04 May 2014

Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild - SPGG

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Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild
1010 Dover Road, Singapore 139658
Tel: 6796 9988

Went to Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild openhouse the other day!!! Theme was Wild Wild West so i dressed up with my $2 cowgirl hat from Daiso hahah.

Given that i studied at SP (Singapore Polytechnic) before, i was very very shocked to know that such a fun place exist in my school since then!!! I mean i heard people talking about clubhouse before but i thought it's the place where every CCA has their mini private room and then just hang there to chit chat.

I didn't know it's an actual clubhouse with full facilities and all!!!

So i was really excited when i was invited to have a look around! =DDD

And it's my second time back in SP since i stop studying there! First time was to have a talk for the cool and nice students at DBIT! =D

One for memory sake =))) Did you know Wendy (Xiaxue) was also from Singapore Poly! Haha! Maybe all the cool people are from SP! Hahaha. Self-praise.

IS THIS FOR REAL i didn't know SP so cool one omg. Every level has facilities and function rooms for various events and leisure activities! OFF I GO TO EXPLORE~!!!
First thing by the entrance that i notice.. A JACKPOT ROOM!!!! Happening ah!!!

Cannot take picture inside so here's their official picture of inside the Jackpot room. They also have a room for table pool, darts, Karaoke and bowling!!! Of which the facilities are open to public but you have to make advance booking lah. Cox priority goes to club members!

I went to check out the bowling alley! Got some company event going on they booked the whole bowling alley haha. Quite fun to see them co-workers compete against each other!!! If you have a company event you may also contact SPGG for details lah!

Since there was the open house going on, there were a lot of happening and special showcases going on! One of it is this robotics showcase!!! It moves so swiftly the little girl kept running and jumping around to avoid being "caught" by the robotic snake hahaha. The robots are all made by the students of SP! Pretty impressive yes?!

Popped by their gym room and is quite amazed by the amount of equipment they have!!! This is just one part of the gym! It's a long gym i'd say! Haha. So expect a lot more on the other side, which i couldn't take cox got a lot of people using O.O I don't wanna invade their privacy when they are in compromising position hahahaha. Tsk. They are just lying down and sweating lol! But still ta-glam.

What's better than a good relaxing and comfortable session of suana / spa and jacuzzi after gyming..
The wellness room is just the place for you!!! SPGG has an awesome line up of the steam room, hot and cold spa pool, jacuzzi and sauna room in their wellness room!
What a pity i cannot enjoy the wellness room!!! But hey hey~ Arcade games i love i also hahah. There's a arcade corner for the young-at-hearts! With a good range of game machines to choose from! And right beside the game machine corner, there is the electronic massage chair area. I LOVE!!!
There are also many food and beverages choices within SPGG!!! Like The Restaurant i am in now. Haha. It's really call The Restaurant. They serve a range of Western and Asian themed buffet =D
A great place to fill your stomach and enjoy the cozy ambiance with your family / friends =)
After lunch i walk out and see this nice view. Sigh~ Life should be like this lor. One whole day at a clubhouse.. Just relaxing and chilling.. And eating O.O
And maybe for some of you.. Mahjonging hahah. They have mahjong rooms for booking at SPGG!
After school or after work, if you need some peace and quiet, and free wi-fi, you can head for the quiet room. I must be the most noisy person who ever went in there "EH I STAND HERE CAN?! OKAY OKAY HELP ME TAKE. WAIT WAIT, I NEED A BOOK TO POSE WITH. Sorry ah, may i borrow your book?" The people studying inside were just like o.O Lolol. SORRY! Lol.
I think the quiet room is not so much for me T.T Haha. I become a thorn in there omg. Lol. So maybe Coffee Hub is better! They serve super yummy local delicacies like mee rebus and SUPER GOOD nasi lemak etc there! And there's a book a corner! This place is great if you wanna chit chat or discuss project over a good lunch / dinner!!! =D
Getting food at The Coffee Hub..
MY SUPER YUMS NASI LEMAK!! The rice and the ikan bilis i major love!!! I wanted to order a second plate but Josh ask me to move along got more things to see for the clubhouse T.T Indeed! I been around to see so many facilities and all and i still wasn't done! There's still the carnival going on!!! Also.. More facilities uncovered! This clubhouse is awesome.
But first, i eat!!! =DDD My top is from rosebullet!!! Nice hor!!! =DDD Cap from Daiso.
Went to join the carnival and openhouse fun right after lunch!!! HELLO PONY!!!!! Her name is Moonlight and she is such a darling!!!!!!!! Super nice-tempered and friendly!!!!
Kudos to the SPGG peeps for bringing such a huge fun to the openhouse! There were a total of two ponies for the kids to ride on and adults to do picture-time with! Quite a sight!!! =DDD
Follow some of the kids to the playroom! It's a child-safe indoor playground and there's bouncy castle!!! And some kiddy rides hahah. The kids were having fun and i had fun watching them =)) You can throw a nice party for your kids if you want to!!! At SPGG! They have lotsa function rooms and event hall of various sizes for your special occasions.
One of the sample room with a small scale set up i went to. Great for seminars or a talks or demonstrations for product or service launches.
If you need board room meeting or banquet services.. SPGG have it covered too! At very competitive prices =D The roof terrace is also open for events!!! How nice you can throw your wedding dinner or throw a baby shower or celebrate your birtthday here!
And then i head for the carnival!!! First stop! Archery tryouts!!! =DDD
Got seh or not. Hahaha.
I thought i almost hit the yellow bulls-eye!!!! Cox it's right between the yellow and the red!!! But the instructor say i indeed hit the yellow!!! NOT BAD HOR!!!! =DDDDD
Was talking to Josh and he snapped this. Hahaha. I AM HAPPY when i see games.
Had myself some fun playing the carnival games though.. I did real badly hahah.
Cash machine for all to try!!!! Need to be so generous or not SPGG! Hahaha. FREE MONEY!!!
Check out their tennis court and a mini me~
Okay lah i end my tour already. Really can relax by the pool now. How come last time i didn't know got such good spot around SP lor!!! I would love to go chill there!!!
If you're keen to get membership for yourself and your family / friends to go enjoy the facilities and privileges at SPGG, or you wish to hold an event there, you could contact SPGG..

Membership Sales: joinus@spgg.org.sg

Thank you Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild House for having me!!! You guys really put up a great event!!! With all the music and performances and PONIES omg?! =D Looking forward to more cool events in the future~!!!!!!

One of me chilling at the poolside bar.....
Acting chio. Lolol.

Okay lah! Thank you for touring SPGG with me! There are some more facilities and places i didn't get to explore but if you're keen please visit their website or email them for more details! =D


TySh said...

I wish to someday enjoy leisure moments in a wellness center... Here in Portugal we actually have one of the best wellness centers of the Europe, in Estoril, near Lisbon (Portugal's capital) where I study. But it's somewhat expensive, so I won't go there... xD

Hanna Lei said...

It looks like so much fun! -Hanna Lei