23 July 2014

Clozette - Flower Power Treasure Hunt

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Back with exciting giveaway from Clozette!!!

The fashion and beauty inspiration community is getting more and more active!!! I see a lot of people posting their OOTDs and fashion wants and beauty needs on Clozette! Kinda like a inspiration board!

Loving the spirit and chioness! =DDD

This time Clozette is giving away 3 X Gucci Flora Perfume!!!

And it's major easy to win!

All you gotta do is to find all the below 4 items listed in the inspired look!!!
Top and Skirt (find it under Clozette's Clothing Community)
Shoes (find it under Clozette's Shoes Community)
Fragrance (find it under Clozette's Fragrance Community)
A total of four items to hunt for! To get started..
Follow these simple steps to log yourself in HERE to play!!! Log in and fill in your contact details so that Clozette can contact you if you’re their winner =DD Create the Flower Power collection and click on the individual communities links to start hunting!

Once you've registered to play for the treasure hunt, all that's left is to get down to hunting! Haha!

I started with finding the top and skirt at the Clothing Community cox there's TWO items to search for there so i reckon i should start with the most challenging one. Hahaha.

Found the top so effortlessly hahahah! Before i got to that, i had a fun time browsing all the other fashion inspiration posted by the rest of the Clozettees!!! Haha! So it's quite a good find!
- - - - - - - -
SPOT THE SKIRT~!!! And noticed some gorgeous runway gown. Hahaha. Anyway REMEMBER to add the items you found, to Flower Power collection (you'd already set that up when you log yourself into the game, it's in step 3 haha! Now just hover over the picture to add!
- - - - - - - -
WOOT WOOT! I found the pair of shoes too~!!! =DDD Added it to my Flower Power collection..
- - - - - - -

JENG JENG JENG~ Found Gucci Floral perfume~!!! Added that too, to my flower power collection!

And when i'm finally done~!!! THIS IS HOW MY PROFILE LOOKS LIKE haha! Woohoo~!!! Found all 4 items by myself okay. Lolol. Very easy one lah, basically just browsing the community.

NOTE: Remember that you can only ADD+ the 4 items from the original Clozette-related accounts (For eg: ClozetteXXX, ClozetteABC). Adding the items from other Clozette users will not qualify you for the draw~

So good luck to your search for the 4 hidden items in Clozette’s Fashion and Beauty Community!!! Remember to ADD+ them into the Flower Power collection okay =D

Hope you get to win the Gucci Flora Perfume!!! Alright! There are three bottles to be won!!!


P/S: Reminder for those who joined the last giveaway that i shopped for you guys in this post, please check out the comments on the items and see if you've won the ADIDAS watch and other items!

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