01 November 2014

Be in control, be happy!

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This post is for all my unnie out there!!! Hahaha! My sisters, girl friends and young ladies all~!!!

You all understand the "time of the month" is commonly known as low-period (literately) of our month.. Right? Let's see what we have to deal with..

Moodiness (thank you, hormones).

Feeling bloated.

Soreness on our breasts.

Pimple outbreak.

And then the most common and unbearable part of our menstrual cycle.. Menstrual cramp =(

I haven't have my period for about four months now but then for the longest time before i got pregnant, i can tell you, i am one of those who get very bad cramp T.T

When i was in my late teens, it got so bad one time when i was in class, i had to rush home in a cab just to curl up on the floor when i get home hahaha. I vividly remember that one time cox the feeling is ultimate omg. It's like i get these horrible cramp, never mind, it's like really cold down south O.O And also i keep feeling like i have to poop =XXX Although i already did big time.

Sorry too much info, i know!!! Lolol! But i swear it's relevant one!

So for years (about 10 years already) since then.. I've always dealt with my menstrual cramp land all these sensation i get during my period like they are normal..

Afterall, weren't we all told the same thing since young?

"Menstrual cramp is normal" when we have our period.

But then nobody ever give you a gauge and ask you just how bad your cramp is. How much does it affect your life and the activities you have planned for..

Actually most part of it i just deal with it with painkiller. And then just admit myself as bedridden for about 2 days hahaha and cut myself out from outdoor activities as much as i can, i didn't really see it as a MAJOR issue becox i've seen my girlfriends have much much worst symptoms than me!

Some have to take off from work for their period.

One had to postpone her flight and holiday last minute becox of mense.

Some plan their schedule around their period becox they know that when the menstrual cramp hits, it hits hard, to a point they cannot function properly =OOO

So i feel mine is quite a small issue as compared to them lah!

But then after attending a cosy and informative gathering by Dr Fong to share and learn more about our menstrual cramps, i have HUGE (and rude) REALISATIONS OMG.

At the cosy affair.. There are little sweet treats that will definitely cheer a lady up at any time of the month haha ^.^ Look at this pastel rainbow cotton candy cups!!!
And mini cupcakes ^.^
Pretty strawberry and cream layer cake ^.^
Lychee jello in the shape of a heart!!!
Me with Rach and erm.. The pretty vase of flower i borrow from the dessert table haha!
One selfie~!

Anyway i was glad to be at the sharing session becox i learnt soooo much more about how to manage menstrual cramp, and also about something that i dare say.. Most women don't know about:


Don't mean to scare you but it is actually a common condition estimated to affect 10% of women of the reproductive age group.

And up to 40% of infertile women have endometriosis T.T

And after i understand more about endometriosis from the doctor at the sharing and learning session, I have all the reasons to think i mostly have it!!!

Endometriosis is a condition where endometrium (inner mucous membrane of the mammalian uterus) is found in areas OUTSIDE of the uterus. Usually within the pelvis. You can find out more about the medical facts of this condition on the Endometriosis awareness page.

But from what i learnt from the talk, a very layman way of understanding it is you have a backflow of menstrual blood and it's made worst when you have a heavy period, cox blood clot (or worst cases, blood cysts starts to form and then this might cause more serious problems like infertility) will form and give you problem like painful AND heavy periods, painful intercourse and pelvic pain not related to menses.

Of course it is not of the cancer family nor is it a STD but it definitely still has a lot of negative impact on our lifestyle if not treated / given attention to.

Anyway just now i was saying i confirm have right. Cox some other common presenting symptoms other than the ones listed above (painful AND heavy periods, painful intercourse and pelvic pain) :

- Symptoms of irritable bowel including diarrhea, constipation and colic (this i have, 100%)

- Pain before, during or after passing urine

- Pain before, during or after bowels

- Bleeding from bowel especially during menses (i used to have this before pregnancy!)

And of course on top of these, i used to have quite horrible menstrual cramp lah T.T

But then our individual symptoms and the severity of Endometriosis do not go hand-in-hand. So the best is still to go for a check up with your doctor.

Back to my experience okay. I have always been trying for a baby right.. But i just don't understand how come Josh and i both have clean bill from our routine health checks but then somehow i just can't conceive. I feel it could be due to endometriosis!

BECOX!!! When i was in Korea to do my surgeries, i was having my period.

