07 July 2014

Birthday @ The Sultan (2)


Continuing from day 1 i checked into The Sultan hotel ^.^

Super major love this colour of wig it's like a icey shade of blue/ green! Wanted to wear it for the rest of the night haha! In fact, i ALMOST wanted to decide to dye this hair colour next =OOO But ney~~
Necklace from Vinci in Malaysia.
My super super beautiful room =DDD Thank you good people at The Sultan for doing these up =DDD If you guys wanna hold your parties there, note that package range from $550 and it includes: 1 night stay at the Loft Suite, decoration, cake, drinks and more!!! Freaking worth it!
阿呆 ^.^ Haha!
Me and crazy Sam hahaha wearing crazy blue wig. I do honestly like her blue also but it is soooo messy but when she ask me if it's nice i say it's nice lah HAHAH but she look like siao char bor LOL.

Went to Sing Jazz with the Norwegian couple, Sam and Josh after dinner!!! They only recently opened! You could find out who's performing from their Facebook page! They have reknown jazz artists to perform and if you like to lounge and listen to jazz music.. This will be a good hangout!
 Hahahaha look at how spontaneous and fun their bartender and staff are!!!
It's a rooftop bar and jazz club. There's outdoor seating as well =)
What a beautiful place =O
Our welcome drinks~!!! Bright and Fruity Strawberry Mint Lemonade! Super refreshing with a good touch of strawberry and lemon!
Kifir Lime Sour! It's a whisky base cocktail! Everyone finds it too strong and manly hahahaha EXCEPT Josh =_=" He say he likes it cox the aftertaste is great.
PEOPLE'S CHOICE! Pineapple Sunset Over The Blue Chardonnay Lagoon =O I LOVE THIS ONE AH!!! It's fruity and subtly sweet working in harmony with chardonnay~ Ladies should all try this!
Sorry ah let me hao lian a bit. This one no edit at all on my face~ =DDD I think the V-Line surgeries are working out great for me hahahah! And!!! LOVE THIS PINK LYCHEE POP! Actually i love the lychee (2 in each cocktail lolol) so i had another drink cox i want the lychee hahah!
But this awaits me hahahah. I actually didn't know what it is cox i noobshit never go clubbing / pubbing before lol. But i think Samantha cannot wait for it. The bartender say it's a birthday MUST-HAVE hahaha! So okay lah just try!
Pose for a picture~
We were told to move back just a little bit and then OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED HAHAHAHHA. The whole thing just become damn chio and is on fire. Lolol. I make a wish and then blow out the remaining fire and make a birthday wish hahaha ^.^ Quite interesting!!!

First up Samantha who changed into a less crazy wig hahaha. Cox she say she is a purple girl.
And this guy i don't know him. Sorry. LOL. What the heck Josh really is let me have it my way on my birthday! Hahaha! Somemore fhl he choose something so realistic and believable lolol.
Ida with crazy wig hahahah. I think she looks a little like Katy Perry haha!
AND WHAT THE HECK MAGNA HAHAHAHAHHAHA. SIbeh sensual and sexy hahahaha!

Prettiest girl of the night goes to him i think. Hahaha. He say he looks like his sister when he wears a wig but then the sister is not THAT ugly hahahahahah!

Wendy and boobage!!! Hahahaha! Okay lah don't like this people super wholesome mother. But i think a bit of sexy is okay!!! Lolol!

西瓜头 werking it real hard hahahaha! Shuyin super 投入角色 her clothes also matchy lolol!

Yutaki and his platinum blonde wig hahaha. Quite cool hor he came like this in all washed out white! But somehow look like over-zealous PAP hardcore supporter hahahahaha.

And finally me~! =D

Hahahaha Josh looks like one of his sister for real omg i cannot tahan.
YOOHOO LOVE MY NEW HAIR DO?! I from straight pink go to afro pink lol!
Piling on each other on the bed haha!
The guys being sporting!!! =DDD Hahaha. Actually Mike looks really pretty haha!!!
Ida and Magna got a bubble machine for the party!!! Hahaha!
A romantic bubbly couple shot with the bubbles lol!
HELLO~!!! I AM 21 AGAIN~!!! I don't know how long more i can be 21 omg hahahaha. But it's just if you don't look older than 21 then you just really shouldn't increase your age! Unless you're filling out official forms. In fact i feel for all the stupid membership cards you should just fill in 21! Who cares? Lolol. YOU TELL ME I GOT LOOK OLDER THAN 21?! Don't have lah! It's my birthday, i say don't have means don't have *stares* You want to die? Lolol.
Me with my girlfriend =))) Hahaha!
And one more~!!!
Clock strikes 12 and then i get to make a birthday wish =))) Thank you Yutaki for the mango cake you ran everywhere to get =))) I would have been happy with ANY cake you got! Unless it's a chocolate cake then your outfit won't be all white anymore =)) LOL. I was just thinking like chocolate cake really too common it shouldn't be a birthday cake lah. Lol.
The only one who can maintain looking fresh for pictures after a whole evening and night! Hahah!
Feels good not having to photoshop yourself nor your friends. Haha!
Them girls eating cake and chilling. Samantha....... I don't know what she's doing. She has a kian pa face in this picture hahaha.
Mike loving the pink afro hahaha.

Okay ah! Thank you again The Sultan for hosting the wig party!!! =DDD

Thank you everyone who came and gamely put on crazy wigs!!! Extra points for the boys who put on girly wigs hahaha! I think you noticed MOST of my blogger friends were present at the wig party..


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HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA SOPHIE WHY YOU SO CUTE AH?!?!??!?!?!?!?! Sophie the chio Eurasian as a kid looking like a queen with those yellow brown wig hahahahahahahahaha.
 Too cute and funny omg i cannot. Thank you for your involvement Soap. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe you didn't understand back then why you have to wear this wig, now you do. LOL.


Hanna Lei said...

Sophie is so cute haha -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Wow at Josh's pic... strange that it looks soooo natural WTF! By the way, may I know what website did you buy all these awesome wigs from?


Alice Lee-Yang said...

The cocktails look super yum! And Josh with his "toothache pose" omg 😂. I think the pink afro wig looks best on u compared to it on others. Lol may b cos the 形象 very 'you'! 😁

Alice Lee-Yang said...

The cocktails look super yum! And Josh with his "toothache pose" omg ��. I think the pink afro wig looks best on u compared to it on others. Lol may b cos the 形象 very 'you'! ��

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I like that afro-alike pink wig! LOL.