03 July 2014

Birthday @ The Sultan (1)

Check-in to The Sultan hotel for my birthday celebration weekend and was really happy to be back cox they hosted me so well for my bachelorette party and birthday last year!!!

I chose to go back this year not just becox they are an awesome host (they are for sure!).. But becox the location is just SO convenient and the shophouse boutique hotel experience is quite unique! With so much good food and entertainment around the hotel and this time i realise, within the hotel too ^.^

Walked into the room and got a pleasant surprise!!!!! =OOOOO The hotel people decorated the room so nicely for me i am very touched!!! ='DDD

I actually did this party PURELY and purely becox i happen to buy lotsa wigs online few months ago, cox they are sooooo cheap O.O Like $3 per wig hahaha. So i just buy them and then when i was planning what to do for my birthday, 2 weeks before my birthday, i decided to do a wig party! =D

And also i like gathering with friends and family to do nothing but just enjoy each other's company!

So i didn't expect anything so "happening" haha. In fact just for the purpose of making the room more "celebratory" looking, i went to a party shop and buy 10 helium balloons hahaha! Lol! And some bunting flags cox i LOVE bunting =)))

But i guess the nice people at The Sultan planned it before me ^.^ Thank you!
Bouquet for the birthday girl haha! ME~ ^.^
Pompom flower balls =))) Makes the party looks fun and girly instantly~!

If you're keen to throw a party for your special occasion at The Sultan, they have a affordable party packages that are all-inclusive and they start from $550 only =O

Packages are inclusive of but not limited to:

- 1-night’s stay in a Loft Suite

- Decorations for room

- Cake

- Drinks AND MORE!

No need to worry about the hassle of preparing for a party haha! Be like me loh, walk in and be surprised ^.^ Haha! Birthday also can, bachelorette also can, anniversary also can! Anything goes!

Charmaine (the in-charge) was soooooo nice and accommodating (geddit hahaha) she also offered me another room for all my guests to place their stuff and for me to rest at night =))) Love how NOT ONE SINGLE ROOM IS THE SAME at The Sultan! ^.^
QQ balloons for QiuQiu (vomit. Lolol. Me lah) ^.^ 讲真的 i gag a little bit when i say QiuQiu lolol. It's so act cute?!?!?! People call me is okay (they call me QiuQiu chan is the best LOL) but when i say it myself i'm just like *shiver + goosebumps* lolol.
Roses for the birthday girl, also thanks to the superb hotel team ^.^
Got look like Mickey Mouse not haha!
Very cute customised chocolates with gifts and card from Chocoelf, with my face printed on it! Thank you Alice! ^.^
Xie xie! Hen ke ai ^.^
Nah, eye candy (on many levels) for you all. Haha. But most of the selection are sugar-free though they taste as good if not better than most gourmet chocolate!!! =DDD
Went right beside the hotel for super fulfilling local lunch with Josh and Sam ^.^ They have pretty good tulang (if you're into that sort of thing) and maggie goreng!!! AND NUGGETS! Hahahah. So happy Sam came early to help out. Though after that her and Josh keep asking me is it my other friends not coming anymore =__=" Lolol. Hate them.
Snap OOTD outside the hotel cox quite nice lah, all white haha.
Hairband - Bugis Street $1
Necklace - VINCI
Top - Bugis Street $5
Shorts - Japanese label
Shoes - Jelly Bunny I think about $15 after discount
Went back to the room and make use of their free wifi to do some work haha.
And then to admiring the artwork and effort within the room haha. I remember feeling very grateful.
Thank you Agnes b for sending me this bag =D
Dinner time at a French restaurant call Toots Brasserie within The Sultan =DDD
The setting was really nice and cozy. I was told they serve classical French home-fashioned cooking with a modern twist! So quite excited to have dinner started ^.^
Friends from Norway i met in Korean at Big John's ^.^ Magna and Ida =))) I love Ida!!! Going painting with her today lolol. She likes to do.. Pretty unique things. Like yoga and trekking and cooking O.O I can't do those but hey, i used to get "A" for art so i think i can do painting with her!
Everyone at dinner ^.^ We switched Mike's seat with Samantha cox both Mike and Magna are in the robot / engineering field hahaha. So i guess they have lots in common to share about.
Country-style Pork Collar Terrine! For those who likes it simple and home-style! But with LOTSA flavour!!!
MY GARLIC BUTTER FROG LEG!!!!! I LOVE THIS SOOOOO MUCH!!! It's so fragrant and even the after-taste is super good. Kinda leave you wanting more!!! Fantastic appertiser and portion is major generous ^.^ I shared mine with Josh ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎
One of my favourite dish of the night for sure!!! Definitely going back for this!!! YUMMY GARLIC BUTTER SAUCE GET INSIDE ME NOW!
Foie gras! Left is Terrine of Foie Gras with Umeshu!!! Super unique right? Right is Deep-Fried Foie Gras with Seared Watermelon with Balsamic reduction! I got the watermelon one which adds a refreshing touch to the course!
Everyone who chose this main (the Beef Cheek Bourguignon) loves it! Too bad i don't take beef but they say it's really tender and simmered until super 入味.
One thing i learnt from dinner at Toots Brasserie is not to be greedy! Hahaha. THIS IS TOTALLY FOR TWO PERSON! Haha. Josh ask to share with me initially but i said no i don't like to share =X Lolol. End up this dish has like a whole Duck Leg Confit, Streaky Braised Bacon, Homemade Pork Garlic Sausage along with many other side dishes!!! Just soooo much meat in one bowl! Love how there are different texture in this dish alone! Please share okay =X One person cannot finish one!
Everyone say FLOWER~~ Hahah.
Yutaki who came gamely for the wig party hahaha.
Magna who is like 193 or something and Yutaki who is 187 or something! And hahahah Wendy damn on also. Even removed her wedges hahaha!
Dessert time!!! But first make a wish!
Not sure what's so funny but i know bottom picture someone say "Wish you get triplets okay?!" I WAS LIKE =DDDDD Hahahaha. Dog face. Lolol.
One of the happiest and unhappiest birthday i ever had in over a decade =') EMONESS ASIDE HOR.. I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU.. PARDON MY CHOICE OF LANGUAGE.. BUT THEIR CAKES ARE FUCKING GOOD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
This nutty caramel!!!!!! One of my favourites!!!!!! Oh god i cannot i need to go back to buy somemore. They so near my parents place anytime i can go back and buy!!! =DDD
Everyone's favourite =OOOO Their cheesecake!!! I ALSO MAJOR LOVE! Cannot decide love which one more!
More cakes and pastries for everyone which are all good but i have my preferences hahaha ^.^ I also love the tartlet!!! It's berry and lemony very refreshing and light!!! =DDD I give all their cake super high ratings cox it's all really gourmet and solid! Flavours are out to nail!!! IN LOVE!
Me and my Josh =)))
Ida be like okay snap finish please let me try hahaha.
Hahah us ^.^
One with Chef Jason Wong =D Thank you for hosting us so well!!! I'd be back with more friends soon! Love the atmosphere, awesome service and the food + dessert =))) Definitely would make a good night out with friends.
Me stealing the balloons for a shot outside Toots Brasserie hahaha ^.^ It's mine already lah.

