27 June 2014

Curél ❤︎

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Sharing my new skincare favorites with your girls!!!

Developed from over 30 years of dermatological research and endorsed by over 4,000 dermatologists in Japan and Asia, Curél is Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin!

Curél provides all-rounded protection for our skin and frees people from sensitive skin woes with its advanced ceramide care technology. For you to appreciate the magic of Curél you have to understand what ceramide is and how it is essential to our skin.

Ceramide is a component of vernix caseosa, it's like a waxy or cheese-like white substance found coating the skin of newborn human infants. Adults have this waxy lipid molecules too, in the top layer of our skin. And this waxy layer helps our cells hold onto water, and replenish water!

As we all know, young and healthy looking has to be well-hydrated. But as we age, ceramide levels decrease and it leads to older-looking skin due to the lack of ablity to hold onto moisture =O

This is the reason why ceramide is a popular ingredient for anti-aging products.

You know how we all have been warned to not over-wash our face (or even body)? In case we wash off the "natural protective layer" of our skin, and that will cause more harm than good for us.

That layer is the ceramide layer!!!

As it also acts as a natural barrier to external irritants like dirt and pollutants.. Without it, our skin will be a lot more sensitive and prone to all the harmful particles that we are exposed to.

But then how not to wash our face?! We need to wash our face at least twice a day!!! AT LEAST! If not these shine and oil will go out of control one T.T

You know what causes pimples and acne?


Oil and the inevitable dirt we are exposed to.. Together they clog up our pores. And overtime, they become inflamed and then breakout into pimples / acne. I always have problem with oily skin. And fml, with age.. It becomes bigger a problem. I don't know why!! I think hormones T.T Lolol.

So my forehead and cheeks especially, oil up like nobody's business!!! Just the other day at Laurier filming, i was told by the director to blot my shiny forehead and cheeks like FIVE TIMES T.T Lolol.

If you, like me, have problem with OILY / ACNE-PRONE skin especially..

You have to try this new range from Curél =OOO It's actually one of my favourite skincare choice now cox it's so easily and quickly absorbed!

Oily skin is caused by excess sebum secretion. Not only is it major unsightly cox your face always shiny and oily and dirty looking O.O The excess sebum on skin that is not thoroughly removed can lead to black / whiteheads which in turn become inflammed and then become pimples T.T

Healthy skin has a pH level of 5.5. When the pH level of skin changes, excess sebum disintegrates into an unwanted substance that penetrates into the skin and causes skin sensitivity from within.

When the skin’s barrier function is weakened due to the lack of ceramide, it will be even more prone to the damage from disintegrated sebum.

Now you see the link?

To avoid oily skin (that will cause acne), we DO have to wash our face but along with time, we keep wearing our skin and the protective layer (ceramide) out and it doesn't replenish fast enough.

So now the important question is.. WHAT DO WE USE on our face so that could help us with oil-control + strengthen our skin protective layer (ceramide!!!)?

With Curél, we solve all problems associated with oily skin + prevent pimples from popping up!!!

You should look out for the whole range of products in stores! They even have lip essence balm (I NEED that!) but for now i'd share what i need most lah..

Oil control skincare T.T Haha. Say real one very sad. Last time my face is only dry. But now is more dry more oily. More oily more have millia seeds and pimples. LE SIGH.

And then i cannot use cream moisturizer cox it usually feels sticky =X and i don't like the feeling but most importantly, it will be too rich and thick for my skin type so end up it is not dry alright, but it feels damn oily with oil seeds like this.

Then i try skincare for oil-control.. End up my skin becomes too dry cox somehow i think the general idea of oil-control = wash and treat your skin until squeaky clean and dry lolol.

That is why Curél is perfect for me now!

Curél Sebum Care’s dual function to control sensitivity and sebum. Whole range of products works on TWO main concept!

1: Strengthening skin barrier function 

Understanding the importance of ceramide in skin, Curél has made ceramide the key ingredient for all its products. Its hydrating and penetrating moisture-retaining ceramide care is widely recognised by dermatologists in Japan and Asia. Apart from effectively restoring ceramide function in skin, Curél Sebum Care range also protects the skin’s natural ceramide while cleansing, effectively replenishes ceramide and retains moisture. When skin stays supple and fully moisturised, it is better protected against external irritants.

2: Oil and acne control

Using one of the main ingredients found in royal jelly (10-hydroxydecanoic acid) that is known for its inhibitory effect on excess sebum secretion, Curél developed its unique sebum zero-in control technology, which targets and regulates sebum excretion from deep within the skin to control the root of the problem. Curél Sebum Care range is also specially formulated to re-balance skin at its optimal pH level, preventing sebum from disintegration. Infused with antiphlogistic, an active ingredient that relieves inflammation, the range helps prevent the occurrence of acne as well.

Let's start with the Sebum Care Foaming Wash!!!
I LOVEEEEEE THIS foaming wash!!!

Especially love the after-feel of it!!! Though yes i loveee the fact that it is foam and is fun hahaha and really gentle on the skin with this soft foam cushion but it in fact IS gentle on skin cox it is formulated close to our skin's natural pH level!

