26 April 2014

Clozette X Fashion Steps Out 2014

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Hello!!! Happy to say that as a Clozette ambassador i get to enjoy lotsa perks =DDD And one of them is to get to go shopping A LOT! Hahah! I know right.. What else am i good at!

Keep reading and find out how 20 lucky winners stand to win $8000 worth of forum shopping vouchers!!! Fashion Steps Out 2014 is a tie-up between Clozette and Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA)! Vouchers are courtesy of Forum The Shopping Mall!!!

And they are being extra generous lah i feel! They also let me go shopping for myself with a good budget!!! Actually say real one i was afraid i cannot spend all the vouchers they gave me!!!

But then Josh and i got to The Centrepoint (they are going through a bit of a renovation for even more exciting plans!!! But still can shop comfortably!) I AM LIKE OMG SHOP TOO MUCH!!!
5 Levels of shopping!!!
Lol saw a random bright green chair and thought it'd look nice with my attention-seeking pink dress!
Got drawn into Marks and Spencer by their massive sale going on!!!
Lotsa colours for S/S!!!
Walked past ALDO and saw a huge 70% discount for their sale!!! Bought something (will show you guys later!!!) with the vouchers kindly sponsored by The Centrepoint!!! I thought that's all!
But me and Josh both were going CRAZY about the ALDO men's footwear!!!
He had a hard time trying to decide which to pick!!!

There's just too many nice pairs around and he only wanted to buy 1 =___= I SAY NO!!!! They used to be sooooo expensive and now they are mostly $20+ to $30+ so we have to buy A LOT MORE!!!

Seriously if we never walk around the shops we'd never find out about this awesome sale lor!!! I should head out and shop more often!!! Yes, EVEN MORE OFTEN than i already do!!! Haha!

Being a good patient wife lolol. Not really. More like resting my legs after some shopping for myself!
In the end he got like three pairs of shoes!!! And i got a clutch ^.^
The gold clutch i got for $28 from ALDO!!! Before discount it was maybe close to a hundred omg???

The three pairs of shoes Josh got from ALDO!
Purplish x Pink canvas. I love this pair the most cox it's so unique!
Something like burnt caramel to keep it basic for easy-matching.
Denim material canvas shoes for a day to slack in style! You know guys shoes are damn expensive one right. We are both super happy to find something like these at SUCH A CRAZY LOW PRICE!

Continued shopping around at Centrepoint!!! I was so happy that day! O.O

I am super duper happy cox it's like indulgence for me!!! Omg thank you Clozette!!!

I never forget you readers!!!

I bought some stuff for you guys too!!! For giveaway!!!

Will put in details at the end!!! ^.^

Proceed to Marks and Spencer and continue shopping!!!
Also got the most awesome and cool watch ever!!! From City Chain @ The Centrepoint!

TA DANG~!!!!!
There was a 10% discount so i got this for $117 in the end!!! Thanks to Centrepoint!!! I LOVE THE COLOURFUL LOGO!!! Really stands out on the white!!!
Look at the details! Even on the knob. Love it so much!!! And it's one of the items i am giving away!!! Yup!!! I am giving this watch away!!!

Here's some pictures of some of the items i picked out at The Centrepoint @ Orchard!

At the end you'd find out how 20 of my lucky readers can stand to win $8000 shopping vouchers for yourself!!! Very easy one! You just have to play a fun puzzle or take part in their Instagram Contest HERE! Okay here's my cordinate!

Some of the items are for giveaway!!! ^.^ Will give you the link in a bit!!!

Picked these for my S/S look!!! ^.^ I love it cox it's a good mixture of colours!!! Got all of them from The Centrepoint! And here's a breakdown
Jacket - INDIGO (Marks and Spencer)
Gold Clutch - ALDO
Watch - ADIDAS

I love that it's everything is so easy matching though it looks quite attention-seeking on its own hahah! I mean look at the gold clutch and the mint pants!
Okay last of me~! Hahah!

(Courtesy of The Centrepoint)

2. Comment on the item(s) you'd like to win on why you'd like to win it

That's all! ^.^ Winners will be picked within 2 weeks!!! ^.^ Have fun surfing Clozette! There's really a lot of beauty and fashion tips and inspirations there!

Hope you like the items i am giving away!
Silver heels from Marks and Spencer, leather sling bag from MANGO.
Jacket from INDIGO Marks and Spencer.
Adidas watch!!!! ^.^ All thanks to The Centrepoint!!!

What's EVEN better than winning these giveaway items?!

Winning a total worth of $8000 shopping vouchers for 20 lucky winners!!!

Courtesy of Forum The Shopping Mall!!!

All you gotta do is play the puzzle!!! The more times you try, the higher your chance of winning!



There’s also the Instagram contest where all you need to do is to just hashtag #clozette and #fashionstepsout (do take note of the S after ‘step’! ) when you are along Orchard Road and you’ll stand a chance to win $3000 worth of The Centrepoint Shopping Vouchers!

Good luck ah!!! Hope you all win the awesome shopping vouchers and have a great time shopping in Orchard Road as much as i did ^.^


Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu,

i find that the pictures that you post are usually very overexposed/washed out. Is it on purpose?

TySh said...

the purse is so chique! beautidul photos, it seems professional =D you are so cuuute! =D
your boyfriend made a good choice =)