30 March 2014

Dr.Ci:Labo - Aqua Collagen Gel

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Isn't it a hassle! To have to put on so many products at the end of the day.. AFTER we already spent quite some time removing our makeup and then cleansing our face..

At the end of the day after a day of work.. Whether or not i had makeup on.. I just wanna wash up, and then rest ASAP. But cannot lah. Have to slap on lotion / toner / refiner.. Then eye cream..

Then serum / essence / ampoule.. Then cream / facial milk / gel.. Lastly maybe a overnight mask.

There are just too many steps, agree?!

For some of us.. Half the days we are too lazy. For some others, maybe MOST of the days you are lazy, for the rest.. Maybe just that couple of days you are exhausted from day out and you just wanna slap ONE good product on and make sure you get everything covered..

To TRY to achieve flawless skin is tedious!!!

In short, all of us need one assuring product to cover us for the days we wanna be sure we have good skin with just ONE STEP SKINCARE!!! And still wake up knowing you'd have awesome skin or be able to slap on make up in the morning right after ONE STEP skincare!

Here's a 6 in 1 Aqua Collagen Gel from Dr. Ci:Labo for you and me!!!

This will be your bestfriend for skincare!!!

Dr. Ci:Labo has been gaining fans world wide since its establishment in 1999 as one of the leading cosmetics and skincare innovators in Japan. What makes the products of Dr. Ci:Labo unique, is that they are “medical cosmetic” products specially developed by a group of certified Japanese dermatologists, led by Dr. Shirono.

Dr Yoshinori Shirono and his team of dermatology experts.

Dr. Yoshinori Shirono, the founder of Dr.Ci:Labo Research Institute, is a pioneer of dermatologic laser treatment with over 50,000 cases of treatment experience. For his patients’ extremely sensitive skin after the laser treatment, he specially developed a moisturizer using all natural ingredients. After more than 100 sample productions and 7,000 patient trials, finally the ultimate moisturizing gel, Aqua-Collagen-Gel was created. Can you just imagine the yearsss of research, experiences and dedication behind this product!

The Aqua-Collagen-Gel contains the benefits of moisturizing lotion, emulsion, treatment essence, brightening essence, and makeup base, allowing the user to enhance her natural healing power of her skin in one simple step.

More than 23 million jars have been sold worldwide to date.

23 million jars sold worldwide!!!!!! Wanna know why so many people love it not!

The Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel..

- Contains 120 natural ingredients in nano capsules

- Key ingredient is Marine Collagen

- Is an All-in-One Moisturiser

We should understand by now that most if not all skin troubles are caused by the loss of moisture of the Epidermis (outermost layer of skin). And what causes loss of moisture for our skin is more than just air conditioning and harmful sunrays.. There are also internal factors such as stress.. Adding all these together, you can understand why our skin will be tired, wrinkled and have blemishes pop up!

Under this theory, Dr.Ci:Labo found that using water to moisturize is essential for the beautiful skin. The gel form is the best to moisturize and enhance the natural healing ability of the skin. A special solidified liquid particle loses its fluidity to form the gel you you'd find in the Aqua Collagen Gel.

Don't see it looks white and creamy, it's actually a very light texture of gel! Quite amazing how it can just be absorbed into your skin within a couple of seconds!
See! It's like a light blob of gel but once you try to spread it, instantaneously it becomes watery.
Show you. Spread.
Get absorbed into the skin within seconds! No oily residue, no stickiness! Just smooth, firm skin!!!

And this gel has three characteristic advantages for skin:

1. It has a remarkable rehydrating ability so it can retain a large amount of water

2. Provides coating effect by locking in moisture to prevent water from evaporating from the skin

3. Great absorptive ability allows it to unclogs pore dirt and exfoliates old skin cells

LOVE BU LOVE?! =D On top of all the attributes.. Best part of the Aqua Collagen Gel from Dr. Ci:Labo is.. It is a 6-in-1 skincare product!!!

Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture EX covers six-steps of the daily skin care process

It is a.. Toner. It is a Milky lotion. It is a Beauty essence. It can also be a Facial mask, Facial cream, and Makeup base!!! All-in-one simple application. This easy to maintain daily moisturizer can enhance the natural healing ability of human skin, which is one of the core philosophies of Dr. Shirono in producing products for his laser treatment patients.

Over 120 kinds of all natural skin beautifying ingredients are combined with the technology of Collagen HC Nano Capsule to assist to improve skin condition.