The day of surgery was my.. 3rd day of period! Usually i have heavy flow all the way until 6th - 7th day one. Then only it will become discharge instead of blood.

But then i had my surgeries in the morning of my 3rd day through menses. And woke up with my period stopping totally lolol. I remember liking it. Cox it cut short my period by half LOL.

But then later i have my period 14 days later which totally mess up my menstrual cycle. I am rarely ever late / early for my period one. Always on time and regular!!!

But then this time when the period come, the flow was sooooo light. Like very little blood but then it was darker than usual O.O SORRY!!! So i just thought to myself, aiyah maybe it's old blood that didn't manage to flow out from my last period LOL.

Anyway this super light flow only lasted for 2-3 days i think.

And then my next period came again.. Also about two weeks later =OOOOO

I was like omg what is thissss!!! I love the fact that my flow has become so light and i experience much less menstrual cramp. But then i hate it that it's sooo frequent!!!

Those happened in early May this year. And then i conceived late June.

But in between i had like 3 very very light flow period.

Since one of the treatment method i learnt of, to treat endometriosis is to lighten the flow or stop the flow (if you don't intend to get pregnant at the point of time) by medication.

So i guess i got lucky in that sense..? But i can't be sure. So the best is still to check with your doctor and tell him your menstrual symptoms especially if it's severe find out more about it!

In the meantime, for us to deal with the painful menstrual cramp.. I know of a few ways!

But the first i would say.. It does not have to be a monthly painful affair!!!

You could counter the pain effectively or reduce pain significantly with painkillers! There are the typical ones we go-to like Ponstan, Synflex, Paracetamol etc..

But these drugs are often associated with gastric side effects. They also need to be taken 2 - 3 times a day for effective pain relief.

To what my girlfriends have tried and shared with me, you could consult a GP and try to ask for this very effective meds for menstrual cramps. It's call ARCOXIA.

It not only works wonder to reduce menstrual cramp, they say it works very fast and they only need to take it ONCE a day. And there is lower risk of gastric side effects. So overall it's much gentler, but much more effective. But then you cannot get it over the counter lah. Haha. You can only get it from the doctor. So if you have painful menstrual cramp, especially the kind that even over-the-counter drug cannot help you.. You should try Arcoxia!

One of my girlfriend who is allergic to paracetamol (she will have swollen eyes if she take) is also on Arcoxia to relief her menstrual cramp. And it works for her. No gastric, works like a charm.

But then all drugs are different and all our bodies are different. So the best is still to consult your doctor and see which medication is good for you!!! Moreover your painful cramps could be caused by underlying medical conditions like endometriosis.. So i feel now is the best time for you to go check it out!

Some other ways to feel good during your period would be doing things that make you happy and feel good. If you like to eat, eat.

Exercising, heat pack and warm showers also helps! They make you feel refreshed and all better!
Looking like crap when you feel like crap is really.. CRAP. So if you have to pull a sian face.. With all the cramp, bloated feeling and moodiness..
At least go have your hair done in a salon, pamper yourself, slap on some makeup.. So that your sian face doesn't look that much crappy altogether lolol. The world don't have to know you are going through PMS or just MS. Lolol.
And something that ALWAYS WORKS for me.. CHOCOLATES!!!!!! =DDD Confirm guarantee chop will work to make you happier! Hahah ^.^ I love chocolates so much =P
And i would say to use a good pad that doesn't make you feel worst down there lol. But i cannot photoshop a pad across my face so you get the point. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT!!!
Jiayou and don't let menstrual cramp take you down every month!!! =O Go have a chat with your doctor, ask him about the medication you can take and have yourself checked up for endometriosis if you have any of the symptoms we went through above =)
You got it!

Find out more on the Endometriosis Awareness page!


Hanna Lei said...

I have to eat chocolate that time of the month! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

My menstrual cramps are always sooooo painful!! Until I can't even get out of bed at all, especially on the 2nd and 3rd day. And then the doc suspected endometriosis too... but in the end my hubby and I tried just once and I managed to conceive! But I was quite worried that my fetus would be growing outside of my uterus (since that's quite possible for females having endometriosis)... thankfully the scans showed that baby is growing well and within my uterus... so up till now I don't even know why I have such horrible cramps during my periods :((((

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP YOU LOOK SO PRETTY WITH COLOR LENSES (even if they're just photoshopped)!!!! I mean you're always gorgeous but WOW