20 June 2014

SIWW Post Event

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH for those who came down to pledge your support for Water.org!!!

Thank You to those who are nice enough to spare me 1 minute to hear me out quickly on what this campaign is about and for me to snap a picture with / of them to show their support for this cause!

THANK YOU to the ones who came just to say hi T.T You guys are too sweet =)))

But most importantly..

THANK YOU to the sponsors and organisers for raising this significant amount of $40,000 for the water cause!!! Yup!!! 40,000 pledges (likes) were gathered.. 15 days earlier than expected!!! =DDD

You readers and followers made this happen!!! ^.^ So thank you again!!!

You guys may check out www.campaign.com/SIWWPledge for all the pictures taken ^.^

One of the most fulfilling Saturday afternoon i'd ever had. Everyone gathering for briefing.
Group shot before we set off to spread the word for global water cause and to ask people to lend their support by taking a picture with the pledge lines! ^.^
OFF WE GO!!! ^.^
My first predator. Lolol.
Hello hello! ^.^ The first few people who turned up for pictures.
That's Jiamin and me haha but cannot see her face. She's damn nice still brought me gift O.O
With a random nice guy who were ready to pledge his support.

One thing i realise from spending the entire afternoon is that the public is mostly not open about being approached by a stranger (like me) lolol. I get a lot of "Don't want, don't want", "It's okay", "I'm in a rush" and one even told me "I donated already" hahahah, before i could say anything.

Most of them are said with hand gestures asking me to go away O.O Haha.

It's okay becox i can understand they probably thought i wanted to sell them something lol.

BUT! The huge relief i have is that almost EVERY SINGLE ONE, who gave me that few seconds to a minute, to explain what i am doing and why i am doing it.. THEY WILL ALL PLEDGE THEIR SUPPORT =)))

They be like "What is this about? Ohh.. Okay!" So after i explain what the campaign is about, everyone then become very open to show their support =DDD

Thank you!
As the day goes on =) I met more and more people, and had the chance to pass on information and create more awareness. Each of them gets a card to visit the website to check out their picture pledge, as well as to find out more details and information about the campaign =D
Sorry ah gonna spam pictures..

These are not even all that i have =OOO Can you imagine how many people pledged their support?! And i am just one person! There were also other bloggers and YOURSELF out there to spread awareness! So i think.. Together, we can. We can make a difference in improving the situation!

One of the sweetest little girl i've met =D She's so obliging and friendly and cute and PRETTY! I was explaining to her mother about the campaign and this little girl volunteered ^.^
Saw this two young girls looking real happy =) They were so ready to help by pledging!
Smile and snap~! THANK YOU! ^.^ You both, for being one of the sweetest people that afternoon!
And then this Ben come and 抢地盘 with me *angry* Lolol.
*shoves* LOL. Kidding lah. It looks like i am shoving the pledge card into this gentleman's hands hahaha. But i am not lah okay.
Some of the pictures from my camera and from the official photographer following me!
Sharing with this couple about water challenges globally and the simple things we could do to help =)
Honored to be able to do this and for being able to reach out to more people !!!
Some times i see couple-couple then i don't photobomb them lah. Hahaha. I just speak with them about the campaign and let them have their own pictures taken.
Info card for the campaign (www.campaign.com/SIWWPledge) and for them to see all the pictures! You could check out the website as well!!! ^.^ All the pictures are there!
Sweet lady =)
This little girl so cute!!! Hahaha. So proud to show her pledge hor.
One with the friendly mummy and kids ^.^
Eat snake eat snake. Lolol.
Ben and i werking it~! Haha!
We very responsible one.. Before we shift off to another location in Bugis.. We inform Twitter LOL.
One more explanation and info-sharing about water challenges and tips to help.. With a mommy =))
Take one together~

I am so glad that that day i met mostly nice people ^.^
This uncle was also real nice to come up to show his support for the water cause, after he overheard what i said to the others before him =)
One with the board to show my support also haha O.O
And off i carry on to work!!! =D
CUTEST FAMILY i ever met!!! =DDD The lady in yellow dress kept joking and they were the one who volunteered to pledge their support haha ^.^ So cute one hor.
Uncle and auntie who also volunteered to pledge their support =DDD
*blink blink* at 5pm.. I PLEDGE TO USE WATER WISELY.. I have been!!! =DDD Sorry ah side-track. Hahaha. My top chio hor!!! $5 only =OOO Bugis Street.
A picture with the young lady and man who ran around wherever i go =') Thank you both!!!
Madeline and i ^.^

My experience about this event can be summed up in one word!!!


Bloggers at Bugis and Orchard Road met up and interacted with nearly 1000 people. Imagine the number of people we spoke with and share knowledge about water cause with =D

THANK YOU.. To the thousands of people who have pledged that day.

But if you want to..


Though the target has been hit, you / your friends / family may continue to take the pledge to support this cause and try to raise more pledges as possible to spread awareness of pressing water issues.

Thank you again for pledging if you already did! If you have yet to, you know where to "surf" to!

I would also like to thank the sponsors and organisers for raising the money

Here a quick message from the sponsors / organisers =)

Irrelevant to the post but i was waiting for my food after work haha.

Alright! I leave you here.. If you need, these are the links for your convenience!

To check out the pledges :


Water.org for more information! ^.^


Hanna Lei said...

You and the first girl look alike! -Hanna Lei

SY said...

I dunno why but I kinda feel that you look abit like Han Ga In after your recent surgery. XD

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Great job, Qiu! Singapore really needs to have more causes like this. It reminds us to use water wisely indeed!

Anonymous said...

Your selfies look really nice I'm sure cos of the camera angles... but your face in some of these pix taken by other people from afar look so weird not sure why leh... hope will look better n more natural soon with time! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Qui,

i like your skirt. where did you bought it?


Kelvin S. said...

Hi QiuQiu, may I know where to get the photo taken?
I'm that random nice guy XD

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the pink bag?