03 March 2014

CNOS3 - Be the Next Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation!

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Very quick and simple test to see if you need to read this post or not!!!

I have 5 questions for you!

- Do you love to share things you love on your blog/ instagram / facebook / twitter / youtube etc?!

- Have you always wanted to be.. Popular? Be known, be recognised, be heard.

- You think being an online personality has it's perks and you wanna be a part of it?

- Is shopping, lifestyle and good food YOUR THING?

- Would you want to experience something fun and unforgettable?!

If you answer "YES" to any or all of the questions above.. Then you might just be Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation!!!

*Pssssss* Hahaha. Just for the effect.

That's right!!! The "HOT" event of the year is back!!!!!!

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation (CNOS) is a social media competition that has been running strong for three years now!!! Every year the number of applicants increases and standard of the competition becomes better and better! =OOO


Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is Singapore’s leading youth lifestyle mall and they are looking for the next social media savvy youth to be the sound and sight for the mall online!!!

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation is a social media competition conceptualised and organised by Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. This year they return for the third edition of Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation, searching for social media savvy youths who are able to best represent and promote the different Food, Fashion and Leisure facets of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard!

It's pretty easy actually, i see the past year contestants all had lotsa fun eating, shopping and playing. Hahaha! I actually went to a few of their recommendation and indeed they are good!! ^.^V #supportivejudge

Many past contestants and winners who have "graduated" from the competition were noticed by blogging agency to become full-time bloggers or social media influencer (which i must say for myself.. Is quite an awesome job =X =D), others have gotten opportunities through Cathay Cineleisure Orchard to appear in super-size print-advertisements, i know one contestant went on to become a singer and realeased her debut EP!

I guess we all have to start somewhere, yes? =D

This is a collage i made of me as one of the judges in the first and second CNOS =)))

I must say i have grown a lot over time too.

For starters i learnt that a $10 Hello Kitty shirt is not an appropriate outfit to wear to be a judge for a competition cox everyone else dress up nicer than you so who are you to judge people T.T Hahaha.

In the collage you can find me with past years winners like Peishi, Rachell, Ruth, Don and Joey. And of course the judges for last year's CNOS, Beatrice and Peggy.

You know i've ALWAYS been really thankful Cathay Cineleisure Orchard gave me the opportunity to be one of the judges every year becox i kid you not, last year's videos were all so super "effort", i cried =X

It's just very touching!!! Not the content but the effort and thoughts behind it.

Everyone put in their best and they truly enjoyed what they put out for the world to see and there was so much friendship forged in CNOS2!!! ='))) Of course CNOS1 had very strong contenders like Kitty on a Spaceship! So far i haven't seen a skit performance so awesome as they put up for their final performance! I guess everyone from CNOS were all super passionate about social media!

And the kind of passion they have just reminds me of when i first started blogging for the public eyes instead of blogging on my locked diary haha. Except back then i wasn't so lucky to have a competition like CNOS to help me gain followers / readers / exposure much easily!

Imagine yourself in a LARGER-THAN-LIFE size poster at this popular hotspot amongst teenagers and young adults!!! WITH YOUR INSTAGRAM / TWITTER / FACEBOOK USERNAME!!!

Can i spell jealous.

Your picture will be blown up so huge!!!

For everyone to seeeeeee!!!!


Even the thought of appearing on a larger-than-life size poster makes me super happy dee hahahaha. If put @bongqiuqiu i'd be like WOOHOO~ POP THE CHAMPAGNE PLEASE!!!!

This year the contestants will have to put their skills to the test in challenges from the various categories:

- Food & Beverage Presentation

- Fashion & Entrepreneurship

- Lifestyle & Virality

- Live Event Coverage

Erm.. Say real one? It sounds more like a contest to see "Who have more fun at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard" than a challenge to me. Hahahaha. Like what lah?! All you gotta do is to eat and share about good food. Shop and share about nice bargains you find. Enjoy life and do the things that you'd do in your leisure time.. And attend event to talk about it.

What the heck, actually that is pretty much a sum up of my life.

Hahahahaha. That IS my awesome job as a blogger / social media influencer! =DDD

So if you wanna give it a try, see if you are cut out to be "popular" online.. This is an awesome paltform for you!!! CNOS2 was so fun lah you please just look at a summary of the actual day!

Everyone that went up to perform had the support from EVERY OTHER contestants!!! Which is really nice to see! Everyone being supportive of each other =)

I guess they never thought they would make friends in the competition but they did! By the way some of the CNOS contestants already got fanclub okay what the heck. I ALSO DON'T HAVE FANCLUB PLEASE. All these teenagers shouting for the contestants with banners and posters all.


I am quite jealous.

Lololol. What the heck NONE OF YOU EVER DO THIS FOR ME!!! Hahahaha. Wo hen si ni men le. WO BU TING WO BU TING NI BU YAO JIE SHI!!! Lolol.

