05 June 2014

Datsumo Labo - Bugis branch

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As all my readers would have known about Datsumo Labo and their affordable, effective and painless hair removal services.. I shall not go into details but a summary would be..

They are able to achieve the BEST RESULTS for you and your skin (to be hairless haha), at the LOWEST PRICE, using only the BEST QUALITY machinery and material.

As each time, for the past 5 or 6 times that i've shared about them and their new outlet.. THIS TIME, is also to inform you guys about their new outlet!!! Except this time i am MOST excited becox it's in BUGIS!!!!! =DDD I love Bugis everyone also know one lah. I grew up there hahah.

So much awesome shopping at affordable prices and so much good food to choose from in that area!

Bugis Cube, 470 North Bridge Road #03-23
Tel: 6338-7253

About the widest smile i could pull off since my rest-period for the surgeries haha. This is 1 month post surgery. Anyway the new Datsumo Labo outlet is at Bugis Cube so before this i had a really good lunch at Bugis Junction opposite only hahah. Sounds like a good plan on my every visit.
As usual, simple, clean and neat shop decor and design.. So that all the savings goes back as savings and cheap price plan for all Datsumo Labo customers!
Wall of fame with Miyake and Wendy!!! Hahaha! Everyone loves Datsumo Labo ^.^ Also, on the left are certificates for their service and their quality machines!
Basic and clean consultation area =)
GETTING READY!!! I love pink robes ^.^ The previous purple one i also love lah but pink i loveee!
Was really worried i'd look weird cox i still feel quite swollen on my lip and lower cheeks area. But turns out i look fine hahah. That, or Josh photography skills very good. Haha!
All things pink! With the superior soothing gel that Datsumo Labo uses.. That cost 5 times more than the gel most hair-removal salon uses =)
Getting ready for a relaxed session while they zap my hair away ^.^ Actually i got not much hair left..

Like i give you an example. Let's say last time my leg got like.. 500 strands of hair.

After the first treatment, when the hair grow out again.. It becomes only 100 strands grow out.

After the second treatment, maybe only 80 strands grows out..

This is just base on a assumption i start with 500 strands lah but i'm sure i started with way more than 500 on each leg hahaha. And even when they grow back, they grow back REAL SLOW.

Having my legs shaved =)
Gel being applied to protect my skin and ON TOP OF THAT.. TO GIVE ME SMOOTH SKIN AFTER TREATMENT!!! I am always freaking amazed by their gel! Really i can have smooth skin for 2 weeks after treatment!
ZAP ZAP. If they zapping doesn't emit light flash.. I don't think i'd know it zapped cox it's totally painless. At most i can feel is bouts of warm feeling.
Gentle, fast and efficient service from the staff. They are super considerate.. Will gently remind me of every step they do so that i won't get a shock when they touch a new spot.
Moving on to my pits which is mostly hairless now haha.
Josh caught the flash at just the very split second haha.
Smooth hairless arms, yes please, thank you! ^.^
I am probably asleep by this time O.O
They have cold towels to help you soothe your skin after treatment =)
Thank you Datsumo Labo! Congrats on your new branch opening!!! And i look forward to MORE!

They are expanding so fast not by choice but becox all the existing 6 outlets are not enough to cater to all their customers. And they are trying very hard to avoid disappointment of full-bookings..

So they are opening more branches in different convenient locations.

To make it more convenient for everyone, and to avoid over-bookings of any location.

Really happy for them that their good service from their staff, that the choice to use only the BEST material and machines, and the decision to keep their price low and competitive are paying off!

Thank you Datsumo Labo! =))) One with the friendly staff =)))

*** GOOD NEWS ***

Datsumo Labo is offering a 15% off for my readers! All you have to do is to mention my name ^.^ If you've been wanting to try out hair-removal services, there's no cheaper and better place to head other than Datsumo Labo ^.^ Don't wait! Email of call them now to book your appointment for FREE consultation first!

Bugis Cube, 470 North Bridge Road #03-23
Tel: 6338-7253

Congrats again, Datsumo Labo ^.^

To continue to serve you better, there will be a new branch opening on 28th June in Datsumo Labo Katong Branch!

And you may BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT online first! =D


Anonymous said...

You look so korean now! Your hard work is definitely paid off!

TySh said...

so skinny >_< please be healthy!

Hanna Lei said...

It looks so nice! -Hanna Lei

Azreena said...

Tell them to open in kl please

Anonymous said...

Can I just check with you..
In between your visits to the treatments, are you allowed to shave?

I heard from my friend who went for their consultation that you should not shave in between sessions (which is two months apart). That sounds like a reallyyy long time to not shave at all!!

Hope to hear from you soon!


JiAQi said...

Hi QiuQiu,

May I know where you got your floral lace top that your're wearing in this blogpost from?

Thank you very much. :)

JiAQi said...

Hi QiuQiu,

May I know where you got your floral lace top that you're wearing in this blogpost from?

Thank you very much. :)