10 October 2014


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Something exciting for all of us to look out for!!!

Pretty sure ALL of us know of SASA haha. If you don't i don't know what to say to you anymore okay becox SASA is my favourite go-to for beauty supplement, skincare, haircare, makeup, fragrance and bath products!

SASA Singapore offers about 600 brands and gained recognition for its “one-stop cosmetic specialty store” concept. I love them cox they are always striving to provide a wide range of quality products at the most competitive prices!!! I always look forward to their storewide discount =X Haha!

Now if you're wondering what's this whole SCENTS IN THE CITY is about and if you're a big fan of.. Nice scents in pretty bottles.. You'd be excited to know that..

SASA proudly presents SCENTS IN THE CITY, it is going to be a scent-sational event showcasing a wide spectrum of authentic fragrances, available in all SASA stores. And there will be a Fragrance Fair – “Scents in the City” from 3 Oct to 16 Nov!

And i'd be at one of the events with Yutaki on 11th Oct (This Saturday!!!) at SASA Jurong Point (JP1) #01-16! Come down for selfies, fun and games! And of course.. Win prizes!

Come down say hi, play games and redeem your FREE fragrance vials! Meet YUTAKI~
His picture so chio i cannot lose out LOL. Also meet me....... PLUS 8kg T.T Lolol. This was me 8kg ago just 3 months earlier. Lol. But hey hey~!!! We still gonna have fun!

So if you're gonna be around Jurong Point this Sat (11th Oct), 2 - 6 pm..

COME SAY HI TO US AT SASA (#01-16 JP1)!!! Yutaki, me and my baby bump (lol) will be there haha! You must come especially if you're thinking of getting yourself a new fragrance with discount!

More details soon!

For now.. I'm super honored to be going on a workshop / tour with SASA at International Flavors and Fragrances Asia Pacific headquarter and research lab here in Singapore to find out more about fragrances and how it is incorporated into almost EVERY PART OF OUR DAILY LIVES! It was a very enriching and eyeopening workshop ^.^ So thank you Sasa! Thank you Steph!!!

Qiuting reporting at 8.30am haha!
Grab myself an awesome seat to have a good view and sniff of everything hahah!
First thing we did was to follow our facilitators on a tour around the research lab!! You can't believe just how many scents the researchers work with!!! =OOO Damn impressive!!!
And these are just what i'd call.. Tip of the iceberg O.o
Shower time? Lolol. A bit lack of privacy right. It's actually simulated bathrooms.. Where the researchers do tests on shower gel / shampoo, on the bloom when it's in an actual shower..
Feels a bit like a police canine that day *sniff sniff* here and there.. Everywhere. LOL.
This room in particular and it totally blow my mind. I learn more about how a fragrance is formed.

It's not just science and grammage of different scents! There's a lot of human feedback, design and sensational feedback along with the latest styles and FASHION trends etc incorporated!!! =OOO

Sounds complicated but sounds super duper fun!!! =DDD Like we've smelled.. Something along the line of.. BARE SKIN O.O Or even.. Oven-baked waffle with a lingering smell of popcorn.. =OOO IMPRESSIVE MAXIMUM how the experts are able to come up with all these.. Smells that excite your senses beyond just sense of smell! In some cases it may make you erm.. A bit hungry also. LOL.

Hand soap / hand wash.. Do you know it's extra hard to incorporate fragrance to something like..
A simple piece of soap bar? To us it's just a cheap alternative to everything we need to wash lol. But to the fragrance researchers behind it they have to work out a fragrance that smells as best as it can be with limited number of scents at a limited costing! 越简单的, 越难搞!
The room to find out more about fragrances in fabric softeners.
All these tests to make sure that our fabrics stay smelling fresh from the point we wash it, to even after we pull it out of the wardrobe after storing it! =OOO
From here i learnt that fragrances work in different ways for different people from different countries!!! There's just SO MUCH of variants to work your considerations into!

The researchers have to actually go into many many households and learn more about their lifestyle before they are able to determine something that will fit in perfectly.. This is how much fragrances are being worked into our life and how much we take it for granted =X

I mean i've always noticed how my ENTIRE house smells like.. HAPPY and CHEERFUL after my maid leave becox of the fabric softener we got for her to use for our laundry.