Haiyah kidding lah. In any case.. The ones with fanclubs didn't win the contest =X But Joey won and Joey deserved ALL the awards she got!!! She was REALLY talented in entertaining people haha! But with this i meant to tell you that it doesn't matter if you're already somewhat known, have your own fanclub or not (like me *sour face*), you still stand equal chance to shine in CNOS!!!

And to shine AFTER CNOS!!! Joey is still very active in the blogging scene and share the same awesome hair sponsor as me =))) One of the perks of blogging hor! You always hear people say "Bloggers everything also sponsored one" Ah, then people wanna sponsor us, FREE YOU DON'T WANT? Lol. Free plus pay you cash, you want? PERKS OF OUR JOB are meant to be enjoyed haha.

Another thing meant to be enjoyed.. PRIZES!!!!

The winner will be bagging away:

- $1,000 cash
- An Olympus pen camera
- A larger-than-life-size poster advertisement (for 3 months!)
- A year-long supply of Cathay Cineplexes movie vouchers!

There are also 3 other titles to grab including the Overnight Sensation, 1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-Up! Each winner for the category will walk away with awesome prizes as well!!!

Awbu awesome?! LAst year Joey shared her prizes by treating the other contestants to a meal at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard! Haha! Very good bonding hor!!!

Anyway the CNOS2 contestants even went to do a Harlem shake video on their own hahahahahha. I see dee laugh die me especially the cow and the spasm fella on the floor LOL. And a lot of them still remain good friends up til today, meeting up for photoshoot or at events =))) That is precious!

All the cute contestants from CNOS2 =))) With judges from last year Beatrice and Peggy!
Lotsa of them are very talented la! Play guitar, sing song, catwalk all.
One of the contestants performing a very sweet song for everyone!

So as you can see, CNOS1 was awesome.. CNOS2 was even more incredible..

And you can only expect CNOS3 to be much more fun and much more exciting to look forward to!!! I can't wait to see all of you hopefuls =DDD I am a very very very good judge!


During CNOS1 and CNOS2 i got stalk every contestant and lookout for what they post online! Hahaha #notsureifbeingcreepyorgoodjudge But hey hey, when i see something good, i share! =D

So CNOS3 is waiting for you to join and make it EVEN BETTER!!!

Just fill in form HERE or click on the form picture also can lah!

Alongside me this year judging for CNOS3 will be Misstamchiak, renown food blogger and Sheila, fashion blogger! I have yet to meet Sheila but i met Misstamchiak (Maureen) and Maureen is N.I.C.E! ^.^ I worked with her at NESTLE event before and she's awesome fun and helpful!

So it's quite safe to say we'd all have a good time WITH YOU!!!

Wanna learn how to take nice fashiony OOTD? Ask Sheila.

Wanna be a food blogger and eat eat eat and snap snap snap your way to the top, ask Maureen.

Want to learn how to be yourself and just blablablablablabla away on the keyboard and selfie selfie selfie on instagram and still be awesome, PLEASE ASK ME!!! Hahahahahah!

I will be at the opening / briefing of CNOS3 to share with you guys about some blogging tips and tricks but mostly i wanna meet all of you shortlisted contestants for this year's CNOS!!! ^.^

Give you guys some cheer and preparation to help you win the competition ah okay?!?! =DDD When you are there you can ask me anything you want related to blogging!!! =DDD I'd share!!!

So give it a try okay?

If you have this desire to be heard by more people, to be seen by many, to influence and to share with a larger audience.. Then just be courageous and take the first step! =D

You never know where it'd lead you to =))) I started out not knowing i was gonna be a blogger but i just love attention and i love to talk about me.. Talk about good food, nice fun places, nice movies etc.. Last time i always write movie review on my blog one lor! Now if i can find time to sit down and write something..

Kidding. If i can find time now, i rather just sleep O.O Lolol. You see, this is why everyone needs new blood to keep themselves inspired and fresh and alive. I learnt a lot from the past contestants of CNOS =))) They remind me of why i started doing what i like and turn out to get a lot more than i could ever ask for =)

And i hope you start somewhere too!

If i get to be on a big poster plastered everywhere in a popular hotspot hangout place where many people will see me.. I'd say yes already. Hahaha.

Now still got 1 year supply of movie tickets + $1000 CASH + free camera de heck!!! JOIN NOW LAH! Or if you're reading this and you know of someone who would be a great contestant for this contest, encourage him / her to join also! It'd be fun!!!

Registrations closes 7 March 2014 so HURRY!!! You only have a few days left!!!

Opening Event is on the 22nd of March 2014! So i'd see all the shortlisted contestants then!!!

Red Carpet Finals of Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation 3 will be on 12 April 2014 so remember to keep those dates clear!!! =DDD I'd see you on both days i guess?

Join CNOS3 here:

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