07 March 2014


You all know i loveeee JB (Johor Bahru) hor!!! I've been tagging along with my family to JB since i was much younger. Like 10 / 11? Everytime my sisters will give me and Niao Niao like RM10 each.

And tell us to 慢慢花 (slowly spend).

Then me and Niao will be like =DDDDDD OMG AWESOME!

Hahahaha. Super kiddos. Actually it's okay lah, cox we don't have to pay for food or transport. The adults take care of those.

I'd go to a shop at Holiday Inn and buy all the Ovaltine and Horlick sweets cox Singapore sell 50 cents (SGD) and they sell 80 cents ringgit!!! Which is like 40 cents back then?!

Hahaha. So i'd buy like 5 packets.

Then eat one cup corn and 2 tea leave eggs..

Then buy one watermelon bubble yum..

Then i'm broke already =___="

Hahahaha. Then if i lucky i'd successfully be able to beg or cheat Niao Niao's money so that i can buy some more snacks.


My whole life i did lotsa inglorious things just so i can eat more snacks. Lolol. Last time i also stole my sister's bubblegum stash from her drawer and when confronted, i swear upon my life that i never.

Lololol. Later she say if i tell her the truth, she will buy my a chocolate bar.

And then i confess lor.

Why not!!! I get a chocolate bar for telling the truth!! =DDD


Okay whatever!!! So my point is! I LOVE JB!!!

And it's doesn't matter if i only had RM10 as my pocket money or now that i can pay for myself! JB is still enjoyable!!! =DDD This time me and Josh went with Samantha! =D

Josh had to go overseas after CNY as advised by our fortune teller lah. Haha. I hope she every year also give advice like that!!! Haha.

My face look so swollen here omg.
A shot of my almost naked makeup hahaha. Only used Laneige BB Cushion (the new one that has melanin crusher!!!! DAMN FREAKING GOOD!!! After one whole day i removed my makeup, my face actually become fairer!!!! Skincare infused makeup is awesome!!!) and fill my brows with canmake eyebrow palette, blusher from Laneige and a little dab of serum intense lipstick! =D
Lunch at Breeks! One with Sam ^.^ She's the freest and most siao-on friend i have now so i everything also jio her hahah! We going to Tokyo this month end i cannoto wait!!!
Ask him to give me a happy pose and he give me a very old-fashion two thumbs up hahaha. I ask him to just be normal-happy he say i restricting his freedom. Lolol. Whatever!
While waiting for our food!
Love my nose bridge from the side!
Our food! I ordered the same thing in Batam Breeks! It was so much nicer in Batam =O
Walk around and saw a grill shop! Got sell grilled marshmallow!!! =DDD Super happy!!!
This is me shouting out to Josh when he walks near "LING GOT BBQ MARSHMALLOW LEH!!!" Thanks, Sam! Can't ask for more than a candid shot. Lolol.
I ask her to pass the camera to Josh hahaha. Better. Much better.
Self-shot is the best! The marshmallow really quite nice ah!!! Inside melty and slightly chewy near the stick! =DDD
Went to KSL and the whole mall smells like.. Sour and spicy. We keep wondering where the smell come from and finally saw this!!! =DDD LOVE IT! It's a little too sweet but it's nice overall!
Penang Laksa is yummy!!!
Got Sam to help me snap some OOTD! Haha. Outfit from JRunway! =D
Using different filters from my PENTAXQ7!
FML posted one picture of this outfit and someone commented "Is that a baby bump" I WISH. But it's not so FML. Lolol. 人家吃多了啦!!! Give chance lah! Lolol.
Continued to eat LOTSSSS at the pasar malam outside!!! I LOVE THEIR PASAR MALAM! It's 80% food!!! =DDD
Other than the many many kueh and whatnot that i bought.. This muah chee bought by Sam was the best muah chee i ever tasted!!!! Mochi is warm, soft to the max.. Peanut also super xiang!!! =DDD
Fried carrot cake we ate by the roadside!!! Hahaha. Freaking yums also but it taste like our chao kway teow, but use kueh instead of kway teow!
Hahaha. Sam and the auntie both like werking their hair in the air.

This cover come by not easy!!!

I've always wanted one since i saw it one month plus ago but everywhere is selling it at like $20 - $35!!! Sam just came back from Bangkok the other time also say in Bangkok it was selling for $28 - $35 SGD!!! Then Jayne got it online for $15 i think but must wait i don't wanna wait!

There is also another kind for about $12 SGD (RM30 at JB) but the gold logo is sticker, not plated metal!!! It looks gross and cheap lah haha. So we asked around at about 15 stalls!!!

All either say out of stock, or offer us the sticker label one, or told us it's RM60 - RM80!!!

I refuse to buy!!!!

FINALLY!!!!! At the highest level of KSL we found this shop that is still packing and just got new stock for this cover, and i ask how much and he say RM40 and i was like =OOOOOO

Then i try to remain cool and i say, "Ah. Can cheaper?"

LOLOL #singaporean

So he charge us RM70 for two cases ^.^V That's like $14 for each case!!!!!! =DDD Major happy lah!!! Heng we never buy from those who wanna charge us RM60 - RM80!!! We almost did!!!

Okay lah i wanna go back to JB again soon!!! I wanna buy a Furla candy bag!!! A pink or pink and glittery one!!! =D For preferably less than SGD30. Lolol.

Bye bye biang!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Qiu!
Just wanted to stop by and thank you for blogging so frequently and entertaining...ly! Although I live in the United States, I would love to visit Asia one day, and eat all that amazing food, and go shopping! Much love from NC! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Qiu!
Just wanted to say thank you for blogging so frequently and entertaining...ly! I can't wait to visit Asia one day and go shopping, and eat some of far phenomenal food!
Much love from North Carolina! :D

QiuQiu said...

@clairegodmother thank you!!! =DDD I enjoy blogging a lot!!!

Unknown said...

I don't know why that posted a million times, sorry!
Can I ask you a random question about clothes shopping? I'm a Caucasian American, and am over 173 cm tall. Do you think I could even find cute clothes that fit while in Asia, or am I just too giant!? I don't want to show my bum in shorts or skirts...
Thank you doll!

Anonymous said...

aiyo...u r too skinny....!

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu, is the pasar malam outside KSL? May i know roughly around what time does it starts? I like the chanel cover too! issit hard or soft cover? Thanks!

Yukino said...

Hi, Qiuqiu! (:

The Pasar Malam you went is just outside KSL?

Edlyn Heng said...

Hello Qiuqiu! Why is it that I always miss out meeting you whenever you are in JB! :( Glad to see you blogging about JB (and all the best and awesome-st places in JB) because it's also my fave place/ home as well! Love love love! :DD Hope to meet you one day!

Unknown said...

Hello quiqui, just want to ask what brand name/product can be used for permanently coloring the eyebrows. Thank you. :) I have a black eyebrows and i want it to be colored brown.

Unknown said...

Hello quiqui, just want to ask what brand name/product can be used for permanently coloring the eyebrows. Thank you. :) I have a black eyebrows and i want it to become color brown. Thanks a lot yah ~