But then i didn't realise that i love that smell so much but understand it so little. Now i do~

Happy and excited faces in the mini tour~
In the shampoo room.. Quite intriguing to find out how one same brand of shampoo could smell different in let's say for example.. Singapore and China and India. The shampoo all smell different! This is again, worked out and worked back to our lifestyles~ =D
And of course the way we shampoo our hair lah. But then i look at this two graphs of how people in other parts of Asia and in China shampoo.. In my heart i'm like "Bitch please" LOL. I at most 2 steps only. Leave the shower on, BUA shampoo on and rinse off. LOL.
After the mini tour it's hi-tea time~ =DDD Me likey =X =D
And back to the workshop to test how sharp are our sense of smell~
All the things i manage to sniff out that morning hahah! I guessed correctly perhaps 70% of it! The more interesting ones are like Madelaine (whaaaat!) and Pencil Shavings =OOOO
One of the experts sharing with us on what a scent comprise of.. And then we form into our groups.. TO MAKE OUR OWN SCENT!!! =DDD SO FUN!!!
My team and i! Hahaha all machiam pro after the mini tour and workshop! ^.^
Putting this picture in cox my teammate very chio lol.
Hmm.. Each of us get to bring back the scent we created! All i can say is.. I THINK SOME PEOPLE ARE BORN TO BE SCENT-GURU!

While others (like us lol) are meant to just purchase perfume. Okay! Lolol!!!

Somehow our team scent end up smelling a bit like new sports shoes LOL. Or a bit like citrus toilet freshener LOL. So i decided i'd just stick to buying a scent that hundreds and thousands of people worked hard for.. In the vast pool of choices.. I'm pretty sure there are plenty that speaks.. ME. Lol.

This is why i am also quite excited to be one of the scent ambassadors for SCENTS IN THE CITY brought to you by SASA!!! ^.^

From 3rd Oct - 16th Nov, shoppers at SASA enjoy 20% off 23 participating fragrance, and 10% off the other fragrances in stores. And these are some of the brands and distributors involved!
Me on the lookout for the perfumes that i've been wanting to get!
SASA VIPs or Citibank cardholders can enjoy additional 5% discount on storewide fragrances.  Other than the exclusive premiums from the respective participating fragrances, shoppers will receive a $10 Voucher* with nett purchase of $100 worth of fragrances.

So much discount after discount!!! =OOO I think end up your perfume maybe cost only a fraction of the original price! Haha! I WANNA BUY A FEW PERFUME THAT I'VE BEEN WANTING LEH!

You all maybe don't know lah but i got obsession with perfume one =XXX I loveeee them and treasure them so much i really damn she bu de (can't bear to) use them one!

I will use them when i go out on special dates or when i am feeling a bit down =XXX Or when my room got special guests coming LOL. And there are a few particular perfume that i'm eyeing on!

Since SASA will be featuring A WHOLE  LOT of authentic fragrances, there will be a wide spectrum of popular brands for me to choose from! Such as Anna Sui, DKNY, Boss, Kenzo, Gucci, Prada as well as exclusive brands such as Blumarine, Marina De Bourbon, Dsquared², TOUS etc!

I think i'd get my loots all at SASA this Saturday when i'm there =DDD Shop and work at the same time is the best haha! So i'd see you there?! Details as follow!

This Saturday (11th Oct)
2pm - 6pm
SASA @ Jurong Point (JP1) #01-16

Yutaki and myself will be there for selfies and games and we can even help you pick out a scent you want! A scent that suits you ^.^ Ahem, afterall, i got go scent workshop before one. LOL.

So, how may i help you this Saturday? Hahaha! SEE YOU LAH!

Find out more about promotions and events at SASA Facebook page!

One awesome news before i leave you!!!


SASA is giving away a pretty neat hamper that includes Prada Candy Florale EDT 80ml and Armand Basi Wild Forest EDT 90ml on my instgaram!

So remember to check that out as well! ^.^ Alright! See you this Saturday!

Group shot with every at IFF! Thank you again for the fun morning!!! ^.^ It must be always pleasant to work in an environment that smells this good everyday! =D


Yvette said...

Hi Qiu Qiu!

It's awesome meeting you that day!^^ Hehe, thank you for the compliment^^ Very honored to be in the same team as you! God bless! <3


Anonymous said...

You wore the same dress for your Disneyland trip and the slow-mo "CLEO ad"! Can do a Budget Barbie ep on shopping for clothes suitable for baby bump? Btw, you used the word "maid" here instead of "helper". See if you want to edit before Sentosa Girl jumps on you again...

Angelexxa C said...

Take care, totally love your smile :)

Anonymous said...

hey qiuqiu, can I know where you bought ur white jacket?