14 July 2014

Datsumo Labo @ Parkway Parade (Katong)

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WOOHOO~! Another new outlet from Datsumo Labo!!!

All thanks to the support from you guys (and girls of course hahaha)!

Hair removal treatment at Datsumo Labo is no doubt of high standard and has proven for itself to deliver superb results with the best technology and material. But now i think about it..

The true success i guess is their never-ending dedication to make things good and better for their clients. And it's not by adding in unnecessary gimmicks or designs for the shop. But to keep it up with the good work and to improve on the areas they can AND to keep the cost low for us.

For real i walk-in to the Datsumo Labo new outlet at Parkway Parade and overheard their consultant telling a new customer during their consultation to not rush into signing a package with Datsumo Labo if she is not sure, and advice her to just try out for the first time at the promo rate and see if she likes the result first O.O

WHAT THE HECK hahahaha. I seriously never seen such honest and confident policy.

So when they say no hardselling, no gimmicks, they mean it.

They just want to help us girls painlessly, effortlessly remove hair. LOL. 他们的心愿很简单 haha!

Parkway Parade mall #05-12
Tel: 6447 0018
Booking HERE.
Details on how to get there HERE.
And becox i LOVE the result every single time with Datsumo Labo, here i am~ =D CONGRATS ON NEW SHOP OPENING!!!! This is their 6th outlet in Singapore and counting!!!
❤︎ Everything pink ❤︎
Pink-hair Wendy too! Haha!

Distinctive basic and comfortable decor.
Josh helped me snap this picture and he must have told me when he's snapping "你不要喊啊" LOL he told me not to scream ah. I was still thinking why the heck would he ask me not to scream.
I TURN AROUND TO THE CUTEST BEAR EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!! I didn't scream!!! I squealed!!! Hahahah! =DDD This is the mascot icon for Datsumo Labo!!! Flown in all the way from Japan!!!
Everyone please meet Bihakuma!!!!! Her name means 美白熊, pretty white bear Haha ^.^
BIG HUGGGGG!!! =))))) She's too sweet lah omg!!
"Welcome to Datsumo Labo~" ^.^V
Pink, clean and simple! No extravagant stuff = customer pay less! =D
Sharing about how i don't have to do for my arms anymore cox after 2 treatments.. All my hairs are mostly gone. So i decided to skip my arm this time! The hair like never grow back much anyway!
After just 2 treatments! No freaking hair! I'd say 95% of my arm hair gone!!!
CAMHO TIME WITH BIHAKUMA before my treatment! ^.^
NAwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Her face!
And treatment for the back of my leg starts first! They are using only the most-advance and preferred machine and material! They don't mess around with this cox this is one of the secret to why they are so popular! Cox it's affordable and effective!
More of people working on me in my life pleaseeee. The luxury of not caring, just enjoying.
They are super efficient and very polite omg. I am...... I am probably asleep lol.
Nothing much for her to shave anymore hahahaha.
Did my second or third treatment with my belly!!! I can now wear cropped top freely hahaha!!
While the Datsumo Labo girls work.. I camho!!! =D
And again~ And within 20 minutes.. I'm done!!!
Thank you everyone! Group shot with the super sweet girls who did my treatment and were so easy to talk to! =D Thank you both! ^.^
One with Janice!!! Always happy to see her hahah!
Me and Bihakuma ^.^ CUTE BU CUTE!
She be like "What?" Hahah! I WANNA BE ALL OVER YOU BIHAKUMA!

Okay!!! So east-siders take note~ For your convenience, Datsumo Labo now has this outlet at Parkway Parade (Katong!) so you don't have to travel to all their central outlets for your treatment!

Wanna try out their hair removal services??

There is currently a PROMOTION!!!

For the month of July, you may enjoy their awesome treatment at $49 for any two areas!!! =OOO

You just have to quote my name "QIUQIU" to enjoy the promotion!!! =DDD

That's freaking affordable and you get to enjoy the hairless-ness for like what, 1 - 2 months at least?! Imagine no shaving, no plucking, no waxing for 1 - 2 months. And have your skin smooth and soft from the technology and good material used at Datsumo Labo.

If you always have a problem with body hair then please, do something about it, it's not hard!!! It's effortless. For real you just lie there, people solve your problem for you while you sleep hahaha.

More details for the newly opened branch at Katong Parkway Parade! Find out their opening hours, how-to-get-there and more!
CHUUUUUUU~!!!! ^.^ So happy to finally see Bihakuma!!!

Good news for townsetters! Hahah!

Somerset Orchard Central branch will be opening soon on 19th July!!

This will be Datsumo Labo's 7th outlet in Singapore!!! You could do advance booking for this awesome location!!! So don't wait, be hairless and carefree today, quick!!! =DDD

CONGRATS AGAIN TO DATSUMO LABO FOR THE SUCCESS OF YOUR GROWING NUMBER OF OF OUTLETS!!! You guys are indeed the best and the most affordable!!!

For Datsumo Labo!

They are looking for their new image girl! If you wanna be seen island wide through-out their outlets, and enjoy awesome privileges (all participants by default enjoy one free treatment while the winner will have a special prize different from the rest) AND will be featured island wide.

The exposure is great lah! I am so jealous! Haha! Join now! Myself, Miyake and Wendy will be among the judging panel! And we look forward to seeing you! ^.^V


Hanna Lei said...

I need to do laser treatment! -Hanna Lei

Sarah Yaya said...

Waah, this is perfect!
They must come to Europe, we have excess hair here too... ;_;