24 April 2014

Essential Sleeping Mask + NEW Hair Serum!

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Ahem.. Why my hair like this?

For the longest time i tell people my hair is NOT THAT BAD. Nobody believes me.

I mean think about it. My hair's bleached uncountable times, i change my hair colour a lot, style it often with hot iron and have it styled often by a very pro Sio but still, it's hot plate on my hair.

PLUS the fact that i used to do rebonding often..

All these should only mean one thing.. That i should be botak now. HAHA. But i'm not!!! Cox i've been using pretty awesome shampoo and haircare treatment during my showers.

I use the orange series (Rich Premier).



Lolol. I'd tell you why!!! It's becox of these little buggers!!! They are the culprits for our messed up "bedhair" and give us the "bad hair day" look!!! They appear during our sleep time and attaaacckkk!!

Which of these mischievous little ones are responsible for your crazy hair in the morning?!

For me it's FRIZZ..
And TANGLE!!! Like seriously! I go to sleep with hair just fine.. How come i wake up with hair all jumbled up and tangled and pressed and bent and brittle that it becomes soooo frizzy!!!

I'm gonna bring you through and experiment i did okay. Before each test my hair is shampooed clean and air dry for fairness okay. So you can see how i deal with and prevent ah siao hair.

This is me before going to bed and me waking up the next day. I'd share with you the preventive method but now if you wake up with hair like this.. You know you need immediate treatment and help. Lolol. And i've always used the serum from Essential to save the day. We;d talk about that later!

We were talking about preventive treatment yes!!! To prevent the little hair tyrants from messing with our hair while we sleep at night.. Introducing the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask!!!
It's a treatment milk that will protect our hair from "Pillow Friction"

The milky, non-greasy texture is absorbed instantly by our hair and forms a protective layer between each hair strand and our pillow!!!

So no matter how we toss and turn, our hair cuticles will be protected from Pillow Friction damages. So we can be sure that we will wake up to much more manageable hair that is easy for styling!!!

Imma try it to show you!!!
Spread it evenly on my hair. And then go to sleep.

Sorry my eyes a bit bloated like this cox just wake up lolol. I was so excited to see that i didn't wake up a lion thanks to the Sleeping Hair Mask so i rushed to my beauty room and snap the pictures lolol.
THANK YOU ESSENTIAL SLEEPING HAIR MASK!!!!! I think i can say goodbye to ah siao hair forever!!!! Hahaha. Like this really good enough to go 见人 already lor!!!
DA TANG!!! Results side by side. Went to sleep with the sleeping mask and woke up to hair that didn't have a wild life of its own lolol. At least they look like they belong to me.

Now if you can do this preventive method, you might not even need the day serum =XXX But let's say you forget to apply the sleeping hair mask, or let's say you run out of it..

And you wake up with explosive hair =OOO
Now there's a ALL-NEW serum to save the day!!!
It's in clear form!!! So YAY!!! No stickiness no oily after-feel!!!
Smells super extra good!!!! Smells like fruits and berries + honey + a little bit of a touch from a fairy.
Apply it where necessary, especially to the hair ends!

You see!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! It's gonna be my life saviour from now on. In fact you should use it after you towel dry your hair! Effect will be even better when your hair dries! But it works fine for me on dry hair as well!!!

One more pump to fix my fringe and excess for the ends!!!
There you have! Shiny and manageable hair that lasts all day!!! You can see ah, it's not the oily kind! The finishing has a shine but it's matte to touch!
My must-have for self-styling for hair and just to make sure i don't leave the house like ah siao lol!!!

Also, it's so light-weight that you can still style your hair after applying!!!

The Cuticle Protection Ingredients in this new hair serum forms a protective veil over our hair to prevent frizz and dryness caused by humidity and UV rays! So we can leave house with hair that looks good + smells good + is protected from harmful environment factors!

So now you know!!! Night night before bed, use the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask!!!
Day time use the Essential Hair Serum to keep your hair shiny and lively all day!!! ^.^ Now a little good news for y'all!!! To make sure you LOVE what you're gonna buy for yourself.. And becox the products ARE THIS GOOD, Essential is giving away free samples for all of you!!! ^.^


If you think you're already in love with the products, you can go grab them in stores for yourself also! They are going fast at a super reasonable price at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, personal care stores and pharmacies only $11.90 each!!!

Another good news i forgot to mention earlier..

KPop lovers attention please!!! In particularly fans of 2NE1!!!

Win 6 pairs of tickets worth over $2000 to 2NE1’s All or Nothing concert held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 28th June! Simply buy $10 worth of Essential products to qualify!

Go to www.essentialsg.com/2ne1 for more information.

Good luck on winning the tickets ^.^

Accidental shot while i was setting the self-timer that turned out nice hahaha. Go try the Sleeping Hair Mask!!! Confirm you will like the results next day!!! Talk about improvement much!! ^.^

Links for your convenience:

Essential Facebook page for more information
Page to collect your free samples
Page for details to win 2NE1 Concert tickets

And follow @essentialsingapore for updates and maybe some tips and tricks to have pretty hair everywhere, every time!!! ^.^


Angelyne said...

Hi qiuqiu. I dun hv fb acc. But I wish to hv the samples. :)

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Hi, I cannot see the page

Hanna Lei said...

It works so well! -Hanna Lei

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I ask myself if i should buy any of that serum.