If you wanna try out the food and spend some cozy moments at Toots Brasserie, good news is they are having a promotion! For just $18.90 you get to enjoy a 2-Course set lunch!

So you get a Main Course + Appetiser or Dessert for $18.90 only!!!

Don't think you can try out good standard French cuisine at such a posh set up at this price anywhere else haha. So set your lunch date there! You gotta make your appointment at 62920740 though =D

With everyone ^.^ Thank you!!!
Thank you again Toots Brasserie ^.^ I'd find my way back on my own real soon =D

Will share more soon! ^.^ Hope you're ready for crazy wig pictures hahaha.


Hanna Lei said...

Happy Birthday to you! Looks like fun :) -Hanna Lei

Christianne said...


The food looks soooo goood!!

*waiting patiently for wig pictures* :3

p.s. eh sorry ah, in my head I keep pronouncing your name as QQ.. as in Q. Q. lololol so it sounds like CUTE CUTE. ok I stop now hahaha bai!

Tenshi Chn said...

Happy Birthday QiuQiu!

Love your post! Haha.. So happy!


Natsumi Miyata said...

aww bless!!! Happy Birthday Hun! i Love your blog. xxo mwah


Alice Lee-Yang said...

Hope you are feeling better already!! And hope everyone in the family is doing good esp Pearl and papa Ang!

On another note, Yay so happy so many pics of the pralines, i love all and need to steal......erm i meant borrow them can ah? Thanks thanks!!!

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Forgot to mention that i love the whole outfit on you and am going to try hunting for the top in Bugis St heheh.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you eat beef again??

Veron said...

Hi, may i know where you purchase the cheap wigs from?? Please let me know.. Im interested in getting it for my company D&D... :)

enthusiastontherun said...

ahahahahahahaa!! I'm so sorry for laughing...wendy looks good as always, but, she looks incredibly tiny next to the two tall guys! so cute <3