22 September 2014

UOB Toss N Win

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Starting the post with this picture cox it's my favourite picture of the lot!!! With Rach jiejie and Ben gege lolol. We damn ta-glam chiong towards the LCD screen to snap picture. All pose until so awkward some more hahaha. Ben and me like zai pang sai like that omg hahahah.
Anyway were at the event for UOB Toss N Win, a fun online mini game for everyone to play, in conjunction with UOB going paperless!
So i was at Chevron House at Raffles Place with Ben and Rach! Us queuing with the crowd to play Toss N Win on the touchscreen! =D
Quite excited hahaha! Cox i played it online before i kind of suck at the online one like i typically get 5-6 points only T.T Hahah. 7 points you can get a even bigger prize!!! You can try on..


This is the desktop / mobile version. Very simple one. All you gotta do is to log on to www.uob.com.sg/toss-win
Aim and throw the paper into the recycle bin.. You follow the arrow direction okay haha. They got power-up also lah you see the 2X at the top right hand corner? You can choose to power up with those and get double the point for that shot!
Erm.. My best score most of the time but i swear swear swear i got get 7 before one!!! HAHA! But i never screenshot T.T Think you can do better?! Go try it yourself and tag me a screenshot of your score on instagram with the hashtag #UOBTossNWin! Look forward to you doing better! HAHA!

After proceeding, you'd just have to enter your details to find out what you've won and collect your prize after you perform online transaction on UOB online!!!

You get to win a prize if your score is 4 points and above! 7 points and up you get to win cash prize!!! So that's how you can Toss out the hassle of paper statements and bills and enjoy the convenience of online banking!

They have up to S$66,000 cash up for grabs, so play on your smartphone or computer now! Go to - www.uob.com.sg/toss-win

Play UOB Toss & Win and transact online to be rewarded!

I got like 9 or 10 points on the touch screen plays at the event!!! MAJOR HAPPY! Hahaha! Quite easy somemore! Heading to redeem my prize!
Easy peasy! Won myself a Mr Bean cash voucher! Hahaha!
Ben also won something!!!
Rach join us =DDD
Manage to grab a shot with the awesome emcees of that day! DJ Joe and Glenn Ong!
Them doing their introduction to THE HIGHLIGHT of the event!!!
DENGDENGDENGDENG!!! UOB Toss N Win on the gigantic screen at Raffles Place!!! =OOO
And everyone who queued up gets to play with it and stand to win EVEN MORE awesome prizes! HAHA! Of course i queue lah. Actually we all wanted to queue again and play one more time one cox very easy to win HAHAHA *gian bng* but too many queuing lah!
Erm easy is easy lah. ALMOST everyone won something cox only need to have 3 points and up! But quite obviously you can see who is blind here 3 points also cannot get HAHAHAHHA.
So my and Rach get to win $10 Coffeebean credit =DDD And erm.. Ben still has the Mr Bean voucher at least lah okay! =D Hahaha!
Crowd was quite crazy, while people wait to play with the touch screen!
A quick interview i did with the filming crew that day! Fml i think got lipstick stain on teeth plus lip was peeling T.T Only realise after the interview hahah.

But at least i got the message across!!

That e-statements is now available for UOB customers and that you all should Go Paperless, Go Online and Win Cash with UOB! So jealous of you UOB-ers!

Other than being super convenient and easy, online banking is so fun and rewarding for you!!! Got up to $66,000 CASH to be won leh!!! =OOO You all should subscribe to eStatement loh! Save paper somemore! And much easier to keep track! No need to keep and stack all these printouts.

Plus! I challenge you to beat my highscore hahahah though it's not very impressive =( Lol! My highscore is 6 (but really it's 7 it's just that i got no proof HAHA!) so go play your best on www.uob.com.sg/toss-win

And remember to screenshot your best score with #UOBTossNWin to challenge me! Haha!

Find out more of what you can do online UOB Online!

Go Paperless, Go Online and Win Cash!

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