22 April 2014

Little Thoughts Mothers' Day


Whether it's from you to your mum, or from you to your mum's mum, or from you to your wife.. Or from you to your friend who is a mum.. Little Thoughts hope we can play a tiny part of your lovely gesture to show a little appreciation for all the mums around you.

So as you can see from above, those three that i picked for the artwork are my favourite three cuts from the new bouquet designs added for Mothers' Day.

The top most pastel purple lilac / pink / cream one is my utmost favourite O.O I may be biased and i know Mothers' Day is mostly about carnations and carnations are beautiful but hydrangeas (as you saw in the pastel bouquet) expresses the giver’s gratefulness for the recipient’s understanding.. =)

My sister Pearl designed all of these bouquets and she is a mother of 3, soon to be 4 =))) I am very proud of her. And we hope as you do, that the special ones who received this, will smile.

Some of the new designs. The red and peach carnations (bottom two) will look EVEN more beautiful when they bloom. I know cox i saw them again 1 day after the photoshoot.

(For self-collection)
For Mothers' Day special, we are bringing you this bundle deal for just $80!

The bundle deal consists of:

- A bouquet of size approximately 22cm

- 925 Sterling Silver bracelet (size adjustable)

- Standard card (blank inside) designed by Little Thoughts

I'm sorry the bracelet can't be seen too well on colour backgrounds (we tried on pink and turquoise to suit the company's style) so i got Josh to help me take one picture of the actual product with black background. He is freaking genius. Finally a picture that does the bracelet justice!

The dangling details are textured matte. And wrist size is adjustable as you can figure from the picture. Quite elegant and chic when a lady puts it on! Hope you guys will like it!

Limited bundle deals available so do make your order fast. Last Valentine's Day we had to turn down many many many orders (especially on the 12th, 13th and even 14th Feb itself!!!) cox we really don't want to do things hastily and would prefer to focus and make best of what we already committed to.

This Mothers' Day will be the same!!!

Good news is we have opened up SELF-COLLECTION OPTION!!!

For 10th May and 11th May (Saturday and Sunday, 12pm - 8pm) so if you prefer to collect your bouquet(s) and gifts before your family lunch / dinner, you could!

Self-collect saves you $15 delivery charge and lets you collect the bouquet at a time of your convenience. Of course delivery is still available! Do fill in all your details good during checkout!

Address for self-collection will be emailed to you right after confirmation! It's quite accessible one it's near Macpherson. So don't worry!!! ^.^

Me and Pearl are both looking forward to be at your service hahaha.

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Hanna Lei said...

All the flowers are so pretty! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Its whether not weather :X

LianaLaurie said...

Wow, the flowers look amazing!! If I lived in Singapore, I'd definitely buy one or two bouqets :) They are so much prettier than the ones I can get at local flower shops.
And congratulations to your sister!! If I understood correctly she's pregnant. I hope everything will work out fine for her :) I wish her all the best!!

MITCH said...

I love all the flowers. So beautiful :)