lived there I would definitely support Little Thoughts. All the best to you QiuQiu xx

Anna G. said...

awww, beautiful flowers~~