18 September 2014

Clinique Smart Serum

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Was invited to learn more about a revolutionary new product launch at CLINIQUE!

I've bought their lipbalm and foundation but this is my first time finding out more about their skincare range! Though i've heard lotsa good reviews about their skincare from my girlfriends!

Quite excited! ^.^ Me all dolled up in white. Hahah.

Dress from Bugis for $8 i think.
This is the invitation! I was quite intrigued! Like BEST SKIN EVER?? Haha!
Beautiful all-white settings for a Friday lunch with the ladies =)

With rest of the Nuffnang bloggers, Evonne, Julie and Jessica!

Love how the entire place looks so elegant and simple and everyone was so relaxed and really just a TGIF sharing lunch about our skin and about how to make it EVEN better!

Actually i don't have major issues with my skin except occasional breakout due to period but i do worry about my skin aging T.T Already got some dark spots surfacing and some lines under my eyes and some permanent fine lines on my forehead ='OOO

Here's a picture with the star of the day!

Got the opportunity to sit through an interesting presentation by CLINIQUE rep, research and development scientist and dermatologist doctor from overseas!

I learnt that our skin have damage that we can see (like wrinkles, spots, blemishes, ance, millia seeds etc) and damages that we CANNOT see. So what we do most of the time is.. We only TRY to solve the skin problem that we can see, only when they already surface.

But wouldn't it be nice if we have something like a storage bank, that stores agents that prevents and fights all sorts of skin damage? Think about it! Only a very smart product can do that!

A product that goes so deep, it understands our skin better than we do. Even as our skin changes with age, even if it faces different problem.. That one product that can prevent, protect and fight for us.

And from what i learnt through the presentation, CLINIQUE Smart Serum is what that is about! Repairing damages that we see, and those that we don't.

CLINIQUE Smart Custom-Repair serum.

As i mentioned earlier.. On our skin are damages we see and those that we don't. By the time you see the end of damaged skin is when the damaged skin sends out signals - Spots, lines, dryness, dullness, unevenness, sometimes, acne etc. I mean.. The only consolation is.. At least NOW your skin bothers to tell you. Hahaha. "Eh hello hello, aging here, losing firmness, do something, EMERGENCY EMERGENCY!!" Lolol.

So what Smart Serum does so well is that it understands our skin and responds with targeted repair as needed, where needed. You know those friends who are always damn siao-on O.O Hahaha. Something like that. If you don't need them, they are just in dormant state. When they see damages that we don't see yet, they will be activated to combat it for us before the skin even present signs of damages.

At the same time, it works to fight and reduce the damages that are already presented. And improve it within 2 - 4 weeks of usage.

Skin experts and professionals sharing with us about the patented technology and how this revolutionary skincare product was successfully brought to launch after 5 years of research.
The CLINIQUE Smart Serum has 37 patented ingredients amongst the many that made it.

So we can safely say that it IS VERY DIFFERENT and UNIQUE as compared to the other products in the market already. It is filled with active ingredients like Vitamin C and Red Algae, the serum knows which ingredient to send and activate for the different parts of our face.

Any of these are your problems / potential problems? Stubborn spot? Fine lines that might just deteriorate into wrinkles on your forehead? "Crowfeets" at the end of your eyes? - Clinique Smart Serum will adjust itself to suit your needs and ease your concern!

It provides targeted repair as needed, where needed. Especially preventing, slowing down the aging signs, and fights the five key signs of aging:

1. Lines and wrinkles
2. Firming and contouring
3. Uneven skin tone
4. Dullness
5. Dark spots

CLINIQUE Smart Serum can reduce uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles along with spots. And provides firming and radiance. Ingredients used are calming ingredients that help skin stay more receptive to repair and is therefore suitable for all ages and ethnicity.

Me after 3 weeks of usage! I know lah got makeup. Will remove and show you one! Haha!
Pump about 2 pearl size..
And massage it gently onto your face in a upward + outward motion!
Absorbed quickly onto my skin! The after feeling is just.. I don't know actually, it doesn't feel oily / sticky at all so kinda like no after-feeling except it feels like your own skin being soft and smooth hahaha. Doesn't feel like a foreign agent on my skin cox it just gets into my skin so fast!

I love how the CLINIQUE Smart Serum is so versatile and adaptive and.. Smart.

I know of skincare products that can help one specific skin problem, or two, or three. But one that can prepare your skin for a wide range of problems and fights signs of aging for you whether you see it or not (yet)! It like i feel the smart serums after being introduced into my skincare regime, just quietly help make my skin better, stronger and clearer of course! Clearer from fine lines and dark spots.

So now my regime is cleansing, toning lotion, CLINIQUE Smart Serum, moisturiser!

And maybe every 1 - 2 weeks i'd use a mask ^.^V The route to stay youthful-looking is now much more secured with CLINIQUE Smart Serum.

Find out more about the CLINIQUE Smart Serum HERE.

Here are some more pictures from the lunch! ^.^

Camho after trying it on my hand. Haha. Super fast absorbency rate is my first impression of it!
Refreshing and appetizing fruit starter!
Nuffie Madeline and me with our juice and mocktail!
Pan-seared salmon that was so tasty!
One with the pretty lady from Clinique!
The dessert cute hor!!! White chocolate curding!!! I LOVE IT!!!
With the ladies ^.^
I wanna look youthful and beautiful like these CLINIQUE ladies!!! Even in the yearsss to come!! =O
Alright! Leaving you soon! Just so you know, our concerns with skincare differ depending on our age and skin tone. And as we age, inevitably we have more problems along the way.

But i feel the main cause of these problems (uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots, dullness, lose of elasticity and firmness etc) is becox we don't see them when we were younger and sort of take our skin for granted =(

To be honest, i also don't particularly panic for my skin unless i see breakouts. Lol. But i guess it's always good to prevent now than any later as we all are already!!!

Hope i can stay this cute even in tens of years. LOL.

Find out more about CLINIQUE Smart Serum HERE.
It's available at Sephora and all department stores islandwide at all Clinique counters.


Anonymous said...

I prefer you with the jaw. You were so unique.

Hanna Lei said...

looks like fun -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu! Firstly congrats!!! Im so happy for you! ^^ but then I saw that u drink vitagen every single day. I want to tell u that.. My mom told me that last time she drank it every day to make her feel better during prenancy too but resulting asthma for me now. I have no idea if thats the cause. But maube dont drink too much cold drinks okay? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi are you able to use the product for 3-6 months or maybe a year. And take a before and after photo. And show which fine lines and dark spots that have become clearer?

I just see so many products available but not sure which really really works...

Anonymous said...

Hi, where is this restaurant? Thanks!