22 March 2014

PHILIPS VisaPure - God-sent precious gem for our skin

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Be very very awed.

This one product will change the way you wash and cleanse your face.. Forever O.O

Who here wash your face with hands directly?

ME. And i think i am speaking for most of you

Here's the problem. It's not good enough. It's just not good enough. Even with the best facial foam cleanser in the market.. It's not good enough. And this is why!!!

Watch this video i did with Genevieve, Michie and my sister Niao Niao!!! We had a little "Pure White" lunch gathering to eat, chit chat and try out the VisaPure on various terms!

Like.. On our hand.. On oranges and.. ON PUDDING WTH. Hahaha. You have to see. It's pretty amazing what the VisaPure can do and deliver.

Watch it, the VisaPure is THAT amazing. You'd wanna throw away your current EFCD now =X

As you can see from the video, cleansing our face with bare hands not only is not clean enough, it is also much harsher on the skin with all the tugging and pressure on the skin.. AS COMPARED TO..

The VisaPure!!!
Electronic Facial Cleansing Device (EFCD) from PHILIPS!

Which cleanse 10X more effective* than using our hands =OOO

And it cleanse 6 times better than other electronic facial cleansing device in the market!

Do you know that if your skin is not cleanse properly, not only will it give you breakouts.. It will cause you to have dull skin build-up and with all these "clogs", your skin will not be able to absorb skincare properly =OOO

And then overtime skin becomes bumpy and 

I give you 5 quick reasons on why i LOVEEEE the VisaPure!!!

1) It cleanses like a magic wand - Quick, Easy, Effective!

1 minute is all it takes to have ultra cleansed face with the VisaPure!!!


From left to right : The sensitive skin brush head, original brush head, exfoliating brush head! When you purchase a VisaPure, it includes the sensitive skin brush head and the original brush head! =D They are all very very soft omg.. You have to feel it on your skin to believe how soft they are exactly. The exfoliating brush is soft but firmer than the other two. You can use it 1-2 times weekly!

Ultimate softness is the sensitive skin brush head. And it's pretty in pastel pink! IT IS SO SOFT and FINE it feels just like cotton silk!!!

3) BRUSH HEAD MOVEMENT IS ALL-ROUNDED it moves so swiftly + gently around my face! And it has 2 speed-choice!

Watch this video and you'd understand everything i just said. The VisaPure truly is revolutionary. No other EFCDs has brush head movement like it, nor brush as soft as it is.

4) DESIGN IS SLEEK AND SLIM - Super easy to carry overseas!!!

In the box, a travel pack comes with it, along with one original brush head, one sensitive brush head and a charging station which has ventilation for airdrying! One full charge enable you to use for about 30 times! So you can use it daily in the showers or at the face basin!!! =D

5) IT'S FREAKING PINK??? ❤ ❤ ❤

Hey you pretty thing!!! So soft i don't feel any bit of discomfort even when it's on my nose. For the past 8 months since the nose job i've been very extra careful when i use my fingers to clean the nose area. But VisaPure works gently on it =D

A quick guide on how to use~ It's idiot proof and there's of course no right or wrong to it but this is suggested!!! Cleanse your face with the VisaPure in three different parts!
Get some facial cleanser, and then start cleaning with your forehead..
One side of the face from the chin..

To the cheeks! And then the last part would be the other side of the face!!!

How you know if you've cleanse each part enough?? When to move on to the next?

VisaPure will prompt you one!!! So smart! Every 20 seconds it will have a quick short pause. To prompt you to move to cleanse another part of the face! How thoughtful haha!

Now i am not afraid to put on thick crazy makeup when i have to~ Cox at the end of the day when i get home, it's just a 1 minute affair and i know my face will be CLEANSED IMMACULATELY. And it's all thanks to this wonder product~~ VisaPure~

So go on~!!! Go try on any makeup look you want! Don't worry about makeup clogging your pores.. Hassle to remove makeup.. Cox VisaPure is always there for you haha~ =DDD Removing makeup is no longer a chore.. I actually look forward to have the VisaPure brush on my face when my day wraps up O.O Cox it feels really nice?

Like you know how when you go massage / facial, there's a device rolling on you so gently and comfortably that you'd fall asleep? Hahaha. Something like that except you put yourself to bed lol.

So anyway me and the girls really love VisaPure lah!!! Especially after witnessng how great it is. It'd be perfect if you think the video is nice and you'd like to help us by liking the video HERE!!!

If we get the highest number of likes we'd get to win a VisaPure each =OOO Worth $269!!! We all really really want ah~ Cox it's damn awesomegood and beneficial to our skin!!!

So please please please help us to like the video HERE????


Thank you!!!

Go get your own VisaPure from PHILIPS now!!! This will be one of your BEST buy. It's a great investment to make for flawless skin. Without this you spend how much on facial cleanser / skincare products also no use! Cannot remove properly + skincare cannot absorb into skin well!

Links for your convenience:

Philips Singapore - www.philips.com.sg

Philips Visapure microsite to see all the bloggers' party video - HERE! Remember to vote for me ah please hahaha. Thank you!

* Source: Internal study performed in The Netherlands in 2011 with 21 women comparing cleansing using VisaPure with cleansing by hand


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