03 April 2014


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Hello hello!!! Sorry it's my makeupless face up-close! Haha! But in my hands i have my newest favourite sunblock / makeup base / BB Cream!!! This awesome product is MANY-in-one!!!

I've always been a big fan of Biore UV Aqua Rich water series!!! I must have bought and used a few of them since i was first introduced to it 4 years ago by my girlfriend.

I love how it's sooooo light-weight and watery it gets absorbed super easily. I've used it for daily errands and also i brought it to Phuket with me and thank god for it, i didn't get sunburn hahaha.

So anyway.. What's all the buzz about now?!?!?!

Well the *** NEW *** Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence, as you can already guess from the title of the blogpost.. HAS BLEMISH BALM FUNCTION!!!!!!! Better known as BB function!!!

You have to try it lor!!! I show you! Okay you see ah, my complexion as above.. Totally naked, it's not THAT bad if i must say? Hahahahah. But i do have very large pores (le sighhh..) and i have very bad dark eye rings and laugh lines and redness around the nose and mouth area. Also i have some dull uneven patches and blemishes but along the way i've been using skincare so it's been reduced but as you noticed, in pictures they are extremely obvious. Lol.

I'm going to apply the NEW Biore UV AQUA Rich watery essence with BB on the left side and compare!
Test on my hand first to show you the consistency.
Gentle swipe only and it spreads out super easily!!!
Spreads into a fine layer of velvety.. Powder? I don't know how to describe but after it was spread out my skin feels smoother!!! But also not the thick and cakey look that I don't really like. Totally not like most BB cream / sunblock which are usually greasy / sticky!

CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE?!?!?! I have the NEW Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence BB on the left side of the picture!!! Dark eye rings, GONE! Redness, GONE! Laugh line still have but lighten by a lot somehow!!! BUT BEST FOR ME IS.. LARGE PORES, INVISIBLE NOW!!!

Seriously i have never tried a sunblock that is of a high SPF (like above 35) and is not sticky / oily one, EXCEPT the Biore AQUA Rich series of course. So this product has high SPF of 50! And it provides long-lasting UV protection against skin aging UVA rays and skin burning UVB rays!

But that's already a given, right? That's sort of like the root of this product.

But now with the BB coverage.. you'd think it'd just get "heavier". But noooo!!! It's still super light-weight!!! But the coverage is as awesome!!! Look~!!!! Omg although i am very tired after a long day, i am still very passionate to share this with you =DDD

Close up : Left side with NEW Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence BB and right side as my skin is. Love that it has high SPF and superior UV Protection from the harmful sun T.T
Applied it on the rest of my face and this is what i get! Natural flawless coverage and brighter looking skin! No other makeup on except the NEW Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence BB!!!

Really quite surprised that this product is so light-weight loh!!! Given that the SPF is high + the coverage is quite good!!! And it's so easy to blend and spread on skin with no sticky after feel.

Has to be one of Biore's best-selling products from here on!!!

Bring it on, SUN!!! I am not afraid of you no more!!!

In fact, this new baby from Biore is so mild and refreshing (Contains NO fragrance / mineral oil), it is commonly used by the Japanese girls as makeup base!!!

And it's a perfect choice to be a makeup base becox it is has long-lasting oil control BUT is still hydrating to the skin!!! So oxidation of the makeup is minimized and makeup stays on flawless for a much longer period of time and there will be very minimal (almost non-existent) shine even at the end of the day!!!

PLUS, becox it's hydrating, the fine lines will be properly concealed with Hyaluronic Acid and Citrus essence in the powerful tube. And remember i said there's a powdery smooth and velvety finish to it?

It's cox it contains soft and fine brightening powder!!!! For the instant 3D brightening effect on the skin that gives the skin a soft glow and radiance!!! WHICH, also conceals (more of like even out) pores and fine lines!!!

So was i wrong to say that this product has multiple benefits?!?! =DDD I am totally right haha.

Applied it and went out for a day FULL of itineraries!

Went out like this~
Makeup base using NEW Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence BB! No photoshop on skin!!! Really is pores become invisible hor!
You mei mei ma? =))) Hahaha.

After a whole day of road trip excursion and walking and climbing up hills to touch magic tree (so that i get pregger luck O.O haha) and in and out of air-conditioned places in Japan.. I would think my face would turn dry as the rest of my body does haha. But it didn't =DDD

Still feels good and no dryness / no oil so no need to blot whole day!!! =DDD I guess this cute little pink tube of SPF / BB / Essence has a great way of balancing your skin condition and to bring out the best glow in you! =D

also quite happy my face never turned dull at the end of the day. Hahaha. You know last time i try before makeup base that basically.. (lol) disappear at the end of the day =__= Oxidise damn fast!!!

And the NEW Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence BB did a really good job with the oil-control AND hydrating at the same time!!!

Still super awed that something with such a light and natural texture can turn out so impressive!!! And it's not as if it's light until cannot cover anything! It covers my dark eye rings and redness perfectly!!!

Okay selfie time!!! Go try it for yourself when you see it =D
Oh one more thing nice about this product? It's so-many-in-one and you only need to bring this ONE product out and you get to enjoy superior sun protection + natural coverage + many other benefits we went through earlier haha. No need to apply so many layers of products until your skin cannot breathe!

Okay last shot!!! Haha ^.^ The NEW Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence BB is retailing at $19.90 and can be found at all major super/hyper markets and pharmacies.

If you'd like to find out more information about the NEW Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence BB, please visit the UV Essence BB page on..

Biore Website


Hanna Lei said...

I love BB creams -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiuqiu, will the product automatically blend in with our skin tone and do I need to use makeup remover if im only going to apply this product? :)

Anonymous said...

Qiu, may I know how you use this make up? Do I still need to apply foundation and loose powder on top of this ?

Anonymous said...

u look great in this hair colour :)

Anonymous said...

is ur ring from Citigems?? i have it too in rose gold! so pretty!