It can effectively removes excess sebum without irritating the skin cox our skin will see it as its own and not as an irritant cox they are almost of the same pH ^.^ Plus point for the foam as it acts as a cushions against all the rubbing and tugging on our skin during cleansing =D

Okay lah i show you a close up of my skin lah okay. No edit T.T I purposely put on this makeup for the advert and then it was barely an hour.. And the oil can already be seen mixing with the makeup liao T.T Now i can see why the director keep asking me to blot the other day at the filming set hahah.
Gonna wash off the makeup and try out the range of products!!! =DDD
DONE! Two pumps, gently massage onto our face and rinse off. Super close up on my face 30 minutes after wash!!! Feels soft and smooth and for sure, not oily nor tight!!! Love how it leaves my skin a soft dewy feeling ^.^
You can see ah. No more oil shine~ And skin feels soft =D
Now to the Sebum Care Lotion ^.^

This lotion will help prepare our skin for better absorption for the other steps in our skincare routine. Like essence / moisturizer etc.

Best part i love about it?! Its NON-STICKY formula!!!

It's more or less like water!!!
Squirts out as water would!
Fresh from the pump onto my palm haha.
LOVE THE LIGHTNESS FOR SURE!!! But i love more, how refreshing it made my skin feels instantly!!! Like a cooling dose of morning dew on my face ^.^
And finally~! Sebum Care Moisture Gel
It's like liquid-based gel moisturizer except it's better cox it has oil-control function AND it helps strengthen our skin natural barricade to help prevent skin-sensitivity which in turns, both works to prevent pimples and acne *two thumbs up*
Dispense about 3 - 4 pumps..
Spreads super easily all over the face ^.^ This one also feels really light. I can feel it for about 10 seconds. Kinda like a layer of water, which quickly gets absorbed into the deeper layer of skin! And then your face turns into a matte piece of nothingness. Hahaha. Really cannot feel anything one!

My face right after patting on Curél lotion and moisture gel ^.^ This was 4pm okay.

I took a day to test and see how is the Curél Sebum Care range's ability to control oil and keep skin matte.. I did a quick 8 hour test. Hahaha. Okay so i take a picture every 1 to 2 hours lah.

This is 1 hour later..
2 hours later..
3 hours later..  And then sorry i never take for another 4 hours cox i forgot about the tracking during dinner and hangout with Josh to bring Ida and her bf Magna for local food hahahaha.
Our first stop!!! Frog leg porridge + oyster omelette + beef kway teow at Lor 9!

It is one of the most humid coffeeshop i've been to cox we were sitting right in front of where all the claypot porridge was stewing lolol. Really is hot die.

Then later we walk a few streets down for durian and mangosteen hahaha! It was fun to watch them try. And then walk somemore for soya bean curd, soya bean milk and youtiao ^.^

Got home first thing i did was to snap a picture of my face hahaha. That explains one strand of my hair falling out lolol. This was 11pm when i got home.
 And taken at 12pm. All i can say is.. NEXT TIME I SEE WHO STILL DARE TO ASK ME TO BLOT MY FACE!!! Lololol *hurt*

I'm gonna keep using this for 4 weeks!!! I think it will help with all the red marks and millia seeds and oil clogs i have on my face currently =(( As you all can see cox i never photoshop the skin lah.

Please try out the Curél Sebum Care range! ^.^ Together with the Lotion and Moisture Gel, these 3 products work hand-in-hand to protect, replenish and retain skin’s natural ceramide to maintain the skin’s barrier function to reduce skin sensitivity and to let our face say goodbye to oil-shine!
Curél Sebum Care range is the complete solution to the delicate problem of sensitive skin for oily and combination skin types as they are dermatologically tested, fragrance-free, colorant-free, alcohol-free, allergy-tested and non-comedogenic (do not clog pores)!
It is perfect for people with sensitive skin / oily skin / acne-prone skin!

Curél Sebum Care range is made in Japan and is now available in Singapore at selected Guardian and Watson’s stores. Prices range from S$19.80!


For those who would like to try out the products for yourself first..

You may get FREE SAMPLES from Curél!!! ^.^

To collect your free samples, as well as to keep up with updates and special promotions please like Curél on Facebook! ^.^

I'm gonna be using the Curél Sebum Care range to help control excess sebum and with my skin sensitivity issue! Will let you guys know the final results within four weeks! =DDD
 Good luck to having better skin!!! ^.^


Hanna Lei said...

The foam looks great -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

qiu qiu u look prettier <3

Gainbac How said...

Hi qui qui, about the products curél, do we need to put toner before the lotion or moisturizer?
Btw, my skin problem is worst then urs 1000x! And need to take medication on order to controls oily skin! I really hope this will help me!! How do u feel with the result now? If it's really helpful, I swear I'm going to buy it noatrer what! Cz I've spent dollars n dollars to "repair" my face....😭😭😭😭😭😭 thanks for ur info!
Btw, u r such a beauty!

Gainbac How said...

Hi qui qui, about the products curél, do we need to put toner before the lotion or moisturizer?
Btw, my skin problem is worst then urs 1000x! And need to take medication on order to controls oily skin! I really hope this will help me!! How do u feel with the result now? If it's really helpful, I swear I'm going to buy it noatrer what! Cz I've spent dollars n dollars to "repair" my face....😭😭😭😭😭😭 thanks for ur info!
Btw, u r such a beauty!

Alice Lee-Yang said...

I NEED THIS!! Thanks for sharing! I got a lot of millia seeds and quite sensitive skin. Gonna try this!