“Collagen HC Nano Capsules” is 200 nanometers (1 nanometer = one billionth of a meter) size of capsules made of multiple layers. This advanced technology allows the microscopic capsule full of ingredients to reach deeper into the skin, where it’s needed.

This microscopic capsule is so small that it allows the ingredients absorb through the different layers of skin fast and effectively.

Easy one step
After cleansing, apply about 1 cherry size for night time and 2 pearl drop size for day time ^.^

And then just apply it to the entire face~ Press gently to finish up~! Since it's kind of like topical collagen, i remember to bua extra lot at my laugh lines T.T Hahah.

Please go try this out for yourself! I tried it at night and loveeee the result next day!

Night time, after washing up and face is totally clean lol.

One cherry ball size eh!

Put some on my neck also lol. Much needed.

NEXT DAY WAKE UP PORES BECOME SMALLER NEVERMIND!!!! Whole face become brighter and feels firmer!!!
NO EDIT ON MY SKIN!!!! I only pull colour to level only!
My green vein cannot help it one ah sorry. But skin is much much more translucent! Just overnight! Aqua Collagen Gel Moisture EX contains NO fragrance, coloring, mineral oils, Paraben, alcohol, or petroleum surfactant. It is gentle for those people with sensitive skin.

If you're keen to try you may get them from ION Orchard B3-14

This is the shop at ION! They have the full range of Dr. Ci:Labo! I am sure you can find something perfect for your skin there!

OR NOT. Maybe you'd also find something perfect for not just your skin but also your body!!!

Like i get to try this facial and body roller device from Dr. Ci:Labo!

Dr.Cilabo Gold Lift W Roller helps to remove toxins, improve blood circulation as well as lift and tone the skin with Geranium.
Geranium is an element that helps to remove toxins by supplying negative ions to balance out all the positive ions in the body. Made with 36X 99.99% Geranium balls, this unique roller supply our body cells with negative ions and helps to purge waste out of the body, enabling the body to better absorb nutrients. Thus improving the body metabolism process.
It also helps in relieving muscles tension as well as reducing fatigue and tiredness.  Gold Lift W Roller can be used for face and body and it can also be found at the ION shop!

This roller really no joke leh. Okay lah to be honest i was very doubtful initially cox i tried a few kinds of facial roller before and all of them claim to let you have slimmer face.....

But all didn't deliver as promised lah. So i didn't pin much hope on this AT ALL.

I first try it on my face and i was like.. "Eh okay leh.. Really feel a bit firmer O.O Or maybe not.."

"Let me try my neck.."

*roll roll roll*

"WHAT THE ****!!!!!"

After three rolls i remove the roller and felt a little hard to breath no joke!!! =OOO So i am quite convinced got effect lah!!! Then i try on my byebye butterfly arms T.T They are getting more and more flabby. Soon i'd be like the squirrel in Ice Age. I can spread out my byebye arm flabs and fly.

Hopefully not sooo flabby anymore!!! I'd try to use this roller daily or every other day!!! Very easy to use anyway!!! Just.. Roll?
For firming of the cheeks and maybe serious eyebags haha!
Firming of the laughlinesss yes pleaseee! All the way up to firm up the crow-feets! IF you have. I DON'T HAVE AH. Choy choy choy. Hahaha.
This one be careful! Hahah. Don't geh kiang (smart alec) later end up like me get a shock lol.
Roll the flabby soft tummy away~!!! They see me rollin.. They hatin.. O.O You can also roll on your thighs / calves!!! So long as you think that part needs firming.. You can use the W Roller on it!

Now back to the Aqua Collagen Gel! To find out more you can check out this website!!!

Or you could check out their store at ION Orchard #B3-41 ^.^ Just for my readers, flash my blogpost on your device and enjoy 15% off any purchase of Aqua-Collagen-Gel! ^.^

Of course.. You can also purchase this super item online!!! Online sales HERE. They are some other highly raved items selling in the link but for full range i suggest you check out their store at ION ^.^

Okay bye bye i continue go roll my laugh lines!!! Hahah!


Hanna Lei said...

You look so pretty in all of these pictures! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

You look pretty. but one question, every time you post an advertorial, what is that film thingy that you have on your teeth?

KeiKeiKirsten said...

@anonymous - Its her invisalign :3

Anonymous said...

how much is the roller? thanks! :)