15 August 2014

Datsumo Labo @ Orchard Central (Somerset!) ^.^

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Went to the opening of Datsumo Labo latest outlet!!! This outlet is extra special becoxit is the main outlet for Datsumo Labo Singapore! So as you can see from the interior decor and design..

It is much more done-up and posh and pretty hahaha! Actually say real one.. I already asked if i can transfer all my treatments from now on to this outlet =X Hahah! Janice told me everyone is entitled to one transfer =X So i don't know yet~! Hahaha.
Cozy and clean consultation area..
Comfy slippers for everyone to change into..
I think Bihakuma love me a lot. I sit down she also sit beside me. You see her tummy ='D HAHA!
Little touch of floral design in the rooms..
Bihakuma came in to settle me down and get ready for my treatment ^.^ So sweet one this bearbear.
My arm which has not done treatment for about 2 months. Cox the last time i went for treatment there really wasn't much hair at all. So now the super fine baby hair grown out already so i do this time!
My leg, of which you can literately count the number of hair left hahahah. Thanks to the awesome treatments at Datsumo Labo, i have fewer and fewer hair left on my legs!!! =DDD
Other leg. Also, you can hardly see any hair! This can vouch for the results of Datsumo Labo!!!
I chilax while the ladies get to work.
Love the lighting in this outlet hahah!
Love how efficient the Datsumo Labo girls are! Most of the time my treatments for at at least 5 areas will take less than 15 minutes ^.^ But of course if you do full body then you really just prepare to fall asleep okay! Hahaha. Sometimes 15 minutes only i also nap away =X
Towel for me cox the girls know i wanna camho so i don't wanna wear the shades hahah!
Datsumo Labo is the first Japanese painless hair removal salon in Singapore to provide painless hair removal + having the benefit to moisturise our skin!!! Thanks to the awesome gel they use and the most advance machine in the market =) BUT all these at friendly prices for everyone!

Post treatment with a cup of red date tea from the Datsumo Labo girls =)))

Having tea queen-style with Bihakuma.
Hahahahaha damn act cute siaaaa!!! Took my kitty bag and doing OOTD pose. Hahahahaha!

And Datsumo Labo don't just have a mascot! They have..
IMAGE GIRLS TOO~!!! Wendy is now their image girl and she has her face all over their outlets islandwide!!! =DDD And they are looking for one more new face for Datsumo Labo!!!

Win up to $20,000 worth of cash and prizes!!! And have your posters be seen by many! ^.^ All participants are by default, entitled to exclusive privileges! Find out more HERE!
Me and the dedicated Datsumo Labo team at the main outlet @ Orchard Central (Somerset). Thank you Janice especially for always being so sweet!!!! ^.^

Datsumo Labo @ Central (Click for more info)

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Anonymous said...

qiuqiu i really love your blog it is so interesting
i would love if you could do a post about your jawline surgery with a photo where your face isn't swollen :)
i know this request doesn't fit here but i really wish that you could do that
good luck <3

Hanna Lei said...

I wish I could do this! -Hanna Lei