09 September 2014

Datsumo Labo - Beauty Campaign

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Was invited as a judge at the Beauty Queen Asia contest hosted and organised by Datsumo Labo!

I am really excited for the event becox they have shortlisted from a whole lot of contestants to find Beauty Queen Asia and to find Miss Datsumo Labo! Wonder who will be the face plastered all over?


Hahaha! Anyway! Here's what went down during the event! =DDD Happy to be judging alongside my friends who are all also avid supporters of Datsumo Labo hair removal services!!!

If you're wondering why Yutaki is on the panel too.. It's becox Datsumo Labo is coming out with a Men's Labo!!!!!!!! It's Datsumo Labo Black Label.


I know some of you guys might already be customers of Datsumo Labo, the pinky, sweet and clean version hahaha. FYL. But don't worry!!! You'd be happy to look forward to Men's Labo!

Alright! Back to the event!

Janice from Datsumo Labo briefing us on the judging criteria.
One small part of the audience.. LOL i spot Jiamin and her friend. 在闪我的相机吗? Haha!
Jiamin very nice got me cupcakes =))) Thank you!!!
Before i get asked to the dressing room to do my hair, i take a moment to snap one with my favourite Bihakuma!!! =DDD And that's me in my Liz Lisa dress. Bought it in Japan earlier!
Backstage chaos. Lol.
Lai liao lai liao.. Lena Fujii lai liao. LOLOL.
Me and Wendy with Bihakuma ^.^V
Us at the judging table!
And one more!
Up to say hi when being introduced by the very nice emcee for the evening!
Thanks to Josh for helping me snap most of the pictures below while i'm paying attention to all the contestants! Haha!

There were a lot of Japanese sponsors involved and everyone had goodies and tips for the contestants to stay beautiful and look great all time all day!

The girls giving a brief introduction of themselves..
All of the decked up in pretty outfits from rosebullet!!! I WANT THEIR CLOTHES!!!!
DJ Tomo spinning and guess who's grooving on the stage hahahah! We all laughed so bad!!! Cox she's too cuteeeee!!!
Bikuma and Datsumo Labo staff giving everyone a quick introduction of the benefits of doing hair removal at Datsumo Labo. It's painless, it softens and smoothens your skin, makes your skin fairer and it's affordable!!! And of course, gives you hairless baby skin for a long time!
Second segment, all the ladies dressed in Yukata styled by Miki san!
And all the judges and the contestants get to enjoy a special mojito by Wharf! We have to guess the special 2 ingredients used!!! Most of us got it wrong or only guessed one of it correctly hahah.
But contestant number 6 manage to get it right!
Everyone gets an award by the different sponsors and the prizes are amazing!!! So i say everyone is a winner!!! ^.^
But there's only one Miss Datsumo Labo ^.^ Congrats!!!
Wendy passing the sash and crown to Miss Beauty Queen Asia, winner!!! She was really confident through out the whole evening!!! So i think she's really a suitable winner!!!
One with all the beautiful ladies =))) Two of the contestants was flown in from Japan just to join the competition! So much effort so i say, everyone is a winner!!!
Group shot!!!
Manage to grab a shot with the newly crowned Beauty Queen Asia! Omedetou! ^.^

Looking forward to see Miss Datsumo Labo and Miss Beauty Queen Asia more when i visit the Datsumo Labo outlets! Haha!

Thank you for having me Datsumo Labo!!! Will always support you guys!!! Just cox..


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Hanna Lei said...

Congrats to the winner. Looks like fun -Hanna Lei

Merce said...

Loved this blogentry omg so many beautiful pictures! *-*
I WISH SO MUCH Datsumo Labo would also be in Germany Q_Q
I would immediately go there! *O*

Vicange said...

Ah, the judging panel is so damn good-looking!