16 July 2014

Results with CURÉL

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I'm back with review from using Curél for more than 2 weeks!!!

From my previous post for Curél i already shared that Curel is the NUMBER 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin! And its new launch of Sebum Care Series has also received overwhelming response in Japan! For three main reasons!!!

1) IT CONTROLS OIL (No more oily skin!)



Curél skincare products has over 30 years of dermatological research and the brand is endorsed by over 4,000 dermatologists in Japan and Asia! This is a huge achievement that speaks for itself!

And if you're too lazy to read my previous post, how Curel products are able to deliver those results is through advanced ceramide care technology.

This is me about two weeks ago as you guys have seen in the blogpost probably. OIL ALWAYS CAKE UP MY MAKEUP AT THE END OF THE DAY T.T Sad max.
My skin 2 weeks ago.. Before i discover Curel, there were red bumps, millia seeds and some pimples T.T

Millia seed (油泡) is caused by excess sebum secreted by our skin and when it's excessively oily, it will trap dirt and clog pores with dirt / makeup.. So if you want much lesser millia seed / blackhead / whitehead, you gotta first watch the oil!

To to that you might think the easiest way is to wash your face more often, right?

But the "natural protective layer" on our skin will be washed off! And this will cause skin-sensitivity! Cox our skin will be exposed to dirt and pollutants from outside.

But what if i tell you Curel Sebum Care range is your answer to this viscous-cycle of oily / sensitive skin! All thanks to their advance ceramide care technology!

Not only does the product have oil-control abilities, it allows you to wash your face without washing off your ceramide layer + replenish ceramide for you! Ceramide is the natural barrier our skin has to protect us from external pollutants, so there you have. One product, two HUGE benefits that will solve most of your skin woes..

CUREL~ It helps to remove excess sebum + replenish and maintain ceramide!

You can tell from my forehead, nose and cheeks that the millia seed caused by excess oil are all reduced!!! =DDD Skin is less bumpy now LOVE IT~!!!
I won't say i hiam my face a lot before but i do wish my millia seed problem and oily skin problem can be solved!!! This was my skin after first usage of Curél! ^.^ Already feels really dewy and fresh!

So if you guys and girls want to have clean, clear and smooth complexion without bumpy flaws and sensitive redness.. Then you must have oil-control for you skin!

Cox in cases where your skin is exposed to aircon / cold and dry conditions, and you have always have problems of oily skin, the excess sebum secretion will affect your skin unfavourably!

Excessive sebum changes into a stimulating component in dry sensitive skin (which already has insufficient ceramides and poor barrier function) and it does not only enter the skin surface but goes deep down into the horny area! And you don't want those to happen cox that's when you have ultra sensitive skin + deep-rooted acne and skin problems.

Clear, oil-free and healthy skin like this is easy and quick to achieve!

Some tips i have for you girls with oily / sensitive skin!

- Sebum is neccessary (just watch the amount~!) - Try to sleep regularly and not stay up wayyyy pass your bedtime cox staying up late also causes excessive sebum secretion. NOW WE KNOW WHY I GOT PROBLEM hahaha!

- Improve lifestyle habits - Don't wanna nag anyone just like i don't like to be nagged but a very easy way to improve the issue of excessive sebum secretion would be to work on your diet choices! Don't have to be to extreme on this lah, just MORE greens, LESS golden brown (deep fried haha).

- Skincare routine - You have to start by looking at your cleanser! Gotta void those that leaves a dry tight and squeaky (xiap xiap) feeling on your skin. Cox those makes your skin feel clean for i'd say 30 minutes, but in actual fact, you'd notice it's drying out cox it removes all the sebum which is not good! Cox as i shared earlier, sebum is necessary! Try the Curel Sebum Care Foaming wash. It's gentle for sensitive skin + it removes just the right amount of sebum, and it maintains your skin natural protective layer! =D Oh even with this good facial wash, please do not wash your face more than 3 times a day okay! ^.^

- Constant Moisturising - We all know during cold and dry period, moisturiser is essential but even during the hottest, most sunny period (for some of you who have summer in your country, for Singaporeans, our everyday weather hahah), DO NOT FORGET TO MOISTURISE!

Moisturising your skin keeps it hydrated and eased, thirsty skin tends to work toward producing more oil for your skin! That's just our skin being helpful. So don't let that happen. Haha!

So much talk about skincare routine and moisturizing, okay lah let me share with you the simple steps to my skincare routine ^.^

After washing your face, apply the Curél Sebum Care Lotion water! It leaves your skin matt, refreshed and dewy! So you feel fresh and clean all time =D
The texture is so light, almost like water in fact! So light that you can barely see it once you applied it. Gets absorbed really fast into your skin!!! =D
And then apply the Curél Sebum Care Moisturising Gel! You have to try this for yourself! It's liquid gel like and it feels pretty good on your skin!
And you're done! Now your skin is protected from excess oil production and well-moisturised! No sticky feeling, no oily-out, no dryness / tautness!
Oh wait. Almost forgot to show you my facial foam! Hahah it's been in the bathroom cox i use it every day and night! Curél Sebum Care Foaming Wash! You can check out my previous post to see how the foam comes out! ^.^
There is it! Hello from my bathroom haha! Love how it leaves my skin feeling clean and super refreshed! AND it's gentle on my face! Cox it's in foam form. Haha ^.^
If you have acne / pimples / oily skin and skin sensitivity problems.. Give this series a try =) They are gentle and caring for the skin. Advance ceramide technology from this product helps not just to replenish but boost the production of ceramide for our skin =D

As i've shared in the previous post, ceramide is REALLY important as it acts as a natural barrier to external irritants like dirt and pollutants which will cause skin-sensitivity!

Curél is powerful enough to control oil, and gentle enough not to wash off our ceramide layer, PLUS it helps us boost and replenish our skin's ceramide layer. ISN'T IT AWESOME IN MANY WAYS?!

It is lah!!! Those who always email me to ask me how i improve my skin condition.. I guess you just have to find the right product! A product that can tackle complex skin issues.

Like this one, dirt and too much oil causes pimple, but to control the excess oil typically we wash our face a lot, but then ceramide layer gets washed off and that will cause our skin to be exposed to external pollutants. SO!

Curél is your all-rounded solution! ^.^

For more information, please visit www.kao.com/sg/curel 

And to be the first few to get updates and promotions from Curel, you may follow them on Curel Singapore Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Curel.SG

Have your skin stay fresh, feels clean and protected and you can survive looking good enough with ALMOST no makeup hahaha. I really is got serious dark eye ring problem only lah okay! If not i actually can say i have no makeup for this whole review hahaha. Good luck on having better skin!


Hanna Lei said...

Your skin looks so good! -Hanna Lei

Chermin Neo said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, where can I get this product?


Hi qiu qiu, do you think this is suitable for people who have dry and sensitive skin while having oily T zone?


Hi qiu qiu, do you think this is suitable for people who have dry and sensitive skin while having oily T zone?